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11 months post arm lift, can I expose my scars to sun now?

23 weeks pregnant , is it safe to surgically remove a kiloid scar on my belly ?

2nd degree burn on dorsum of hand healed with 2 keloid formations which are painful.However no contracture currently.How to remove pain n keloids?

3wks ago i had a scar revision on my keloid csec scar. I feel its keloiding again, faster this time. Anything i can do? Vit e made it worse last time

6 months after a knee operation, the wound is closed, but the skin around the scars is pigmented and very dark. Which medication is good?

After a bike crash 6 years ago I had adhesion form an last year had a op to remove my question is would steroids accelerate scar growth ?

After a breast reconstrucion surgery at the ages of 22, will I have visibles scars in that area after full recovery?

After I get surgery from scoliosis, will I have a scar?

Any procedures to remove completely mild scaring from acne ? A few from shaving with a razor(legs)

Are surgical procedures the only way to heal pitted acne scars? Used retacnyl (prescribed) soon after scar formation for 5 months now but still red...

Are there any alternatives besides surgery to remove chickenpox scars/marks?

Are there anything I can do without surgery to minimize discoleration from a scar?

Are there ways to address the symptoms of scars?

Besides massage, how can I get rid of scar tissue where they made the arthroscopic incisions on my ankle four months ago? Any cream or supplement?

Best treatment for keloid type of scar. I had a surgery to remove my left damaged submandibular gland about 3 weeks ago. ?

Can a hysterectomy be performed using the same scar as my C-section scar? Mine is horizontal bikini line?

Can a laser treatment on 5th metacarpal incision hypertrophic scar heal the reduced sensation or numbness around it ?

Can a scar from a pterygium go away ?

Can any dermatological procedure remove my vaccination scar from my arm?

Can any doc explain if wounds on top of old scars make the scarring worse?

Can breastfeeding injury permanently scar nipples?

Can cosmetic surgery flatten out small skin lumps and moles without scarring?

Can cosmetic surgery flatten out small skin lumps and remove moles without any scarring?

Can hypertrophic scar can get treated? My surgeon says its not possible .

Can I cover my surgery scar(microdiscectomy L5-S1) with a tattoo or that is a bad idea?

Can I get a keloid as a result of circumicision?

Can I have a labiaplasty or any minor surgery like that while on isotretinoin? Does it make people prone to keloid scars? (i have never had keloids)

Can I still get pregnant after tubal surgery after removing scar tissue ?

Can I used a silicon sheeth to help the scar from total knee surgery?

Can laser be used to treat for scar tissue that got stiff after surgery?

Can laser surgery for scars be done on the penis?

Can liposuction leave you disfigured?

Can lung scar(granulomas) can removed in the lungs?Is there other option to lessen the scar in the lungs? Medications?Operation?

Can scar on my forehead prevent my eyebrow from moving upwards? 4 week old scar tissue under the skin. Limited motion in eyebrow. What can be done?

Can scar tissue after septoplasty block nostrils worse than the original deviation? I seem to scar really easily. I have a horrible scar on my arm from a previous, minor surgery. If I have a septoplasty, could the scar be bad enough to cause worse problem

Can scars be removed by medication even after 6 months of the initial injury?

Can scars be removed with medicine even 6 months after an injury?

Can scars left from boils be treated by laser?

Can someone tell me how long will my mild cutting scars last?

Can the scars be completely healed and hair grow again after a cranioplasty?

Can you make a surgery scar less noticeable, if so how?

Can you tell me how I could reduce/fix an ugly circumsision scar?

Can you tell me how I could remove the holes/scars left on my face due to cauterization done last month?

Can you tell me how to reduce/fix an ugly circumsision scar?

Can you tell me if i could get plastic surgery for my scar on my face?

Can you tell me more about cesarean scar still hurts sometimes even 15 months later?

Can you tell me when will my wound turn into a scar after circumcision?

Cesarean scar still hurts me even 15 months later, what is wrong?

Could anyone name the top acne scar removal procedures out there today? I'm going through my 3rd moderate breakout and its scaring :.( + old scars!

