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2yr old with 102.5 fever stomach pain no other symptoms. Had an allergic reaction with hives 1 1/2 weeks ago for excessive mosquito bites.

A cure to my allergy that swells my lip?

After eating shrimp, my nose itches badly..Is this an allergic reaction?

Allegric reaction bumps in the back of my tongue, what should I do?

Allergic food reaction caused my tongue and gums to swell up alot and it's painful . Hospital prescribed me cetrizine buts it's not helping ?

Allergic reaction 1 week ago where r side of lip swelled. Now swelling mostly gone but pulsating bump under lip there? Have scheduled allergy test.

Allergic reaction caused by insectbite. Very swollen, hot, red, infected, cooling makes it worse. What to do?

Allergic reaction to soap in my vagina that is extremely painful, please help?

Allergic reaction? Mostly around the lip line. Bumps, itchy, swelling and red. I think its my girlfriends chapstick.

Allergic reactions: swollen eyes, what to do?

Allergic to all fruits mouth swells ear and throat itch. Last reaction 2 days ago?

Allergic to shellfish.A Friend Made Crab Legs In My House & My Eyes Started Itching & Swelling up.My Face & Lips Are Itchy. WHAT DO I DO?

Allergy under arm what I do ?

Am I allergic to the sun if my face swells up?

Are my allergies causing my epicanthal folds as I have allergic shiners too are they permanent and Will they go away with medication.appear swollen?

Are my swollen lips due to a fish allergy? For the second time in two weeks i've woken up with swollen lips. At first i thought it was because my lips were really chapped, or seasonal allergies. But when it happened for the second time this morning i go

Are swollen lips always due to an allergic reaction?

Are swollen, painful joints common after immunotheropy for allergies?

Are there any known allergic reactions that can cause a testicle or scrotal region to get swollen?

Ate some cashews and now have hives all over as well as welts in my mouth.... No swelling that i can see/feel but very itchy all over. Help?

Baby ears and hand swollen- allergy?

Botox done for migraintes 4 days ago. experiencin facial swelling in my cheeks and lips, dizziness and nausea.b concerned about an allergic reaction?

Bottom lip is swollen for no reason. Might this be an allergic reaction to something in my house?

Burning sensation in throat allergic reaction, should I be concerned?

Can a child overgrow an allergy to an insect venom? If fire ant causes rashes, and swollen ear does it mean a child has severe allergy?

Can a cockroach cause a swollen face if allergic to it?

Can a dairy allergy cause swollen & dry lips?

Can a virus cause hives followed by syncope with shaking , swollen lips, eye lids, no allergens found hives lasted 5 days what could it be caused from?

Can allergies or sinus problems cause persisting edema (slightly raised skin) below the corner of each lip?

Can allergies trigger swollen glands?

Can allergy to mushroom cause swelling in the face (ingested)?

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Can an allergy appear randomly at 20 years of age?

Can an allergy to nylon lead to a swollen tongue?

Can aspirin allergy cause swelling and a skin break out?

Can aspirin allergy cause swelling to break out?

Can bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) cause raynaud's phenomenon? I had a severe allergic reaction a couple weeks ago and now have one finger that turns white and tingly/numb.

Can Benadryl be taken for an allergic reaction to a bunny. Itchy watery eyes with a little bit of swelling.

Can clarithromycin allergy cause swelling of the face?

Can doc tell the difference between ocular rosacea and an allergic reaction? (trigger uncertain.) Burning sensation. Prickly lids. Have facial rosacea

Can hay fever cause lips to swell..?

Can internal swelling, redness, and heat in my left forearm be an allergic reaction to Cipro?

Can it sound like i'm allergic to bees or sensitive?

Can muscle relaxers cause redness and itchiness? Could I be allergic to them?

Can my vagina swell because of allergies?

Can only lip swell from allergic reaction?

Can poop it will calm down but it still hurts is it an allergic reaction?

Can redness of face and neck come from a allergic reaction to steroid pack, taken for bronchitis?

Can snot cause an allergic skin reaction under the nose?

Can someone touching something after eating shellfish cause someone who is allergic(swells in the throat) to have an reaction?

Can u have severe allergic rxn (full body hives, red swollen cheeks, congested) from possible cross contamination w/ tree nut u've never eaten??

