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After eating milk products i develop symptoms of lactose intolerant. What should I do?

After I have milk, i can't have any more and i get diarrhea, if it's not lactose intolerance, then why is this?

Am i lactose intolerant if i get gas and the runs when i drink milk?

Am substituting cheese, frozen ices and yogurt. Could this cause lactose intolerance?

Are lactose-free products still considered dairy?

Are there any ways to become lactose tolerant if I was previously lactose intolerant?

As an individual who is lactose intolerant, why can't i digest cooked eggs?

As someone who has recently joined the ranks of the lactose intolerant, why can't i digest cooked eggs?

Avocado intolerance help?

Ca++ supplement for someone with milk intolerance?

Can any doc tell me what's the difference between being allergic to milk and being lactose intolerant?

Can being lactose intolerant effect absorption of nutrition?

Can coconut milk, lactase pills or lactose free milk cause excessive urination?

Can drinking milk when lactose intolerance cause any damage?

Can drinking milk when you have lactose intolerance cause any damage other than gas and diarrhea?

Can drinking milk when your lactose intolerance cause damage other than gas?

Can drinking milk while being lactose intolerant cause weight loss?

Can drinking too much milk cause lactose intolerance?

Can eating too much cheese during pregnancy cause my baby to be milk or lactose intolerant?

Can gluten pass through into your breastmilk?

Can i drink lactose free milk like almond milk but im not lactose tolerant is it still fine to drink lactose free milk?

Can I have millet or spelt if gluten intolerant?

Can i replace formula for my 1 yr old with lactaid lactose free whole milk? He isn't lactose intolerance, it's just what i drink.

Can lactose intolerant people absorb the calcium in milk?

Can lactose intolerant people eat foods with lactic acid in it?

Can naproxen cause lactose intolerance in babies?

Can people who are lactose intolorent eat frozen yogurt?

Can people with lactose intolerance still absorb the calcium in milk and dairy products?

Can probiotics be taken by someone who is lactose intolerant?

Can too much dairy in son's diet cause lactose intolerance?

Can you be partially lactose intolerant or is it one or the other. I don't do well with eggs, pizza, and some other foods, but can eat cheese & other?

Can you eat eggs if u r lactose intolerant?

Can you tell me can I become intolerant to foods over time?

Can you tell me how to handle my lactose intolerence at my wedding?

Can you tell me if a toddler is lactose intolerant and eats cheese or milk, could it hurt him?

Can you tell me if lacto-fermented mean that a person that is lactose intolerant should not eat it?

Can you tell me what you suggest if most humans are lactose intolerant then why are dairy products so common?

Cant drink milk, but can eat milk chocolate. Do I have.Lactose intolerance?

Could eating too much cheese during pregnancy cause my baby to be lactose intolerant?

Could i be coffee intolerant?

Could I be lactose intolerant if I get gassy with milk?

Could it be healthy for a lactose tolerant (not intolerant) to drink lactose enzyme?

Could somebody be partially lactose intolerant?

Could you tell me what are good lunch ideas for lactose intolerant children?

Could you tell me what happens to your body if you drink milk and lactose intolerant?

Diarrhea shortly after lactose free yogurt? Dairy sensitivity?

Difference between lactose intolerance and milk allergy?

Do eggs have lactose in them?

Do I have a gluten and lactose intolerance? So just cut out cereal and milk for breakfast?

Do lactaid pills (for lactose intolerants) work well?

Do you react differently to plain milk vs. Chocolate milk if you have lactose intolerance?

Does anyone have a list of food for a toddler who is lactose intolerant?

Does dairy aid (lactose enzyme supplements) work if i just ate icecream?

Does mayo have lactose?

Does Nestle Cerelac Wheat have gluten in it?

Does soy milk worsen ibs?

Does whey protein powder contain a lot of lactose? I'm intolerant.

Every time I eat/drink dairy at night I wake up really nauseous am I lactose intolerant?

Gassy after consuming wheat products. What could be wrong?

Hi dr I'd like to ask about kefir and probiotics and if is it allowed in dairy diet for lactose intolerance patient?

Hi,is it possible to have milk allergy and lactose intolerance at the same time?Because if I will drink cow and soy milk,the symptoms will be the same

How can whey protein affect a lactose intolerant?

How can i be sure if i have dairy allergy? Or i if i am lactose intolerant. ? Is there any sure shot test?

How can I know if my child is lactose intolerant? How do I know which cheeses and yogurts don't have lactose?

How can I tell if my infant have trouble digesting lactose?

How can you tell if a toddler is truly lactose intolerant?

How do I build up tolerance for dairy if i'm lactose intolerant?

How do I tell if my child may have milk allergy or lactose intolerance?

How do milk allergies differ from lactose intolerance?

How do you feed a child that is lactose intolerant? Do foods without milk but with whey or casein cause problems?

How do you feed a child that is lactose intolorant.?

How does milk allergy differ from milk intolerance?

How is it that a lot of people think that lactose intolerance and dairy allergy are the same thing?

How much milk to you have to consume to have symptoms of lactose intolerance?

How to help your body process lactose if you're lactose intolerant?

How would you know youre lactose intolerant?

Hungry even after eating. Not lactose intolerant. Any lead what could be wrong?

I never really liked milk in the first place. Do I have a lactose intolerance?

I am craving milk but I am lactose intolerant?

I am fructose intolerance-- is glucrose ok?

I am lactose intolerant and I have been told that i can eat some french cheeses but they weren't specified can you tell me which ones i can eat?

I am lactose intolerant. What are other ways i can get my daily dose of calcium and vitamin d without eating dairy products?

I am lactose intollerant, how can I get milk in my diet?

I get symptoms of lactose intolerance with chocolate milk only but not other milk products. Is it normal?

I have a lactose intolerant child. Does anyone has a recipe for cookies that do not contain milk ?

I have dermatitis herpetiformis. What foods are safe for a lactose intolerant to eat?

I lactose intollerant, can I take probiotic lactobacilus ? Or it will trigger my allergy ?

I think I'm lactose intolerant but my body only reacts to dairy some of the time. Any explanation?

I want to know what is the difference between being allergic to milk and being lactose intollerant?

I want to know what is the difference between lactose intolerance and being allergic to milk?

I'd it bad to east and drink lactose when your lactose intolerant and does it cause heart burn if you consume it?

I'm lactose intolerance and wondered if soymilk is lactose free?

I'm lactose intolerance and wondering if soy is lactose free?

If a lactose intolerant person drank a glass of milk what will happen?

If I am gluten and?Milk intolerant..What can I eat?

If I am lactose intolerance can I eat chocolate?

If I am lactose intolerant, can I eat cool whip?

If I'm lactose intolerant why does almond milk mess with my stomach?

If i'm lactose intolerant, should I avoid casein protein shakes?

If lactose intolerant and drink milk when will the bloating go away ?