Diagnosis for inflamed dermal scar, how do I proceed?

Do immunizations generally leave scars?

Do lipodissolve injections ever cause scarring? Do i need to worry about possible scarring from the lipodissolve injections? .

Do orthopedists use laser to get rid of scar tissue of the knee?

Do you lose hair on or around a surgery scar?

Doc please help me how to remove or lighten and flatten my scar from goiter surgery.I had my surgery 12years ago..tnx?

Does a c-section leave a big scar and a lot of scara tissue?

Does a tummy tuck surgery leave any permanent scars?

Does anyone recommend Mederma for scars? I just had neck surgery . The incision is healed good and no infection. It's just not looking very good.

Does brachioplasty leave a big scar?

Does butt augmentation leave scars? Will I have visible scars after butt augmentation? .

Does cleft lip and palate surgery leave behind a lot of scarring? My son will have his first cleft lip and palate surgery next month, and i'm concerned about scarring. Do the reconstruction surgeries normally cause a lot of scarring? Is scar removal a com

Does dermaroller work well with atrophic indented scar I have on the lower cheekbone area?

Does getting your breasts removed always result in a permanent scar or could it fade away?

Does surgery for nose cancer leave you with a hole in your face?

Expert opinion please: could sunlight help heal scars?

Expert opinions? Which is best burn scar removal medicine?

Facial scar plastic surgery for a dent in forehead, how will this be removed?

Fibrosis/keloid scar on my head. If I have it removed will my hair grow back through the scar? Will the scar be long and thin or round like keloid

For plastic surgeons, how do they battle incision marks on the skin?

G tube hole scar revision ?

Got tattoo. Removed tattoo (laser). Tried to cover scar w/new tattoo. Removed coverup. Left with permanent scarring. Can my skin ever fully heal?

Had surgery 1 month ago on shoulder for labral repair. Now have 3 incisions and 2 of which are bigger and darker red color. How do I fade the scar?

Had surgery on the side of my forehead 8 months ago. Have a growing raised scar- NOT TYPICAL HYPERTROPHIC/KELOID. Gotten injections/lasers-no results?

Had to have a c-section 6 months ago. My scar is horrendous and still hurts now and then. Is there anything I can do?

Have a keloid scar from vulva biopsy- how hard is this to remove? Can a plastic surgeon remove this from my vulva? Will it come back?

Have an ugly scar on breast after abscess incision and drainage. How can it be treated. Its deep indented. Feel depressed about it.

Hello docs, is 17 young enough to have acne scar surgery?

Help please! i don't know when will my wound turn into a scar after circumcision?

Help! need to know if there's anything to reduce the appearance of scars from an injury?

Hi i got scars on my legs so now .How can I remove the scars?

Hi this antionrtte blount so i had sugery my body scar before that why i want to ask u than i can grt pregancy with surgery scar ?

How big / noticeable would the scar be after spinal surgery?

How can I get an open heart surgery scar to appear better?

How can I get pain releif from scar tissue and keloids?

How can I get ride of the scar from surgery for a sebaceous cyst under my eye bag?

How can I make my scars from a skin graft go?

How can I reduce/remove scarring from my arm?

How can I tell if a scar is healed? It's about a year since a minor surgery and the scar is still "fresh".

How can u avoid keloid scars? What can u put on the incisions to help. This is for facial surgery.

How can you heal suicidal scars on your own with no emergency help?

How can you prevent scarring from scraping your knee?

How deep is the injection of steroid for a keloid scar from Achilles surgery?

How do I avoid facial scarring with stitches over eye?

How do I fix the scars left behind by cleft lip surgery?

How do I get an open heart surgery scar to disappear?

How do I get rid of scar tissue in ankle from previous sprains without surgery? There is still a raised portion in ankle 2 years later.

How do I get rid of the scar tissue after ACL surgery?

How do I keep minor cuts from scarring if keloid former?

How do I prepare my child for scar revision?

How do I prepare my child for scar revision? My daughter was born with a hairlip and she developed a lot of scar tissue in the area after surgery. The hairlip was repaired well, but I have been wondering if anything can be done to reduce the scar. She is