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17 yrs old. Hypoglycemia a year and lactose intolerant four months. No diagnosis. I eat several meals a day. Just need to know what's causing this.

3 month old lactose intolerant, is it possible she has CMPI or an allergy also as symptoms persist on lactose free formula.

And I would like to know the tests for lactose intolerance?

Any connection between gluten and constipation in adults?

Anyone know what is a reason for lactose intolerance?

Apart from going to the doctor - how can I tell if i'm lactose intolerant?

Are people born lactose intolerant? Can it also be developed later in life?

Are the lactose intolerance pills an over-the-counter medicine?

As a person who does suffer from lactose/fructose/gluten intolerance and frequent bowel trouble, what can I do to relieve stringy stool and bloating?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about lactose intolerance. Is that ok?

Autism, severe leaky gut, multiply intolerances, what to do?

Ayurvedic remedy for lactose intolerance, what to do?

Been lactose intolerant for 4 years now. Recently i've been having symptoms if I don't take lactaid pill even if i do. Could it be getting worse?

Can a babys milk allergys / intolerances be confirmed with stool sample he 3 months old suffers with rashes diarehea?

Can a childhood wheat intolerance be outgrown?ate pasta I thought was wheat free and wasn't. I had none of the diarrhea, cramps and bloating

Can a dairy allergy cause stomach bloating or is that lactose problem?

Can a dairy intolerance be a cause of recurring kidney infections?

Can a endoscopy show if you're lactose intolerance ?

Can a gluten intolerance have an onset later in life (starting in your 20s) or is it more typical that one would have an intolerance from birth?

Can a hemmoroid be irritated with a bad lactose intolerance attack and how can it get in the way?

Can a lack of fiber cause diarrhea or a gluten intolerance?

Can a person develop lactose intolerance?

Can a salmonella infection lead to the development, over the years, of alcohol intolerance and IBS / leaky gut? is low FODMAP diet a good solution?

Can being lactose intolerant cause periferal neuropathy?

Can being lactose intolerant cause seizures, vomiting, & diarrhea?

Can candida cause flushing and alcohol intolerance?

Can dairy intolerance be confused for appendicitis?

Can food intolerance lead to irritability?

Can food intolerances cause hypoglycemia or make the symptoms worse?

Can heredity fructose intolerance be diagnosed for the first time at 21?

Can I diagnose myself gluten intolerant after finding out that I get bloated, extremely gassy?

Can I take bacillus coagulans with lactose intolerance?

Can I take lactaid eventhough I have not been clinically diagnosed with lactose intolerance? I experience bloating after drinking milk.

Can irritable bowel syndrome cause food allergies ? I am finding that nuts are causing problems when they didn't 2 months ago & developed wheat alergy.

Can kid 3y old cure from lactose intolerance disease and when?

Can lactic acid build up from workouts produce symptoms of lactose intolerance in people who are lactose intolerant?

Can lactose intolerance develop suddenly?

Can lactose intolerance symptoms always occur between 30 minutes and 2 hours?

Can low stomach acid cause acquired fructose intolerance?

Can sibo cause fructose malabsorption? Meaning, if the sibo is cured could it improve fructose malabsorption?

Can someone get lactose intolerance later in life?

Can someone get lactose intolerance later on in life?

Can someone who is lactose intolerant occasionally eat cheese with no symptoms occurring?

Can there be sure thing as occasional lactose intolerance?

Can wheat intolerance cause joint pains? Or is this a myth?

Can you become lactose intolerant as you get old?

Can you become lactose intolerant while pregnant?

Can you develop gluten intolerance after a GI infection has passed w melena?

Can you develop lactose intolerance? Or is it something your born with?

Can you get lactose intolerance after having food poisoning?

Can you give me advice? I have been diagnosed with lactose intolerence and spastic colon.What can I eat?

Can you go to the doctors to get tested for lactose intolerance in asia?

Can you please discuss the of the symptoms for being lactose intolerant?

Can you still get a complete, balanced diet if you have a gluten allergy and are also lactose intolerant?

Can you suggest a milk for my 7month child diagnosed with lactose intoleranse?

Can you suggest any literature on navigating adult onset lactose intolerence?

Can you tell me how to obtain a lactose intolerence diet plan?

Can you tell me is my back pain related to lactose intolerance?

Celiac disease, lactose intolerance, 61 year old woman and abdominal fat much. Lactulose not possible. Which are alternatives for lactulose for her?

Could a lack of fiber cause diarrhea or a gluten intolerance?

Could be lactose intolerant contribute to having a sore throat?

Could bloating and cramping be caused by a food intolerance or an allergy?

Could flatulance be a sign of a food intolerance?

Could gluten intolerance cause muscle pain?

Could hereditary fructose intolerance be left undiagnosed until adulthood?

Could lactose intolerance come back?

Could lactose intolerant people have heart didease and osteoporosis?

Could my milk intolerance possibly becoming worse?

Could pregnancy have caused me to suddenly have an intolerance to dairy?

Could you become lactose intolerant within a month?

Could you become lactose intolerant without being born with it?

Dairy gives me cystic acne, constipation, and diarrhea. Is this an allergy or intolerance?

Dairy is everywhere. Where in this world was lactose tolerance developed?

Diagnosed with fructose intolerance. Does this mean I can't eat sugar?

Do (lactose free) probiotics help with gastritis? Also, do they provide any benefit for the elderly?

Do a lot of people get lactose intolerance?

Do grapes contain gluten? It seems I suffer from gluten intolerance and I get the same symptoms when I eat grapes.

Do lactose intolerance symptoms always occur between 30 minutes and 2 hours after you eat?

Do people with lactose intolerance find drinking frappucino the most troublesome?

Do people with lactose intolerance find drinking mccafe coffee troublesome?

Do people with lactose intolerance have trouble with half-and-half cream?

Do symptoms like lactose intolerance go away quickly?

Do you believe that food intolerance can cause joint pain?

Do you develop lactose intolerance when you get older?

Doed allergist diaginose intolerance to foods or what kind of should be seen???

Does a child develop lactose intolerance or are people just born with it?

Does food intolerance or lactose intolerance increase your risk for colon or rectal cancer?

Does hydrogen lactose breath test work forn any thing other than telling you if u r lactose intolerant?

Does lactose intolerance cause migraines? If not, is it possible to have problems with milk and ice cream but not cheese?

Does obesity make lactose intolerance worse?

Exist any BP medicine without LACTOSE? theres any suggestible brand? i am suffering from lactose symptoms because of all my meds who contain lactose

For lactose, gluten, everything-intolerant people like me, are prescription probiotics truly more effective than over-the-counter (which don't seem to?

For partial lactose intolerance, is there a website or other resource that tells how much lactose remains in various brands and flavors of yogurt?

For what length of time do lactose intolerant symptoms last?

For what length of time do symptoms appear if you are lactose intolerant and you have milk?

Fructose malabsorption & fructose intolerance are 2 different conditions.How do I know which one of the 2 my 7 yrs old child has? No tests where iive.

Has lactose intolerance ever caused you gas or nausea?

Have scientists found varying levels of lactose intolerance?

Heart palpitations from dairy consumption, could it be lactose intoleranceo or an allergy

Hello, can lactose intolerance happen suddenly, like in your late thirties after having very little problems with dairy before?