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"is ketamine injections safe to take for pain? Any serious drug interactions or allergic reactions?"

18 years ago, I had an anaphylactic reaction after taking Bayer aspirin. Dr said never take aspirin again! I haven't. Do you agree?

Allergic reactions...How long does it take to recover from an allergic reaction from a diet pill?It happened this morning and im still miserable.

Allergic to acetaminophen but not allergic to meloxicam. How is this possible?

Allergic to imotrex what else can I use for migrains?

Allergist wants to desens me to aspirin. He knows my only symp is hives when i take nsaids. I read desens can't work for hives, so why suggest it?

Allergy to oxycontin? Is that possible? How do you know? Could a person be allergic to all opioids?

Am anaphylactically allergic to NSAIDs, need pain&anti-inflammatory cream for swollen SCM. Is Topricin safe?

Am I able to take a multivitamin with iodine in it if I am also allergic shellfish?

Any alternative remedies for urticaria, I've been on antihistamines for years and would like to discontine?

Are allergies to sulfa drugs hereditary?

Are anti nausea drugs in the same family as antihistamines? I'm allergic to anti nausea drugs, dr is now saying i'm allergic to antihistamines ?

Are bad reactions to medicine really too common?

Are there any safe beers for those with histamine intolerance?

Aspirin allergy - is it worth getting a bracelet?

Aspirin allergy or triggered allergic reaction due to anything besides Bayer aspirin?

Aspirin i haven't taken aspirin in over 40 years , i wasn't allergic to it but would like to take it now. I am 65. I am assuming if i didn't have an allergic reaction when young, i won't now?

Can a food allergy just develop? Had a laparascopy a month ago, could the general anasthetic trigger a food allergy? No medication taken after op

Can a person be truly allergic to benadryl (diphenhydramine)? (not to the die but the drug itself) if so can desensitization work?

Can antibiotics increase the severity or chance of you having an allergic reaction to another medication? (vicoprofen) specifically.

Can any doc tell me what's similar to percocet 10/325 if one is allergic to it?

Can any meds cause a new shellfish allergy in someone who's never had it before?

Can daily use of antihistamines for sleep interfer when used for allergic reaction?

Can different brands of iron supplements cause different reactions/symptoms? Even if they are the same dosage?

Can i be allergic to hydrocodone?

Can I have a bad reaction from taking luminal (phenobarbital)?

Can I have a bad reaction from taking prednisone & luminal (phenobarbital) together?

Can I have an allergic reaction to the dentist's numbing medicine?

Can I safely take cetirizine or any antihistamine AFTER drinking alcohol? For exemple in case of allergic reaction right after/during a party?

Can I take anti histamine ,anti biotic,paracetamol, rebrapazol (gastric problem)together?? I have skin reaction(swelling and itching), sore throat

Can I take anything like cimetidine or other h2 antagonists for allergies?

Can I take my 800mg ibuprofen for my chronic migraines? I'm currently taking prednisone for an allergic reaction to flagyl?

Can i take toradol injection if im allergic to aspirin ? How long would it take for me to have an allergic reaction to toradol ?

Can i take trazodone if I've had an allergic reaction to 5 htp?

Can i tell me how i can treat ibuprofen overdoes allergict reaction?

Can medications for an allergic reactions cause kidney stones?

Can people be allergic to valium?

Can someone be fatally allergic to acetaminophen?

Can someone develop an allergy to a medication, such as, Ibuprofen ?

Can someone tell me how long will it take for an allergic reaction to clear up?

Can taking a tablet of xyzal help to blunt an allergic reaction to a drug as fast & effectively as Benadryl (diphenhydramine) would?

Can u get a reaction taking either meds or vitamins if you've been taking it 4 6 months & no reaction. can you get a reaction even after 6 months?

Can you be allergic to juvederm? What are some alternatives?

Can you be suddenly allergic to aspirin?

Can you develop allergies from taking medicine or doing certain things? I'm allergic to beer and all pain medicines, but i wasn't always.

Can you have a bad allegric reaction to laxatives?

Can you have an allergic reaction taking Advil (ibuprofen) and a banana at the same time?

Can you have an allergic reaction to trimicinoline cream? Given for a drug allergy which cleared up within two days. Now broke out in new rash.

Can you take tumsnif allergic to aspirin?

Chronic hive sufferer whose hives get worse w nsaids. I need aspirin for variety of reasons. Dr wants to desensitize me, now that i'm on xyzal (levocetirizine). Safe?

Could allergy to a specific drug ingredient develop over time?

Could taking D3 tablets trigger food allergy reactions or bad side effects?

Could you just suddenly become allergic after 13 years of taking anti-depressants?

