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2 months symptoms. Is it Celiac,gluten intolerance,wheat intolerance or allergy?F079 Ige negative. Beer ok, wheat no although I bloat for 8 hours after "may contain wheat". All after a fast for a week

After having a biopsy, found an allergy to gluten and milk, tested negative to celiac. What do I do?

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Beer gives me diarrhea. Celiac disease?

Can a thyroid condition cause a gluten intolerance or celiac disease? Can the thyroid cause any other food intolerances?

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Can celiac disease if you eat 20 ego waffles in two days?

Can Celiac Disease mimic MS even after being treated with a strict gluten-free diet? Could my untreated Celiac have caused my brain lesions?

Can celiac disease symptoms resolve after following a gluten free diet?

Can eating wheat if sensitive cause visible inflammation of the gut?

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Can geographic tongue be caused by a food allergy or intolerance, such as celiac disease? Or lactose intolerance?

Can geographic tongue be caused by a gluten intolerance?

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Can you take tax deductions for gluten free food for people with celiac disease because it's a medical condition?

Can you tell me about the otis carroll food intolerance test?

Can you tell me how common gluten intolerance and celiac disease are?

Can you tell me if "gluten free" and celiac desease is "just a fad"?

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Celiac disease. My doctor put me eat bread with gluten and took blood sample. Two days fatigue, no sleep. Celiac rash. This is wrong! What can I do?

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Checking for info on celiac disease, food allergy profile?

Chronic fatigue syndrome for 6 years, went gluten free, it resolved. I just learned I'm positive for the DQ2 gene. Will doc treat me as celiac?

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Could celiac disease blood tests work if you are not currently eating gluten?

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Dermatitis herpetiformis and celiac disease; any racial or ethnic data?

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Digestive diseases: celiac disease, so many say relief without wheat. Whats going on?

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Do you have any tips for me to prevent malnutrition? I have Crohn's disease and a history of malnutrition due to this. I'm lactose & gluten intolerant

Do you think gluten sensitivities (NOT celiacs) are actually a thing? Can cutting gluten out of your life really with fatigue and bloating?

Do you think that it's better for o+ people to consider a gluten free diet even if they don't have celiac disease? N.B i hv a potential Crohn's disease

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Doctors, what is the difference between celiac disease and gluten allergy?

Does being gluten intolerant increase my chances of being infertile?

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Dose anyone know about celiac sprue?

Excluding Celiac Disease, which conditions can cause villous atrophy? ( I have neither CD gene and have been gluten free for 6+ months.)

Gastrointestinal pains worsening with wheat = celiac disease.?

Gluten intolerance/celiac disease, can it cause me to miss periods?

Gluten makes me ill so I stopped eating gluten 3 years ago. I just found I have one of the celiac genes. How important is an actual celiac diagnosis?

Has gluten intolerance always existed? Why is it so common nowadays?