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3 months ago I have tummy surgery and scars are keloid, I use salicylic acid and now there red and darker and sore , please help.

Any good prescription creams for flat red scars?

Are acne scar removal products specfically creams like bio oil, selevax as effective as fractional co2 laser?

Are derma rollers good for the skin?

Are silicone sheets effective in reducing scarring?

Are stridex maximum strength pads good for preventing breakouts, as well as healing scars and reducing hyper pigmentation if used daily?

Are the effects of silicone creams for hypertrophic scars permanent? Or I have to use them forever?

Are there any good home remedies for atrophic scar aka pitted scar?

Are there any stretch mark removal or fading creams or serums that actually work or are recommended or or are most of them just all hypes?

Besides Retin A, (tretinoin) Ambi Fade, or Triamcinolone Acetonide what can be used to fade hyperpigmented skin? I'd like to remove ingrown scars on my thighs.

Best treatment for a fresh nearly 3 weeks old keloid surgical scar on neck.I have starting yesterday to use the silicon gel called dermatix 15g.?

Biocorneum gel , Mederma or hexilak silicone gel which of these 3 gel is better to treat scars which are created from stiches ?

Can 'fair & lovely' cream reapair hole in face?

Can 5-fu be used on hypertrophic scar on nose? It is an old scar from cystic pimple. Is there non-steroid alternative to 5-fu? Thanks.

Can a bag balm help clear up my acne scars?

Can bio oil remove of scratch scars on penis?

Can biocorneum be used on scabs?

Can body shop tea tree blemish gel help acne scars?

Can crushed aspirin tablets work on keloid scars?

Can fish oil be used to heal scars of from failed acne products?

Can hydroquinone cream help to lighten a scar due to stitches?

Can i derma stamp using a .5 mm needle directly on my lips to increase melanin and reduce the appearance of a hypopigmented lip scar?

Can I use a derma roller if I scar easily?

Can I use a derma roller on my lip to improve the color of a hypopigmented scar?

Can I use cica care silicone sheet on a scar?The instruction says do not use on skin currently affected by acne. But my scar is caused by acne

Can I use egyptian magic cream on my episiotomy scar after giving birth?

Can i use hexilak gel for ice pick and box car scars ?

Can I use hyperpigmentation cream on acne scars on my back and breast?

Can I use mebo scar cream on hypertrophic scar on my nose that is few years old from cystic pimple?I read a lot about it, seems promising.Thank you.

Can I use ponds or l'oreal repair creams if I am still 21 to repair fine lines or scars ?

Can I use retin a (tretinoin) on belly button rejection scar? Took the ring out 3 months old and almost closed. Scar isn't changing. Will retin a (tretinoin) help?

Can I use silicone sheets on my scar even though I had collagen injections?

Can I use silicone sheets on my scar even though I have already gotten collagen injections there?

Can I use the derma roller WHILE ON acutane? To treat a few light indentations?

Can I use topical steroid cream to flatten hypertrophic scar on nose?I am afraid of injection, it may cause atrophy&have read about topical use&success

Can iodine be used on the lip to treat a slightly hypopigmented scar? Is iodine effective on scars?

Can massaging lotion into arm lift scars several times a day that are still very pink and are 25 months old fade them even more?

Can Mederma help the redness heal from a acne scar ? And it's safe to use while on Accutane right?

Can my self harm scars fade after using the bio oil?

Can nioxin be used for skin scars?

Can porcelana be used to fade away old scars on body?

Can silicon gel sheets helps in hypotrophic scars?

Can silicon or hydro gel injections cause cancer?

Can silicone gel be used on a depressed scar?

Can silicone gel sheet used on acne scars and mark left by acne and how long will it take to see the results?

Can the healing creams used after co2 laser resurfacing cause acne?

Can u pls. Suggest a medication cream to remove a scar..Is laser effective?

Can you tell me of any one know where to get derma tend the mole removal cream really cheap!?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has tried retinol gel patches on acne ice pick scars?

Can you tell me, are acne scar removal products(creams like bio oil, selevax etc)as effective as fractional co2 laser?

Can you use a micro-dermal roller on your penis to improve the skin and tightness of circumcision scars?

Circular scars on legs cause by hyperpigmentation. What to apply or medicate to reduce scars.

