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'm alcohol free i'm perfectly fine could I have liver problems?

"im diebetic been a big drinker but i stop I have liver failure can you eat tums (calcium carbonate)?

17 years ago i develop necrotizing pancreatitis due to gallstones. Is it safe to drink 5 percent alcohol wine coolers.? I've been very healthy since.

30 year old male over weight. Drink 6-12 beers per night for 6 yeara blood work normal but liver enlarged. How worried should I be?

After a splenectomy, will I be able to drink alcohol?

After alcoholic fatty liver reverses, is drinking actually dangerous? I don't see myself never having beers with the guys or wine with my wife.

After drinking alcohol hours ago when is pumping and dumping necessary? Is it?

After how many days of treatment from jaundice, can I drink alcohol ?

After my gallbladder removed can I still drink alcohol ?

Alcohol in moderation after ERCP pancreatitis? Healed & no health issues. No previous pancreatitis

Alcohol in moderation after ERCP pancreatitis? Healed, no health issues. No previous pancreatitis

Alcoholic consumption with chronic kidney disease? Not enough to get drunk, but to drink it okay?

Am I allowed to drink wine after my gallbladder has been removed?

Aortic valve replacement, and a pacemaker. 21. What alcohol is allowed? If in moderation, beer, liquor, wine? How about cannabis if vaporized?

Are alcoholic beverages ok while recovering from a lacerated spleen?

Are all alcoholic drinks equally damaging to liver? Or is one type better, i.E. Wine or scotch better than beer?

Are coffee and alcohol bad when I have an enlarged prostate?

Are people who drink alcohol eligible for a liver transplant?

Are you able to drink alcohol after having brain surgery?

Ashamed after 12 years of sobriety i alcohol binged due to chronic pain for 7 months. What is the damage. I have not had a drink for 2 months.

Been drinking alcohol pretty much everydady for 10 months. what are my chances of having liver disease?

Been drinking wine/beer moderately for few years. Can i have liver problems even if recent blood tests for liver function are normal?

Can I drink alcohol after recovery from acute alcoholic pancreatic attack after 10 months?

Can a person with Gilbert's Syndrome still drink alcohol (1-2 drinks) per day or is it dangerous since Bilirubin is already elevated?

Can alcohol encourage a gallbladder attack?

Can antabuse (disulfiram) damage the liver? Can drinking alcohol twice while on antabuse (disulfiram) damage the liver?

Can cirrhosis be predicted from the liters/day of whisky times the number of years drinking?

Can Citolopram cause liver damage if the person taking it drinks alcohol?

Can drinking 2 of 650 ml beers per day on weekend for 2 days of a week be the source of any liver damage?

Can drinking alcohol cause bowel obstruction?

Can drinking alcohol have any effect on someone who has a collapsed lung?

Can drinking alcohol increase the dangers when you have an incisional hernia?

Can drinking alcohol irritate gall stones?

Can drinking around 15 standard drinks 1-2 times a week for 6 months cause noticeable liver damage? Is a lft necessary if i'm having liver pain?

Can drinking caffeine make the spleen enlarged?

Can drinking or smoking complicate a stomach infection?

Can drinking soda cause a greater risk of pancreatic cancer? I normally drink about one every day (12 oz). I drink v8 fusion too. What to do?

Can having two episodes(one year apart)of extremely heavy drinking(the point of throwing up)+ a couple drinks every few months cause liver cirrhosis?

Can heart patient after surgery drink red wine?

Can heavy daily alcohol use cause gallstones. Or damage to the gallbladder. Quit drinkin now gallbladder attacks afta fatty foods.did alcohol do this?

Can i brandy or wine occasionally if GGT is 105 ?

Can i cleanse a venipuncture site with alcohol?

Can i consume alchohal, if i am being diagnosed with Hermia,not sure which type..??

Can I consume alcoholic beverages while takibg a tb skin test? Is there a limit?

Can I die from drinking 3 beers if my liver is sick from mono?

Can I die from drinking alcohol if my liver is enlarged from hep a?

Can i drink alcholic beverage 4 months after brain surgery?

Can I drink alcohal after gama knife surgery how many time it takes to destroy the tumor?

Can I drink alcohol after bariatric surgery?

Can i drink alcohol after hydrocele operation?

Can I drink alcohol after recovery from hepatitis right away ?

Can I drink alcohol again after acute pancreatitis? Due to gallstones and ercp. It's been one month. Healthy

Can i drink alcohol if its suspected I have gallstones?

Can I drink alcohol while i'm being treated for bladder cancer?

Can i drink alcohol with a damaged stomach lining?

Can i drink beer after gallbladder removal?

Can i drink non alcohol beer with fentanyl pain patch!?

Can i drink non alcoholic beer with irregular heart beat and kidney stones ?

Can I get cirrhosis of the liver by drinking pepsi or coke?

Can i have Occasional alcoholic drinks after recovering from idiopathic myocardiopathy?

Can I still drink socially if I have hepatitis?

Can somebody tell me how can alcohol affect the gallbladder?

Can someone drink alcohol with gilbert's disease?

Can someone with lupus or an autoimmune disease drink beer or hard liquor ?

Can the liver still repair itself after drinking and smoking moderately for almost 10 years?

Can u drink alcohol after miscarriage operation?

Can you consume alcohol if you have bowel cancer?

Can you develop cirrosis of the liver just by drinking a glass of wine every night?

Can you drink alcohol 2 weeks after heart surgery?

Can you drink alcohol a week after gallbladder surgery?

Can you drink alcohol with a kidney infection?

Can you drink alcohol with Crohn's disease?

Can you drink considerable hard liquor for 50 years and not have liver injury?

Can you drink occassional alcohol if you have chronic autoimmune hepatitis?

Can you explain what moderate drinking means?

Can you get alcoholic cardiomyopathy in 1 year by drinking heavy every 1-3 days at age 24-25?

Can you get cirrhosis of the liver by drinking only on weekends?

Can you get esophageal cancer by consuming alcohol?

Can you resume drinking after having mild pancreatitis or is there a higher chance of it recurring did I damage anything ?

Can you still drink alcohol if you have raynauds disease & hemangiomas?

Can you still drink alcohol if your gallbladder been removed?

Can you tell me if a person's liver was damaged, would they get sick from just a few alcoholic drinks?

Can your liver disease get better if you stop drinking alcohol?

Could a person with a history of pancreatitis drink alcohol?

Could alcohol induced chronic pancreatitis show up years after having stopped drinking?

Could drinking alcohol an enlarged spleen?

Could drinking alcohol while in cycle would cause more liver damage than normal?

Could drinking liquor cause kidney infections?

Could i drink after having a unknown liver issue?

Could one drink wine post cardiac bypass?

Could you get mild acute pancreatitis without knowing? Because after a night of heavy drinking I was vomiting after eating im not a heavy drinker

Could you tell me how much drinking alcohol does it take to damage the liver?

Could you tell me if the person had a collapsed lung years ago, would drinking alcohol effect it?

Diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis about a year ago - can drink at all? And why do I get drink off just 1 or 2 beers now? My husband was diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis about a year ago... He served in the military where they treated him a disease

Do only heavy drinkers have to worry about cirrhosis?

Do people with liver failure get drunk with less alcohol?

Do you have to be a drinker to get cirrhosis?

Do you have to stop drinking entirely after recovering from alcoholic liver disease?

Do your organs heal once you have stopped drinking alcohol?

Doea drinking alchol at15-16 yrs age good or harmfull?