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12 days after concussion. Doctor has cleared me to drink alcohol moderately. Ended up smoking almost a pack of cigarettes and smoking hookah. Am I ok?

2 stop drinking alcohol what is the best way to do it cut down altogether or slowly?

33 yr old just found out she's pregnant, she's a cigarette smoker, wine and beer drinker everyday. What are the risks even if she quits now. ?

Always get huge urge to smoke when drinking alcohol so I use a vaporizer instead, is my health at risk with these?

Any tips on quitting tobacco. And i read that drinking a beer once in awhile is good for your health, is that true?

Are cigarettes worse for you when drinking alcohol?

Are the effects of smoking worse if you are an alcoholic too?

Can a beer drinking so called functional alcoholic and pot smoker effectively quit without in patient rehab?

Can drinking alchohol and smoking cigarettes cause varicose veins?

Can having 2 beers a night cause alcohol withdrawal if trying to quit?

Can I lose weight from just drinking wine and smoking ciggs?

Can i still drink and smoke after a tonsillectomy?

Can insomnia, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, etc. Worsen eye floaters?

Can smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee make you lazy?

Can smoking pot keep you dehydrated?

Can someone really quit drinking after 50+ years?

Can you drink alcoholic beverages & smoke if you have ocd?

Can you please tell me if it's non cancerous to smoke out of a drinking glass?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to stop smoking cigarettes and drinking cokes?

Can you tell me how i can quit drinking who do I go to?

Can you tell me what number of alcoholics can actually quit drinking and live a productive life?

Ciggarettes and alcholic drinks are worse than cannabis, am i correct?

Could you tell me if i were an alcoholic, would i be craving and wanting the alcohol in my house?

Do ganja smokers get a different kind of drunk from drinking alcohol?

Do smoking and drinking affect this condition?

Does alcohol interact with the pill? I'm not a heavy drinker, I only have a beer or two every couple of weeks, nor am I a smoker.

Does drinking alcohol effect your breast milk? Smoking as well

Does ginger beer help quit smoking?

Does smokin and drinkin affect diverticulitis?

Headaches after quitting drinking alcohol, what should I do to avoid it.

How can I stop drinking and smoking weed without going to alcoholics anonymous?

How can I stop drinking without joining aa?

How can one best de-stress without overeating or drinking beer/wine? (non-smoker, no drugs)

How do alcoholics quit drinking cold turkey?

How do I quit drinking, it seems that I am drinking to much and get not hold myself sometimes. ?

How do I sober up from drinking and smoking pot?

How do most people quit drinking?

How does smoking or drinking "cause" hemorrhoids?

How harmful for your health is it for a diabetic to drink and smoke on a daily basis?

How harmful for your health is occasional smoking and binge drinking?

How is it that a lot of teens drink and smoke?

How much time will I be irritable after quitting smoking and drinking?

How should I feel now that I quit drinking?

How to get rid of smoking and drinking?

How to get teens to stop drinking and smoking pot?

How to give up teenage drinking and smoking pot?

How to give up teenage drinking and smoking?

How to quit alcohol permanently?

How to quit alcohol?

How to quit drinking alcohol ?

Husband quit drinking alcohol a month ago and skin itches, keeps him up at night even when taking antihistamine. Related to quitting drinking?

I am getting saline breast implants in 11 days, when should I stop smoking weed? I don't smoke cigarettes nor do I drink alcohol or coffee....

I am on day 3 of no drinking, day 2 of no smoking. I'm getting migraines, is this normal?

I am sober for about 2 months stopped smoking and drinking, have urges to self harm?

I drink and smoke a lot but I am not habitual of drinking and smoking. So please tell me till which age I can drink and smoke without any health prob?

I have been drinking alchol for many years and I want to quit whays the best way?

I have been trying to stop drinking and smoking pot pot for a week and alchol for 5 days i wake up multible times through the night what's the e cause?

I have decided quit drinking for good and i need some advice to stay away?

I have OCD symptoms, but can I still smoke & drink alcoholic drinks?

I need to have a clean nicotine contine test for surgery, I have quit smokeing and been drinking 12 8 oz glasses of water daily anything else i can do?

I quit smoking marijuana two weeks ago and I have been drinking massive amounts of water to flush my system will i be clean for a drug test?

I want to know that one cigarette in a day and drink once a week can harm...?

I want to quit drinking pop. What could i replace it with ?

I want to quit drinking wine. Should i be concerned about withdrawals? I've been drinking approx 1 bottle per day.

I was heavy smoker and drinker for 2 years now i want to know how to recover from its effect and to be healthy again?

I will start taking bupropion to help stop smoking,I'm a heavy drinker and smoker will reducing and or stop drinking cause a seizure?

If anxiety is caused by drinking will it go away if I quit using alcohol?

If I smoke 5 cigarettes per day and drink green tea regularly, will I be protected enough from cancer ?

If it is illegal to buy cigarettes and drink under the age of 18-21, why do so many teenagers smoke and drink?

Is it okay to drink alcoholic beverages & smoke with ocd?

Is it okay to not tell the doctor you drink/smoke?

Is it possible, or safe, for an alcoholic to quit drinking "cold turkey"?

Is smoking less dangerous for your health than drinking alcohol?

Is smoking marijuana bad while on accutane? How about drinking alcohol?

Is smoking more harmful than drinking?

Is smoking pot once a week less harmful than drinking alcohol?

Is taking hydrocodone worse than smoking pot or drinking?

Is there a correlation between pacifier use and drinking or smoking later in life?

Is there a way to quit drinking alcohol?

Is there an over-the-counter medication to help quit drinking alcohol?

Is there something i can do to quit drinking and recover from all the past binge drinking i've done?

Is there something i can do to quit drinking when i can't go to aa or rehab?

My dad smoke&drink coffee a lot.He don't do sport .I don't know what to do to let him stop.I Tell him a lot about the side effects but he didn't stop ?

My father is a heavy drinker. He's been drinking for 18 years. He wants to quit but how ? He has tried many times but failed. Can u suggest something

My father is a regular drinker so what should i do to make him a non drinker or to reduce his drinking habbit ?

My husband drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes can this effect us while trying to conceive?

My husband smokes and drinks alcohol. when i go to sleep, i always get a headache. can the cause be the smell of smoking and drinking?

My husband wets the bed when he drinks. He doesn't even have to be that drunk. What can he do to quit? Other than quit drinking?

My mother drinks a lot and i don't want to say alcoholic but what can I do to help her quit the drinking or how can she start?

Need docs help! I am an alcoholic what can I do after trying everything to quit?

Quit drinking alcohol ?

Should i obey my dr's demands and stop smoking pot and drinking beer?

Should the drinking age be lowered to 18 if they can already smoke?

Started exercising with DASH diet but still smoking and drinking alcohol and lots of coffee (tried quitting but can't) BP still slightly high. Meds?

Vomiting black after drinking to much alcohol (beer) and smoking marijuana?

Vomiting black after drinking too much alcohol (beer) and smoking marijuana...Is that serious?

What are dr views on teenage drinking and smoking?

What are some ways to cope with a heavy drinker?

What are your views on teenage drinking and smoking?

What can I do to help with the emotional intensity of just having quit smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee?