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How do I know if I have internal scar tissue on my nerves after my first rib resection? Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

36 weeks pregnant, I have had pain all day in about the same spot as previous c section, could this be scar tissue just being stretched?

A couple years ago I damaged my penile shaft sleeping on it. is there anything I can do to repair the scar tissue? any foods or vitamins?

Adhesion and scar tissue after laporoscopic surgery what are side effects?

After ankle sprain my ankle looks different than the other one. Is that scar tissue? If so how do I remove it?

After surgery for pinkie, scar tissue formed around cut area. Now whenever i close my pinkie i feel the scar tissue. What is the treatment for s.T?

Are scar tissue after an injury and peyronies disease different things in the penis? Is it possible i just have scar tissue causing temporary bend?

Are skin grafts effective after necrotising facsiitis?

Are there any good scar creams that can help scar tissue burning sensation and pain?

Are there stretches that break up scar tissue in ankles?

At risk of bowel obstruction due to scar tissue. How can I dissolve the scar tissue without surgery?

Biopsy said erosion with hemorrhagic scale crust, chronic dermal inflam deep dermal/subcutaneous sclerosis, dr said healing scar , is that right?

Can a c-section leave scar tissue to cause an ectopic pregnancy?

Can a pneumothorax be caused by a deep tissue massage?

Can a scar tissue be converted back to normal tissue? Or is once lost normal skin can never be brought back?

Can a single chest xray damage some cells or convert d soft tissue in d lungs to fibrotic or scar tissues? Will it effect d reproductive system age 20

Can acid reflux permanently narrow the airway by creating scar tissue?

Can all tissues repair themselves?

Can any herbs dissolve and breakdown tissue and debris in fallopian tubes?

Can bacterial orchitis left untreated cause scar tissue on that tissue that would make it appear fairly larger (width not length)?

Can cervical scar tissue cause infertility?

Can having a little scar tissue on uterus cause a blockage of menstrual flow?

Can hysteroscopy help with my scar tissue and help me have a final successful pregnancy? I have scar tissue from cerclages, 3 c-sections and 3 d&c's

Can I use injections for dupuytren contracture? I already had 3 surgeries in each hand. Concerned about scar tissue.

Can internal scar tissue be removed that resulted from back surgery?

Can keloid spread to the near by tissues?

Can laser ablation cause extra scar tissue in the womb?

Can melanoma grow back in scar tissue?

Can my knee get worse if i don't have plica/scar tissue removed?

Can recurrance of cellulitis be prevented by surgically removing the scar tissue?

Can rough oral cause scar tissue on vagina?

Can scar tissue after thyroidectomy appear 5 years later?

Can scar tissue be expanded through tissue expansion techniques just like skin can be expanded?

Can scar tissue be removed after having knee surgery?

Can scar tissue be safely removed off of ovaries without damaging them?

Can scar tissue become inflamed when constantly being rubbed or pressed?

Can scar tissue become inflamed when rubbed and prodded?

Can scar tissue develop on lung 6 years after lumpectomy?. All previous scans clear.

Can scar tissue effect full range of motion on a pereneol nerve after surgery?

Can scar tissue from a tracheotomy cause respiratory problems in the future?

Can scar tissue from having your gallbladder removed cause pain?

Can scar tissue from open appendix removal ause abdomen pain an if so how can it be treated?

Can scar tissue from previous surgury look like a nodule on an xray?

Can scar tissue from the knee get to the lower spine?

Can scar tissue grow and fill in where your uterus used to be and cause another surgery?

Can scar tissue infertility be ever be "cured"?

Can scar tissue on your brain from surgery grow or increase?

Can scars become cancerous?

Can small dissections of anterior, exterior and/or within the wall of an artery (neck) heal completely w/ no evidence of past trauma (scar tissue?)

Can subcutaneous scar tissue be fixed to a bone. I banged my anterior tibia last July when I fell down stairs. Doctor found scar tissue in X-rays ?

Can there be some type of surgery that can remove scar tissue in the lungs?

Can you have scar tissue in the anterior of your knee? Is it safe to remove scar tissue in the joint i was diagnosed with arthrofibrosis? Please expl

Can you have scar tissue surgically removed from a hamstring tear?

Can you laser the scar tissue in the knee if you have a metal prosthesis? Enzyme injections? Cold laser?—serrapeptase

Can you massage a previously strained MCL to breakup scar tissue?