Can you be having an allergic reaction if you have chronic lip swelling & no other symptoms?

Can you become allergic to your deodorant? Pits are sore, itchy and a little swollen. Is it possible to become allergic to it?

Can you get an allergic reaction to a cat the next day with swelling of the eyes and face?

Can you tell me can I randomly become allergic to makeup?

Can you tell me how to cure my allergic reaction that causes a sore throat?

Can your vein pop from an allergic reaction?

Cough,itchy ears, and phlegm. And lump under next below eat, allergic reaction?

Could a sore scalp and swollen face possibly be from an allergic reaction?

Could a swollen upper lip be an allergic reaction to blood pressure med?

Could blue lips and nail beds be an allergic reaction to peanuts?

Could my cold sore be in response to the surgery or could it be an allergic reaction?

Could my swollen feet be because i'm allergic to my partners dog?

Could use your help docs! my face is swollen, especially around my eyes, because i think i had an allergic reaction what should I do?

Dairy allergy causing swollen & dry lips, what to do?

Dentist always gives me amoxicillin when take it get purple burning blisters & swelling of eyes& mouth?is this a minor reaction he seem to think so

Doctor's opinion? My throat is swelled up from allergies?

Does a yellow jacket allergy mean an allergy to all types of wasps?

Does benadryl (diphenhydramine) help a swolen sore throat not caused by allergies?

Does Claritin (loratadine) help with localized tongue swelling from dental work?

Does dry mouth itchy and nausea mouth after getting stung by a bee mean the allergy is getting worse?

Does swelling usually accompany hives? I've been having an allergic food reaction. I get hives on my hands & feet. My foot started to swell slightly.

Every time I stroke my cats I get swollen, red, itchy eyes (sometimes is only one) am I allergic to cats? Never had this problem before now.

Everytime I have an allergy reaction, my top lip blows up in one specific spot. What could cause this?

Food allergy reaction on Thurs. Sore throat, lip swells, incr. congestion. On Sat, felt like gland in neck swollen, drainage continued. Still allergy?

For about a week now, my lips have been swollen and itchy. I have used benedryl and other allergy medications. My lips now are raw and still itchy.?

Good morning can herpes cause lips to swell resembling an allergic reaction?

Had a panic attack, when i was eating ice cream, and thought it was allergic reaction. Developed fear of allergy and swollen tongue. Have no allergies.

Had a reaction to something after surgery 5 days ago. I have face, tongue swelling and numbness, taking prednisone, benadryl. When will swelling stop?

Had an allergic reaction and my eyelids are red and wrinkly. How long before the effects go away?

Had botox last week for migraines. Within 7 hrs, face was cherry red, stinging, and itching. Hypersensitivity or allergic reaction? Any difference?

Hands and feet swell and itch. This is not an allergic reaction so what can I do to cure it?

Hands are swollen...After putting down weed killer on the lawn. Could this be an allergic reaction? Should i be concerned? And what can I do for the swelling?

Have bit of swelling, itching, burning on gums, roof mouth and tongue from Oral Allergy Syndrome, could throat swell/close or anaphylactic reaction?

Have really bad pollen allergies. Get swollen itchy bumpy red lips, tongue and mouth when I eat random fruits. Could this turn into a severe reaction?

Hello. No allergies what so ever.. Im afraid of tongue swelling. Is this just fear? Never experienced swollen tongue, or allergic reactions to food!

Hi doctor! how or what's the best cure for skin discoloration (in & around the lips area) i had it after severe allergic reaction from peppers. Tks?

Hives from head to toe an hour after eating shellfish for the first time. No swelling or breathing difficulty but extremely itchy and uncomfortable...

How can I ease a swollen lip after an allergic reaction?

How can I get my throat to stop hurting from an allergic reaction?

How can I know if my son is allergic to peas?

How can I reduce swelling of face due to hair dye allergic reaction?

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How do you treat swollen lips due to an allergic reaction?

How long can swelling from a mild peanut allergy last?

How long does a reaction from ricin causing swollen lips last?

How long does it take for the lips swelling to go down after a allergic reaction?

How long for tongue swelling to go down after an allergic reaction?

How long should it take for lip swelling to go down from allergic reaction?

How long until corneal swelling goes away ? Due to allergic reaction to artificial tears