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How to get rid of acne scars? I accidentally removed a pimple/acne and it left a mark. It's almost like skin. No more acne, just a dark spot/mark.

i have wax my uni brow and the skin peel off with no pain it been a month now and the mark is there is there anything i could use and spot mark ?

24 male I have pimple marks on my face and deep scares and black head can u suggest any cream to get rid of them? I am from india please help

Acne dark marks and small bumps on skin .help needed?

Acne on both cheeks and chin very red how to i clear the redness?And how to tame the acne?

Acne on my butt. Tiny bumps/painful hard acne. Possible treatment for the acne/scars? Dark scars, craters and new skin formation. Laser/chemical peel?

Acne treatments. Mainly acne scar help on forehead, chin, nose! have brown spots on face like beauty marks but really oil build-up. Suggested products?

African femeale with PIH on cheeks as well as small tiny pimples. My esthetician suggested bpo 10% at night on a schedule. Will this remove dark marks?

After acne marks starts to disappear gradually .Will skin heal to its original complexion, skin tone.Or will the marks cause dark spots or brown skin?

After having bad acne I am stuck with acne scar and dark spots, what product should I use?

After one month my acne is now reducing but it left red marks, how much time they will take to disappear?

After shaving my face sometimes pimples appear from the hair pores. And they leave marks. How to get rid of the pimple marks. ?

And one explain the difference between acne scars and dark spots?

Any good concealers for a guy to hide red cheeks and a few red acne marks without breaking me out ? Im a guy

Any help with red marks caused by acne, cream or something ?

Any home remedies for a slightly depressed red acne mark/scar ?

Any products for red post acne marks after i finished accutane? I understand peels and micro are a no no, but anything i can do?

Apple cider vinegar for post acne marks? I heard it is good for fading away post acne marks. Is this true?

Are there anyways any ways to treat stretch marks once they have faded to silvery white?

Best way or any cream to reduce acne and remove its marks and spots ??

Brown facial marks. Is this normal?

Can acne marks changes into permenant moles?

Can acne marks go away on their own?

Can benzoyl peroxide treat the red and brown marks left behind by pimples?

Can cetaphil help in preventing dark scar marks from occurring from insect bites and other skin rashes?

Can cicatricure help fade away mosquito marks on my leg ??

Can fungus leave a scar or discoloration on face ?

Can garnier dark spot corrector really help to remove acne scars ?

Can I put epiduo in whole face and back where I have eczema and on stretch marks?

Can I use azelaic acid(skinoren) in the morning and triacneal at night to get rid of red marks and pih much faster ?

Can I use Betnovate-N for dark spots caused by heat boils or acne or pimples and I am having a oily skin?

Can I use isotretinoin ( net look ) for few or mild acne and post acne red marks ?

Can Meladerm reduce pink/red/brown (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) spots, from acne that isn't there anymore?

Can small small acne marks on face get away without laser?

Can tretinoin cream work on red acne bumps that are just starting to form?

Can White strech marks appearence be diminished with microdermassion? Age 22 female.

Can you give me suggestion: i, m 10 and I have two spider angiomas on my face. Can they dissapear by themselves?

Can you please explain why some people's acne scars turn into indentations on the face?

Can you please help to make a birth mark on my face dissapear?

Can you suggest some CREAM to treat very OLD BLACK CHICKENPOX SCAR on my cheek.My fair handsome face is looking ugly cause of scar.can't affordsurgey?

Can you tell me about post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dark mark after pimpleneed to get rid of it?

Could it really work on rosacea, acne marks, large pores & benign skin lesions?

Dear doctor on my face I have so many black marks and red scars can you please suggest some remedies to remove them ...........And clear my whole skin?

Dime size skin discoloration from old scar on top of shin where skin is most vulnerable. Derma prescribed hydroquine 4 cream. Will it work to lighten?

Do blue & red light acne masks work for red acne scars? The marks that are left behind on fair skin tones?

Do chemical peels get rid of light acne indentations (rolling scars) and hipper pigmentation? If so which one/s at which %?

Do chemical peels work for removing hyperpigmentation left behind by acne on the back? I have dark skin.

Do chocolate and black foods darken the acne marks?

Do red acne marks fade they are not scars what can I put on my skin for them to fade?

Do retinoids reduce hyperpigmentation marks?

Do you recommend bio-oil specialist moisturizer for red acne scars and to even skin tone ? Like if you have red cheeks from post acne

Doc I have an oily face and some red acne scars on my cheeks what will I do to reduce the scars and lessen the redness of it? Thanks

Doc. How can I fade away my post acne marks? Thank you

Does azelaic acid to fade brown marks?

