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2nd day of taking L-glutathione (2x/day) and im having difficulty breathing.what should i do? should i drink lots of water to flush it out?

4 Pharmacists told me it's OK to open my Doxycyline capsules and pour the powder into a spoon of applesauce, and chase w/water. is it really safe?

About to take 300mL of magnesium citrate, as directed by my doctor for constipation. However, how fast should I drink the magnesium citrate & how quickly should I drink the glass of water with it?If I have a decaf latte after taking it, is that okay?

Accidently took a tablespoon of liquid clarithromycin instead of teaspoon will I be ok?

Am i right that it's no issue to take spirulina without drinking any water?

Amount of water to drink while taking lithium treatment?

Approximately how much water should you drink a day while taking biotin?

Are vitamins heaty?do we need to drink a lot of water when we take vitamins and if yes how many litre?

Are water pills good for you?

At the morning i take a 500mg calcium tablet, at the night i drink a cup of milk. Is it ok for my health?

Can pinch of nutmeg powder in milk given to 20 month old on 17 hr. Flight?

Can a Macrobid 52427-285 pill be opened and crushed to make it powder like then taken with a mixture of water or another drink?

Can amoxicillin be mixed with milk or juice so a child will take it easier?

Can azithromycin be taken with anything besides water that will mask the taste?

Can I crush azithromycin in put into my drink? I am currently 24 weeks pregnant. My doctor prescribed me the pills but I would rather mix with a drink

Can I crush Azithromycin tablets and mix it with pepsi or iced tea? Also, can I crush it and mix it with water and those emergen C packets?

Can i crush ibuprofen 600mg and put it in water?

Can I crush pills and add water for my son to take them?

Can i die if i mixed sleeping tablets with an energy drink?

Can i dissolve a medicated pill (methylphenidate 5g) in fruit juice and then drink it 3 hours later?

Can i drink apple cider vinegar and take centrum multivitamins whilst on brufen and amoxicillin tablets?

Can I drink biota beet root juice and take metoprolol 50 mg er together?

Can I drink Laxative glass for example every 3 hour instead of every 15 min?

Can i drink milk 40 minutes after taking my levothyroxine?

Can I drink milk or have ice cream several hours after taking Azithromycin?

Can i drink prune juice at the same time i take my meds. Toprol (metoprolol) and synthroid?

Can I drink V8 The vegetable drink with taking amaxacillen??

Can i drink while using mebeverine ?

Can I eat a small cup of red grapefruit daily (several hours apart) while taking Losartan?

Can I ingest grapefruit oil in my water while on atenelol? I know you can't eat grapefruit on certain meds and I was wondering if I could on atenelol.

Can i mix apple/grape juice with prune juice within a 6 hour period? I take toprol (metoprolol) and Synthroid daily.

Can i mix my 2 year daugthers zyrtec (cetirizine) with a small amount of jucie so she will take it. She spits it out every time?

Can I mix my chlamydia medicine (1gm azithromycin powder pak) in a smoothie instead of just water? I have a hard time handling the taste of medicine a

Can I mix the powder from nitrofurantoin (macrobid) with water instead of swallowing the capsule?

Can I pour the doxycycline capsule contents into a smoothie & consume it ? Will it still be effective if i mixed 200mg in and took it as a single dose

Can I replace adderal xr 30mg with a sugar free energy drink to get the same effect? If not is there anything natural to replace it with?

Can i still drink collagen powder after 6months of expiration?

Can i substitute a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water for 81 mg. Of aspirin when i take my blood pressure pill.

Can i take a multiple vitamin daily even if i drink fruit smoothies or will i get to much with that combo?

Can i take any antibiotic med with milk instead of water? Some say this will dilute the antibiotic and make it ineffective in its performance. Advice?

Can i take electrolyte beverage or salt liquid to recovery back at drug overdose moment ?Or what should I take at that time?

Can i take honey daily?

Can i take honey in my diet when I am on accutane?

Can I take levothyroxine with lemon water?

Can I take methylprednisolone with tea instead of milk?

Can I take my levothyroxine with water with lemon juice added?

Can i take these antibiotics with milk instead of water?

Can I use ginger instead of dimenhydrinate to relieve nausea from drinking large amounts of cough syrup?

Can it matter if i drink noni juice or take the capsules?

Can lemon balm tea help calm you down? Make you feel relaxed? Is it safe to drink if i'm taking nortriptyline 40mg at night?

Can Macrobid be mixed with applesauce?

Can meds be taken with coffee instea d of water?