Can you re-tear scar tissue?

Can you tell me how can your doctor diagnose you with having scar tissue or adhesions on or around your ovaries?

Can you tell me is internal scar tissue dangerous?

Complications from granulated tissue in the vagina?

Could a mass in between the lung and heart be scar tissue from a hernia surgery?

Could I have scar tissue on my colon after vaginal hysterectomy; and how would I know?

Could minor injury causes scar tissue?

Could my penis curvature to the left be corrected by injecting Xiaflex into the fibrous tissue ?

Could scar tissue from my appendectomy make it more difficult to have a c-section?

Could you tell me what happens to the scar tissue within Achilles tendonitis?

Cyst removal by laser surgery result hard scar tissue and biger bumps after 2 weeks,doctor says it is scar tissue and go automatically,what can I do?

Cyst removal by laser surgery on bottom lip result hard scar tissue and bigger bumps after 4 weeks,doctor says it is scar tissue and go automatically.

Do abortions cause scar tissue?

Do supplements work to heal or reduce inflamed internal scare tissue?

Do you need surgery to remove scar tissue from having your appendix out as it might be stuck to something inside ?

Doctor said i had a little scar tissue on my lungs can I feel anything from that?

Does excessive internal post-surgery scar tissue/adhesions reflect on surgeon's abilities? After a scalenectomy and rib resection for thoracic outlet.

Does having recurrent misscarrages cause scar tissue in the uterus and can a scan see if you have scar tissue in your uterus?

Does heart scar tissue cause pain?

Does internal scar tissue after C-section soften with time ?How long it takes? Feel like a knot of scar tissue after c sec. .plzz help

Does internal scar tissue form around internal absorbable sutures? The scar is raised on same side I felt the end of the suture poking up to my skin.

Does muscle or Fascia scar tissue go away on its own. If not, I heard massage helps it heal. Is this true, and if so how should an injury be massaged?

Does physical therapy work on scar tissue even after breast reconstruction?

Does platelet rich plasma injections to ligaments cause scar tissue or new connective tissue?

Does prolotherapy cause scar tissue or new tissue?

Does scar tissue always develop with Peyronie's disease? If so, how long after a trauma would it show itself? And is it always noticeable?

Does shockwave tjerapy really help break up & heal scar tissue?

Does surgery effect dead lung tissue?

Does synovium appear differently from scar tissue in repeat synovectomies?

Does the dent from burr holes after brain surgery ever go away? What about from bone flap reattachment? Do scars ever disappear completely?

Does ultrasound therapy really reduce internal / adhesive scar tissue?

Doing sit ups will that aggregate scar tissue from a c section?

Going to have revision of my 3yr old knee replacement. Ortho says joint cavity is filled with scar tissue. What's to say same scarring won't reoccur?

Had a colostomy & reversal a couple of years ago. Then a herniorraphy due to those surgeries. Would deep scar tissue cause bulging around waist ?

Had a vulva biopsy that left scar tissue- sex is irritating in that area- will that scar tissue soften? How long does that take

Had ACL reconstruction 8 months ago. Due to pain, I now need to get scar tissue reduced. How can I prevent rebuild up of scar tissue in the knee?

Had back 20% of hypertrophic inf. turbinate excised w/ microdebrider and cauterized. is it possible for this tissue to regrow and come back as it was?

Had gastric sleeve surgery, can u get scar tissue build up any where in pelvic/abdominal? Build up other places other then incision site?

Had periodontal gum surgery about 8 years ago, and I still notice a white scar tissue in the area I got the surgery. My dentist said it was merely scar tissue. Should I be worried is more?

Had u/s day after miscarriage, normal. Would u/s have shown any remaining tissue at that point?

Halo Is it possible (any techniqe) to soften tissue which has been hardened? The reason is MCTD, and the hardende tissue is in the through.

Have ankle pain, X-ray reveals scar tissue from a decades-old injury. Are there non-surgical ways to reduce or eliminate the scar tissue?

Have lump always thought was internal scar tissue from gallbladder surgery 6 yrs ago. This a.M, there was bruise over it i can't explain. Do i worry?

Having laparoscopy due to painful intercourse doc thinks loads of scar tissue and adhesions from previous c-sections. Scared of having the surgery?

Having surgery to remove scar tissue behind kneecap to relieve pain.Will scar tissue build back up since it's likely due to kc tracking to outside?