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10years ago i had an alergic reaction after eating shrimp i was told to avoid shellfish but i miss eating fried clams is there something i can do?

16 weeks pregnant Can I eat crab,shrimp,or lobster?

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Allergy to shellfish is caused by proteins?

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Anyone had experiences with any allergy to codfish?

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As for chitosan being used as a hemostatic derived commercially from shrimp chitin, does it have the potential to aggrevate seafood allergies?

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Can foods that is cooked in the same oils as shellfish cause a reaction to someone that has shellfish allergies?

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Can I have a shrimp allergy just by touching it?

Can I have developed an allergy to shrimp or is the seasoning the culprit? I have eaten seafood all my life including shrimp. I recently had some shrimp that i had an allergic reaction to. I beleive it was the seasoning i may have been allergic to.

Can I marinade steak and shrimp/scallops together if one of the people eating it is allergic to shellfish?

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Can you tell me if i'm allergic to shellfish can I take kelp supplements?

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Do I have a coconut and shellfish allergy if I broke out with hives eating coconut shrimp?

Do I have a shellfish allergy? I'm 29 and have eaten shrimp (along with every other kind of shellfish you can image) my entire life with no problem. Recently i've begun cooking shrimp myself, and i've noticed that when i'm handling raw shrimp to peel an

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Does having a shrimp allergy automatically make you allergic to all shell fish?

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Have eaten softshell crabs and crabcakes for years. Tell me please what causes crab allergies?

Highly allergic to fish, the smell will trigger a reaction. Can i still swim at the beach?

How can a shellfish allergy start?

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How common is a mushroom allergy? And would it be to all mushrooms?

How could this be a walnut allergy? I live in walnut creek.

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How to tell if I am allergic to shellfish?

How would I know if I have developed an allergy to shellfish?

I am allergic to amoxicillin. Is it safe for me to eat cheeses that contain penicillium mold?

I am allergic to iodine, shrimp, lobster, seaweed, but can eat crab, fish clams, octopus. I would like to start taking fish oil for depression. Can I?

I am allergic to seafood but i can eat tunafish and breaded shrimp can I eat lobster and crab without having an allergic reaction?

I am allergic to shell fish and iodine!! Do I still drink this stuff?

I am allergic to shellfish and the doctors told me I am allergic to the iodine in shellfish. Is it ok to eat salmon?

I am allergic to shellfish, can I take fish oil?

I am allergic to shrimp but can eat crab and fish. I am also allergic to seaweed. Also very allergic to iodine swab on skin. Can I take fish oil??

I am allergic to shrimp but I love them if I take some Benadryl before I eat them with that be okay?

I am only allergic 2 shrimp, no other shellfish, i ate 1 yesterday, can the effects hit the next day?

I f I am  allergic to I odine can I eat seafood?

I had a blood test where I found out I was allergic to crustaceans. I had a 5 for shrimp, and a 4 for lobster, and crab. Could I get Anaphylaxis?

I have 4 siblings, two of them are allergic to fish/seafood like me. The other two and parents aren't allergic. What makes us allergic and not them?

I have a severe allergy to shellfish, so i'm afraid of other seafood. Any advice?

I have a wicked prawn allergy; can I kiss my girlfriend after she has eaten said calamitous crustacean?

I have allergic reaction if I do exercise after eating shrimps. How to prevent this?

I have allergic with seafoods that will cause me flu?

I have an allergy in seafoods, does it last forever?

I have an allergy to Crab and Shrimp. My prenatal vitamin contain a DHA (anchovy, sardine and mackerel) Will this give me an allergic reaction?

I have an allergy to shellfish, is it iodine related at all?

I have fish allergies. Does this mean that I am also allergic to frogs?

I have headaches when i eat crab legs all the time. Am i allergic to crabs, blue crabs etc?

I have hives from using fish oil, but I am not allergic to fish. How is that possible?

I know I'm allergic to crustaceans, so I've only eaten calamari and fish. Do you think that I could eat clams, oysters, and mussels?

I know that I am allergic to shrimp and lobster due to anaphylactic reactions. Crab and everything else are fine however, why is this? Crawfish ok?

I made a blood test for alleries and I am highly intolerant to shellfish but i can eat salmon and kingfish...I want to try crab.Is that a good idea?

I'm allergic to crabs, shrimp etc but not to fish (salmon, tuna etc). Is it okay to take kelp supplements for my thyroid?

I'm allergic to shellfish. Can I eat squid?