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I've been dealing with acne for a few years now and I'm 16 and the acne is quite severe, I was accutane for a while but once I finished it acne came?

2 of my kids had acne in adolescence...One mild face/back other bad was on decutane....Would my daughter have the same problem too any tips to avoid.

24yo.. No acne before but suddenly got a lot of cystic acne. Been on minocycline for a month Got of 3 days later acne came back. Why am i getting acne?

Acne is getting horrible while on doxycyline, please help?

Acne on my face and back since i was 17 not a lot of acne but enough to make my self esteem low and I have facial hair what could this be?

Acne on the back?

Acne scaring are there any options to get rid of acne scaring? I had cysmatic (not sure how to spell it) acne my whole life and still currently have it. Just not as bad. My entire face is pitted. I talked to a specialist at one point who was very mean

Acne treatment for the back?

Acne won't go away what can i do?

After a 12 weeks tactuo treatment (acne gone), is acne supposed to come back? Does tactuo cure acne or does it only work while you use it?

After completing 6 months on Accutane is it so that i won't get acne back in rest of my life? As my acne ws not that severe one..

After i go off my acne medication will my acne come back but worse than before?

Any effective soap for back acne?

Are dermatology appointments for people with constant acne?

Are there medications for back acne?

Are there some effective ways to clear up back acne scaring (pretty severe)?

At 31 i still get significant acne on my chest and shoulders. What causes this and how can I treat it when regular acne solutions don't seem to work?

Awkward question.. Is it normal that I get acne on my upper-thighs? Will it go away with age? It's a lot worse then the acne on my face.

Can a lot of sugar cause acne, or is there more to it, like your hormones and all? I don't have severe acne, but i get a few pimples now and then. Help

Can acne come back after 6-months of Isotetroin (acne medication) ?

Can acne go away on its own?

Can cyst type acne, on the face, cause severe headaches?

Can living in the same place as someone with a lot of acnes make me get acnes too? I never had acne problems but after my cousin moved in, I do now.

Can you be put on Accutane if antibiotics aren't doing any good for your back ? I have severe acne on my back but my face is mild acne wise with scars

Can you be put on Accutane if oral antibiotics don't do well ? I have severe back acne but mild facial acne, so i'm not really sure.

Can you please describe great products for back acne?

Can you tell me how to get ride of mild to moderate acne?

Can you tell me how to rid of bad back acne?

Can you tell me if you stops salicylic acid does acne come back?

Can you use epiduo on your body? I have severe acne on my back and i was wondering what can cure that.

Could baby oil cure bacne (back acne)?

Could i cure back acne in 2-4 months totaly?

Do you thik Accutane is a good treatment for the acne in the chest and the back ?

Does mild exflotation irritates my acne.My acne is mild wht can I do 2 minimize it?Any tips?I am 18yrs old&is it hormonal acne.At wht age it will go?

Does sweating on face is bad for cystic acne?

Does Valtrex (valacyclovir) help with bad acne on back and chest or acned break outs period?

For 2 years I was acne free had little acne problem once in a blue I am suffering from pimples and acne all over my face .pls help?

For what reasons won't my acne go away?

Hello doctor iam 20 years old and i get acne very often I am not that much bothered by acne but the acne scars is the major problem I am suffernf 4rm?

Hi I have lower back acne scarring and very recently it has gotten worse. Only I don't really if it is acne?

Hi, I am 28 years old,I have acnes.I hate this situation.Sometimes they are pains. But 1 acne is not getting better before 3-weeks.When I leave acnes?

Hi,i am 18 y/o boy.have acne problem.i have acne on face and on my back and also.what should i do?

How can I best take care of back acne scarring?

How can I effectively treat back acne and chest acne, naturally?

How can I treat back acne naturally?

How can you soothe the pain of cystic acne until you find a daily regimen?

How come i always have acne!?

How come I have a random patch of severe acne?

How come I have acne all the sudden?

How come I have such bad acne?

How come my acne goes away after I have been on holiday?