Could use your help docs! my derma roller won't puncture the skin on my thigh, why?

Could you tell me what's the best way or product to reduce the appearance of scars?

Daughter had eye surgery weeks ago and was told she could use a scar gel to help reduce scar visibility. Which do u prefer: Mederma or Cimeosil?

Do natural face mask works for treating ice pick scars, box scars and acne?

Do silicone sheets help with scarring or is it a scam?

Do silicone sheets reduce collagen or a depressed scar?

Do you think I can treat a small keloid on my neck that has been there past 10 years with silicone gel?

Do you use lotion on your c-section scar to make it fade?

Doctors, what best cream o product would you recommend for acne scars? Please help. I have deep scars and I don't want to hide myself anymore.

Does "contractubex gel" useful for small acne scars on face ?

Does anti scar gel which contain silicon if we used it for a long period could cause whitening or depressed in the skin , if so how I treat that ?

Does Aquaphor healing ointment help to improve the appearance of baby acne? Some moms swear by it.

Does bio oil really work for scar removal?

Does chemichal peeling help to flatten raised scar? Which product is strong enough?

Does clobeta gm cream work to remove scars?

Does contractubex gel works on depressed scar from scratch or I can use silgil cream on it ( this is for 4 year old boy ) ?

Does contratubex gel good to make acne marks fadeaway ?

Does Cordran Tape (Flurandrenolide) flatten hypertrophic scars? I am looking to reduce the appearance of a scar from tattoo removal.

Does derma rolling really help for acne scars? Also will it help prevent wrinkles?

Does lacticare-hc lotion 1% reduce the apperance of excema scars? Or should I use scar creams specifically meant to treat scars?

Does maderma gel helps to remove dark scar caused by wound on face?

Does Mederma work fpr dermatofibroma?

Does niltan cream dr reddy removes ice peak acne scars ?

Does putting toothpaste on scars help?

Does retrieve cream help scaring and pigment or make it worse?

Does scarsil silicone gel make you grow?

Does the silicone gels like (scar away,maderma) have risks by using them on hypertrophic scars? And if there any risks can anyone tell me about them.

Does tretinoin cream remove ice picked scars or boxcar? Will tretinoin is helpful in fading those scars? How long it may take?

Does tretinoin work better for scars or stretch marks better than things like ScarFade or Mederma?

Does using steam help with removing acne scars? Is it safe to do it?

Does vitamin E cream reduce the appearance of scars?

Follicultitus hyperpigmentation. How do I get rid of this on my bikini line? I have been using Mederma scar gel for 7 months, faded but still there

Had circumcision April this year, and still have suture tunnels on skin. How can i get rid of those? Will Vitamin E cream help or any other cream?

Has anyone used a compression healing for a keloid scar?

Hello. I was injured by electricity, i had burns, now i've lots of scars on body. I use kelofibrase every day, what other creams/gels are effective?

Hellow doctor, I have 13-15 year old nail scars on my face.. does mederma works on it???

Help please? I want to know what are some natural ways to make scars fade away ?

Helpchichen pox scars: what are the home remedies i can use to make it fade..And also will Mederma work?

Hi Doctor, Can I use Key Hexilak Silicone Gel (Key Ingredients: Polysiloxanes & Silicon Dioxide) for my face scars (chicken pox scars, 15 days old)?

Hi drs.....What is the best of these OTC products for reducing very small acne pores (scars) ''contractubex gel'' vs ''mederma'' vs ''kelocote'' ?

Hi what creams do you recommend for my hyper-pigmented scars on my wrist? Preferably brand names.

Hi, I am having lots of whiteheads on my face and scars also. I started using bio oil for scars. Would that be okay for my skin?

Hi, I hit forehead 10 days ago and 9 stitch up, for scar in my eyebrow, which product is better ? Mederma scar gel or Kelo-cote Silicone ? Thanks

How can carbon dioxide improve stretch mark scars? How do I use it?

How can I cover up mole scarring without using makeup?

How can I get rid of hypigmentation scars? I'm using hydroquinone prescribed by a dermatologist but it doesn't work. I have been having this for 5 years with no difference.

How can I reduce or lighten the appearance of scars from razors?

How can you lighten or reduce the appearance of scars on your neck cause by razor cuts?