Do allergies cause vasodilatation substances or vasoconstrictionr?

Do allergy drugs cause problems to testicles?

Do you know of any safe medication i could take to curb my allergic reactions to crab and shrimps? & what causes these

Does a food allergy cause itching or other side effects?

Does grapefruit juice & ibuprofen cause an allergic reaction?

Does that mean that anyone with this, is allergic to aspirin?

Expert opinion please: could taking a Benadryl (diphenhydramine) before eating dairy stop my mild allergic reaction?

First Xolair injection in 2 days for chronic hives/allergies. Is there anything/meds/vitamins that I should avoid while taking it?

Friend takes hydrocodone an it makes him throw up is that normal or an allergic reaction?

Get hives, rash, flushing from morphine & vicodin & nsaids. would dextromethophan be safe for me? coughing literally every few seconds.

Have mild hives after ibupro&aspirin. Does this mean i'm sensitive as opposed to a true alrgy? Must i avoid things like pepto? Reaction is so minor.

Having an allergic reaction (hives, difficulty breathing) to Maca Powder. Ive taken several doses of benadryl (diphenhydramine) and its not helping, what should i do?

Hives was all over my body. Doctor treated with. Hydroxy- zine. Hcl 50 mg still iitching. After a week on medication.

Hives, severe flushing, rashes from morphine, codeine, vicodin. true allergies. can i take the DM products in OTC cold meds?

How can I know if I'm allergic to the azole meds?

How can I tell if i get anaphylaxis or allergic reaction from tattoo or hair dye if i'm on zyrtec (cetirizine) chronically? Also on propranolol.

How can I tell if my child is having an allergic reaction to prelone (prednisolone) syrup or if his hives from before are just getting worse?

How can someone someone be allergic to Benadryl (diphenhydramine) if it's presents histamine release therefore shouldn't it prevent a reaction?

How is someone allergic to diphenhydramine, when it blocks histamine?! i get hives from dye free bendrlyl. What do I do in event of other alrgc rects?

How long after taking a medicine can an allergic reaction occur?

How long after taking stool softener would it take an allergic reaction,such as hives, to appear?

How long can an allergic rash from lisinopril last, after stopping the medicine?

How long does a allergic reaction from a shingle vaccine last, and ca I take allergy meds and use hydrocortisone?

How long does a breakout from a allergic reaction take to heal?

How long does an allergic reaction take to kick in?

How long does it take for an allergic reaction like hives to show up after eating something?

How long does it take to have a bad reaction to shellfish?

How long does methotrexate stay in your system after you stop taking drug. I am having a allergic reaction to the medicine.

How long would it take for a rash to develop if i was allergic to clonazepam?

How safe is hydroxyzine for toddlers? Are allergic reactions rare? Needed to treat anxiety prior to dental work.

Hydrocodone allergies--how do they happen?

Hydrocodone allergy.. Please help me find a substitute?

I am allergic (hives) to multiple meds. NSAIDS, keflex, Levsin, Mestinon, (pyridostigmine) Flexeril all cause 2-3 hives. Is this maybe something OTHER than allergy?

I am allergic to ragweed. My DC has recommended a supplement that is "contraindicated in known allergy to plants of the daisy family." Is it ok?

I am allergic to rogaine (minoxidil) but i don't know what I am allergic to in it. Anything else i can take?

I am allergic to shellfish, and i can't take glucosamine. Is there another alternative for arthritis?

I am allergic to sulfa containing medications. I just bought a cough syrup (Torex-BR) and it has Terbutaline sulphate. Is this also sulfa?

I am allergic to sulfa drugs. How likely is it that i'm also allergic to the sulfites in red wine?

I am desperate for pain relief but I have anaphylaxis reactions to any narcotic--what can I take?

I am intolerant to sulphites and want to know if there is any in medication Duramine?

I am mildly sensitive to aspirin/nsaids. It is not a major reaction though (3 or 4 small hives.) is pepto still safe for me?

I am sensitive to nsaids, including aspirin (get mild hives.) is dramamine (dimenhydrinate) safe for me?

I am suffering from urticaria hives. My doctor have tried anti histaminics but of no use. Ige test values were on higher side. What should I do?

I do not have any allergic reactions. Would it be okay to take this medicine, even though there's really nothing to cure or any histamine to block?

I get mild hives when i take nsaids. If i used a patch or an ointment w an nsaid type of drug in it, would that also bother me? Would reaction be less

I had a bad allergic reaction to something last Friday been taking Benadryl (diphenhydramine) allergy.can the reaction delay your period?

I had a fairly severe allergic reaction to morphine. I am also allergic to vicodin, codeine, and nsaids. Is tramadol/ultram safe? I have read conflicting things.