Does dark spot corrector work on post acne red marks? Thanks!

Does dermovate help reduce acne/dark/red marks?? I was told that it bleaches the skin somehow.

Does finacea help to get rid of melasma. I have tryed retina a but it irritated my skin. The finacea has worsened my acne is that normal.

Does Mederma works on dark sports, acne , pimples nd darkness underneath the eye?

Does red and blue light therapy work for red acne marks? Thanks!

Does retin a (tretinoin) help small ice pick scars from acne ?? Or proactive dark spot corrector?

Does retin-a micro help treat a slightly depressed red acne scar ? I've been on it for 10 weeks but no improvement in skin tone except for breakouts.

Does skin hyperpigmentation after an acne scab go away? My face patches are smooth yet have been there for a month. If they do go away, how long?

Does skinoren get rid of macules on the face (red marks) ?

Does snail gel work for blemishes and marks on your skin?

Does snail gel work to eliminate marks and spots?

Does the redness caused by acne fade away by itself?

Does triluma helps fade dark acne marks?

Don't have many spots these days but suffer from small acne scars. What are good creams that you recommend?

Everyone says toothpaste works for pimples but does it heal acne marks?

Got a kenalog (triamcinolone) injection for a chalazion on my eyelid 4 days ago there is a dark red mark there now, is this bruising or pigmentation from steroid?

Had acne when i was a teenager. I 've had bumps under both my cheeks for may years. I am 75 yrs. Old and have good skin. What is your remedie?

Have very fair skin, so these red marks stick out pretty badly. My question is, will benzoyl peroxide help fade these marks?

Hello doctor, im 21 and suffering from pimples and black marks, kindly help me out with the quickest ways to reduce it.?

Hello doctor... I have lots of scars, blemishes and darkspots on my face due to acne and pimples...... Plz help as I am loosing self confidence

Hello doctor... i have pimple marks on my cheeks... kindly suggest a good cream to fade my marks..

Hello doctors I have acne scars and red spots I need help please.?

Hello sir, I have red spots on my face (cheeks) after acne, i don't know are they scars or anything else please help me out.

Hello...I have problem of acne scars(spots).... Plz help me out with this...I m 19 years old and I have an oily skin type.. an african with black skin...a have pimples on my temple and my cheeks.will benzoyl peroxide bleach my skin if i apply it on ...??

Hey I am sanam I have question what will I use for my skin I have lots of acne marks on my face, small small acne and some times pimples pop out?

Hi I had some acne on my chin which have went away but has left some acne marks, it's been almost a year but they haven't faded.

Hi Doc! Whats a good facial cleanser to help remove red acne marks/ post infammatory hyperpigmentation marks. The marks have been a problem . Thanks?

Hi docs, I am having sunburn marks on my face. I am 29 year old male from india. Could you please guide me to remove sunburn mark from face. Thanks.

Hi doctor, what can I use for my acne scars? As after pimples has gone, it just left scars like red dots, which cream can I use?

Hi I am getting microdembrasion done regularly and my face is looking cleaner from acne marks. Is there any cream to lessen the marks left on skin.thx?

Hi my age is 21 and weight is 58 i have acne(black spots) and pimples on buttocks....what to do to stop and make my butt fair because it looks ugly?

Hi, I have acne and used to have big zits, now I only have clogged pores and dark acne marks... Could you tell me how to get rid of them fast.. I am mostly concerned about the dark marks...

Hi, how to even out my skin on face! i used a medical acne cream before, the acne was gone but the spot of the space became white and its now uneven!

Hi, I have hyper-pigmentation on my face which has been there since a year, and is fading but not completely?

Hi, my pimples have vanished but still have marks on my face. A friend of mine suggested melaglow. How is it?

Hi! Any soaps ypu can recommend to help face stubborn red acne marks? thanks in advance

Hi. My name sukram I use penderm+ cream and i get fairrer skin but now my skin is red big pimples and acne so you can help me sir?

How are red, smooth acne scars (marks?) formed and how can they be treated, seeing as they are not forms of hyperpigmentation. ?

How can I clear my skin of blemishes, spots, scars and oil?

How can I clear pimple marks on face?

How can I cure acute acne and black spots on my face?

How can I cure acute acne and black spots on my face?

How can i even out my skin tone, i have a lot of scars and red marks in my face.

How can I fade acne marks within 2 weeks?

How can I get rid of acne and dark acne scars on my face and back? I am african but have light skin so the marks are very noticeable. Need help!