Can riomet be mixed in with beverages, or is it best to take it undiluted?

Can soda affect the BC pill? I was out of water and only had soda to take it with. Also major diarrhea within an hour of taking it. Still effective?

Can the amount of coffee or water you drink one day effect an hpt that you take first thing the next morning?

Can there be any negative effects if you chop up those orange motrin pills and mix with water then take it?

Can two 500mg azithromycin tablets be finely crushed and mixed into food or water juice or acholic beverage to cure chlamydia if not what form can?

Can two 500mg tablet of azithromycin be finely crushed and mixed in food water juice or mixed drink and still work to treat chalamydia answer for each?

Can you crush azithromycin in water?

Can you crush penicillin into powder and take in water?

Can you dissolve a 500 mg amoxicillin in water?

Can you drink 100% cranberry juice even though you take levothyroxine daily for hypotheroidism? Will it affect the pill?

Can you drink tea while taking levothyroxine? I know ur not supposed to eat and hold off on vitamins.

Can you drink water or eat fruit after taking azithromycin 1gram powder to cure chlamydia ? If so how soon after can you do it

Can you make Robitussin-DM taste better by mixing it with other liquids and still be effective ?

Can you mix a prescription if it's the same kind? I have a bottle of iron that is almost empty and I have another bottle that is half way full can I mix the almost empty with the half way and if not why?

Can you mix umcka coldcare hot drink with dayquil? I want to be sure before i try it if it is safe.

Can you tell me is it safe if i drink the liquid out of a nyquil gel pill?

Dcrs, taking liquid food for a day works as detoxification or not?

Did not take my bc at the exact time but an hr later will it still work and is it ok to take it with juice instead of water does sugar affect pill?

Do charcoal tablets and lots of water get rid of thc?

Do I need to take my thyroid medicine with a full glass of water?

Do pills stop working if you dissolve them in water that just been boiled?

Do you have to take isotretinoin with food, or can you take it with just a glass of water ?

Do you take the becoactin tablet with water or do you Suck it?

Docs, could 20 naproxim sodium pills make you pass out?

Does " take 1 teaspoonful by mouth" mean he can drink it?

Does dissolving aspirin in water work the same as taking it normally?

Does drinking water help aspirin enter the bloodstream or is it better to crush the pill?

Does prune juice really work well instead of using a laxative? If so, how much should a person drink each day to become 'regular'?

Does squirt soda contain enough grapefruit juice to interact with medications like viagra (sildenafil)?

Does taking emergen-c packets with water daily actually prevent illness?

Does the chemical phenylalanine effect metaprolol tartrate (25mg)? I want to drink those powdered teas that you put in the water but I'm concerned.

Expert opinion please: could taking water pills kill me?

Gave a 2 month old baby 4 ml of liquid Zantac (ranitidine) instead of .4 ml. Is that enough to be an overdose?

Had a very heavy meal followed by 2 glasses of red wine... Having acid reflux, can I take tums (calcium carbonate)? Last drink 45 min - 1 hour ago.

Have to drink 1gal golytely (polyethylene glycol). 8oz/10min. Can i mix 8oz with 8oz of juice or is that way too much liquid? It makes me nauseous. Can't handle it.

Have to use thick it for swallowing problems. Need to take it to work. Can i mix in am and drink hrs later? I think it says must drink asap or discard

Hi can i take orlistat with juice plus ?

Hi doctors. If i crush azithromycin and drink it with a smoothie, is the effect of the pill going to be the same?

Hi is it ok for my 7yr old kid to drink water are apple juice while taking liquid antibiotics for strep she hates the taste of it thank you.

Hi is it ok to take the dissolvable ranitidine tabs with only 10ml of water in the glass? or is this not enough water

Hi it's me again. I take citrucel before I go to bed. Is that fine? No water after that. But during the day I drink 70-80 ounces of h2o.

Hi my medication says take two 5ml spoonfuls twice a day does that mean take two a day or two spoonfuls in the morning and two at night?

Hi, i took 2 advil (ibuprofen) tablets and wanted to drink a hard that cool?

Hi, I'm wondering whether it is safe to take dispersible aspirin, disperse in water and leave the aspirin in water for 30 minutes before taking it?

Hi! i know this is crazy but i never drink water.. To tell u the truth i might bring a glass every week....For months now i take tylenol (acetaminophen) everyday :/?

How can I mix amoxil (amoxicillin) powder, with water or juice?

How can I overcome throwing up when I take honey?

How can I take medication that requires a teaspoonful if I don't have teaspoons?