How do i eliminate redness left from acne?? Thank you

How do I treat the acne on my back and prevent more scaring? I have some lumpy acne scaring on my back as well as new blackheads popping up. I know that i won’t be able to treat my acne scars until i get the current acne under control. I’m 18 and want thi

How do you get rid of the seemingly never-ending nightmare that is severe acne?

How does Accutane (roaccutane) cause back ache?

How is it that my acne is getting so bad, and what can I do to clear it up?

How shall I make my acne and acne scars go away!?

How to get rid from acne, I have acne problem since when iam 13 years old & now iam 21 years old?

I am 17. When is my acne going to settle down?

I am 20 and have been facing the wrath of acne since i was 15. I tried a product called Proactiv but it didn't help. Do i need to visit a doctor?

I am 22 i am experiencing acne from 2years when could this acne stopped?

I am 23 female having severe acne and acne marks from last few years , every night i get a new acne , how should I treat it and get my face spotless ?

I am 35 and suffer from moderate to severe acne on my face.

I am going to start ziana for my acne. Would that be a good idea?

I am having a problem with back and stomach acne. What should I do to control it?

I am having severe problems of acne and pimples, what should I do?

I am nearing the end of month 4 on Accutane and my back acne has not changed. How come?

I am wondering how severe acne and pimples have to be in order to obtain accutane. My acne is very mild although very persistent.

I had a lof of acne on my face and back.Dr checked my pcod and he said you should use estrogen peels for 12 month.Do you think it work and never back?

I had persistent adult acne tried everything! Was acutane the right choice? What is the top of the line for acne now?

I have a 14 year old brother that has severe acne and we tried almost ever thing can u help?

I have a lot of acne on the back. What can I do about it?

I have a problem with acne and everytime one pimple goes away another comes. What should I do and not do during the day to prevent this acne problem?

I have acne around my neck and chest. Can that be from HS (acne inversa) or allergies from my dog? My acne won't go away with whatever I try.

I have acne on face .I am in worse .Can you tell me treatment ?

I have acne on my back since i was 15, now I am 26. I don't have and have never had acne on my face. I tried Proactiv but i gave up.

I have acne on my bum that won't go away. What can I do?

I have acne problem on face and back.. Kindly sugest some remedies for the same. Thank you.

I have acne rosecea. Is it bad? Will it go away if I use that helps normal acne clear up?

I have acne that comes only in the sun on chest face and back - is this regular acne or a sun allergy? The acne doesn't go away for two months each ti

I have bad acne on my forehead what acne medications can you recommend?

I have bad acne. What can I do to help it?

I have bad back and chest acne. What treatments or products would you recommend?

I have bad painful acne, nothing over-the-counter helps even minimise breakouts, it actually worsens it. What, if anything, can I do?

I have been battling acne for 10 years now I am almost in my 30s and still no change?

I have been battling with acne since i was a teenager. I've run out of ideas of what to do. Any suggestions on what kind of acne wash I should use?

I have been suffering from acne only a couple of months now I have never suffered from acne in my 21 years until now that I'm 22.?

I have had bad acne since i was 12 years old I am nearly 17 and still have acne when will it stop?

I have headache and acne on my forehead?

I have mild acne on forehead an 've tried everything! ?

I have mild acne on my shoulders how will i naturally treat it?

I have problems with acne. At what age are they supposed to go away?

I have really bad acne on my face, back and shoulders. I've tried clearisil, clean and clear and Proactiv but nothing seems to work help me please?

I have really bad back acne scars is it a bad idea to use bio oil? If yes, what should I do?

I have sever back acne i mean backne on my back. what is the best treatment for this?

I have severe acne and horrible scars. I tried isotretroin but it did not help. Can you please suggest some way?

I have severe back acne from last 10 years and i have taken lots of antibiotics for it but still i have severe back acne. Please help me..

I have severe dandruff. This is causing acne on my back. What treatment would you recommend?

I n suffering from acne. The major problem in my case when my acne is remove from face then i stop the treatment. But after some week acne come again.

I notice that I have a mild condition known as acne keloidalis nuchae how can I treat it before it gets worst?