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21yr old female with minor acne&blemishes& scars. I have combination skin (use2be oily maybe products strip natural oils)should I try proactive ?

A year ago I was using proactive with benzoyl peroxide for at least a year. It has made my face really red and for the year that I was using it I did ?

Advice on clearing acne and blackheads? Specific brand of medication or recommended lotions and stuff? Is Proactive effective?

After the treatment of acne? What can I apply on my face? Still have an oil skin? Are there products suitable for my face?

After using proactive should my acne go away?

Am 21 and still have acne/pimples, breaking out on my face, on meds from my derma. Should i also try proactiv?

And which products are better for cystic acne all natural or benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid? I'm going in circles searching for the right one!

Any advice? I have tried neutrogena oil free acne wash and clean and clear morning burst and they dried my skin, which acne product does not dry my skin?

Any recommendations for skincare products to use if one has a case of acne and pimple breakouts?

Any suggestions for acne products for t-zone skin?

Applied a benzoyl peroxide solution to face for acne and face turned red and burned cause? Acne free sensitive was the product hist: pcos htn

Are baby wipes good for acne breakouts?

Are there any home remedies for treating acne? Or is it most effective to treat with OTC products such as; clean & clear, stridex, clearasil, (benzoyl peroxide) etc?

Are there any neutrogena products that work for acne?

Are there any prescribed acne body soap or washes available? What are they?

Are there any prescribed acne body soaps or washes available if so what are they called.. like is there one called acnex soap.. I need specific names

Are there any remedies, face masks or products to use for acne?

Are there any types of toothpaste i can use to treat acne pimples?

Are there good over-the-counter cleanser and/or acne kit that works on this kind of acne?

Are there some effective ways to clear up acne, with at home products?

Are you supposed to use acne wash everyday?

Best antiacne soap in market?

Best facial cleanser in the market now? For persistent acne. :)

Best products for acne scars or pigmentation that does not clog pores? (not prescription) Help please!

Best treatment for oily skin with mild acne and brown spots (post-acne), glycolic or alpha hydroxy products?

Can "benzoyl peroxide 5% gel" make pigmentation of the face skin if used for mild acne ?

Can EpiCeram aggravate acne?

Can glycerine cause acne?

Can hypoallergenic soap be clearing up my acne? Can any docs explain?

Can I get comedonal acne even though I use non-comedogenic products?

Can I use an acne wash with sorbolene body wash on my back? Or should I use them separately. Will the acne wash still work with the sorbolene

Can I use sulphur bathing soap during pregnancy to cure acne? Dermatologists answers

Can I use tea tree oil to prevent acne on my face as its a natural alternate for benzyol peroxide? My skin type is oily

Can I use the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub as a daily cleanser? It says on the bottle that it is gentle enough for everyday use

Can it be an allergic reaction if my face is swollen from using neutrogena face wash and benzaclin (clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide)?

Can makeup cause acne? My daughter has mild to moderate acne but she loves wearing makeup (it is non-comedogenic)? Any particular brand suggestions?

Can makeup labelled oil free, non comedogenic and hypoallergenic still cause cystic acne? Have a history of acne, afraid to put anything new on face.

Can neutrogena t/sal shampoo be good for acne on face?

Can oil free acne wash cream cleanser micro clear from neutrogena work?

Can oxy pads work for acne?

Can ricin oil make acne worse? I am on Accutane for acne and I want to use ricin oil on my face for my facial hair.

Can shampoo make my comedonal acne worse? I like to wash my face with it too after the hair

Can u give me an example of OTC product cleanser contain benoxyl peroxide for pimples in my face?

Can using a salicylic acid face wash and prescription topical acne medication cause acne breakouts?

Can using neem soap help for acne?

Can washing with betadine help with acne?

Can whole grain bread cause inflammation in whiteheads acne or agrevate those whiteheads?

Can you please recommend some effective products I should try to help acne/pimples?

Can you please recommend some effective products or things that i can do to reduce acne?

Can you recommend a good acne/blackhead wash or treatment?

Can you recommend a good facial scrub/wash product for minor acne?

Can you suggest me any homemade blackhead extractor tool?

Can you tell me if Noxzema anti blemish pads remove blackheads as well?

Can you tell me of any good acne cleanser/moisturizer?

Chemical burn from overusing acne face wash? Any home remedies?

Could changing acne products actually lead to rashes or more acne?

Could goat milk mixed with face wash be a good remedy for acne?

Could it be a good idea to use clean and clear continuous control acne cleanser with oxy 5?

Could sulphur soap make acne worse?

Could the clarisonic acne daily clarifying cleanser work?

Could you tell me what are good acne cleansers to buy in drugstores like meijer?

Do organic botanicals therapeutic facial cleansing get rid of acne?

Do the claorisonic brush help with acne?

Do you have any experience with clearasil (benzoyl peroxide) pads, lotions or creams? I would buy it because of the mild acne problems and marks.

Do you think I should start using regular soap for my acne?

Do you think I should try retin-a for mild acne?

Docs can you explain what is a best soap , facial scrub and toner to use for pimples(acne) and skin whitening?

Doctor, how long should I wait to put oil free lotion on my face after i've used a benzoyl peroxide cleanser?

Doctor...I'm from malaysia...Im using benzoyl peroxide to cure my face acne.I'm using ir for 2 weeks if i'm not mistaken.Why my face still oily?

Doctors! what acne cleanser should I buy that works really good?

Doctors! what acne skincare product/skin care system keeps your acne under control?

Does an oil free acne wash by neutrogena really work?

Does anyone knows of a good natural product for pimples on your face?

Does fragrance free and acne medication mean it is non comedogenic?

Does jergens mild soap help clear up acne ?

Does kojic soap lead to acne?

Does neutrogena acne body wash have any antibacterial properties?

Does neutrogena oil-free grapefruit acne wash work to get rid of acne scars?

Does neutrogena products work on acne prone skin?? Is neutrogena better than cetaphil?

Does oil cleansing method really works on acne? I'm using benzoyl peroxide right now. It's harsh on my skin though.

Does pink grapefruit acne wash work?

Does sulfur soap with lanolin work good with removing acne?

Does talc powder on my face cause more acne?

Does yogurt aggrevate/causes breakouts?

Dose Clinique toner have a lot of alcohol in it? is that bad for acne prone skin?

Doxycycline twice daily, aqua glycolic facial cleanser, sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5%.My face dries from time to time;i would like to know why.

Dry skin from using benzoyl peroxide, should I try a new skincare routine?

Foaming or non-foaming face wash for acne?

Have a benzoyl peroxide cleanser, a salicylic acid cleanser, tea tree oil, and some aloe vera gel. How can I use these together effectively to treat acne?

Hello doctor! Thanks for the invite. I need remedy for my pimple and and problems. My skin is not very oily! How do you recommend clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide? How to use it? Than you.

Hello I am using neutrogena from 15 days ..Acne is not leaving what should I do?

Hello sir, can I use dermadew acne soap on my back and chest acne?

Hi doctor. May i know is vitamin a cleanser effective at uncloggin pores? Same effect as tretinoin? Can it treat cystic acne? Thanks.

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a good OTC face cleaner for acne?

Hi doctors. What is the best regimen for oily and acne face everyday? What products and everyday schedules of med.

How can I remove pimples from my oily face and also oil , dirt in a small budgets , which cream and facewash i can use?

How could i best remove blackheads and acne without products?

How effective is oxy 10 maximum stength daily wash for acne?

How long does acne cleanser keep?

How long should I wait to put oil free lotion on my face after i've used a benzoyl peroxide cleanser?