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hypopigmentation on my lip in 6months is it treatable?

After a severe eczema/acne flare-up,there is now a small beige patch on my skin. Is there any treatment to make it "disappear"?Does it ever go away?

After treatment of my tinea cruris, some dark spots remained (its been years) and is there a way to completely eliminate it?

Am an indian with brown skin i would like to improve my skin color what are the different modalities of treatment for improving skin color?

Any good acne treatments to get me smooth skin?

Any treatment for acne scars other than lasers, such as chemical peels or creams?

Anyone know anything about treating skin darkening around the neck?

Are acne & scar treatments medical or cosmetic? Who treats skin of color? (Brown skin)

Are laser surgery and chemical peels good for treating eye wrinkles ?

Are skin scrapings around the face and hair line scalp just as helpful as biopsy of skin in diagnosis of dermatology types DLE SLE etc ?

Are there any new effective treatments for keloid skin problems?

Are there any permanent cures for skin psoriasis?

Are there any treatment for spots caused due to blackheads?

Are there any treatments to get rid of hyper pigmentation left by lichen planus?

Are there some organic treatments for sagging skin & discoloration?

Before procedures like microderm and laser genesis. What did they do?

Benefits for ulthera (skin tightening laser)?

Besides laser treatment, which treatments are best at getting rid of acne scars that are easily seen when exposed to sunlight?

Best treatments for lip lesions?

Best treatments for meth damaged skin?

Can any doc tell me what's laser skin resurfacing?

Can Co2 fractional Laser help reduce the appearance of stretch marks?

Can dermabrasion or microdermabrasion be effective in treating acantholytic dermatosis? I've had red spots on my belly and chest area for many years and my dermatologist says there is no cure. I've seen several; one suggested Accutane but i declined, pass

Can hydroquinone effectively treat the brown scars of lichen planus on my shoulder and bikini line?And how much should I take it 4%?

Can I have co2 laser resurfacing if I have a facial filler in my cheeks? Could the co2 laser burn the filler? .

Can I have laser resurfacing treatments after artefill?

Can i opt out for fraxel laser for my tt scar? Can i see good results ?

Can laser remove wrinkles or just reduce the appearance? Which treatment can remove wrinkles?

Can micro dermabrasion hurt?

Can microdermabrasion cause scarring?

Can my regular doctor do the laser skin resurfacing in his clinic?

Can permanent makeup be used to cover hyperpigmentation? I have areas of hyperpigmentation on my face. Can permanent makeup cover these? .

Can skin rejuvenation therapy get rid of freckles?

Can some mild facial capillary telangiectasis get worse with time? Is treatment with laser a must if they aren't too much annoying?

Can the Fraxel 1550 resurface superficial burn scars from laser tattoo removal? I'm desperate to diminish its appearance.

Can the Fraxel Laser improve scarring caused by laser tattoo removal?

Can there be a permanent cure for skin asthma?

Can triamcinolone acetone treat redness and inflammation due to peeled skin from a pimple?

Can you explain the process of laser resurfacing?

Can you layer hydroquinone 2% to reach the same efficacy as 4% in treating hyperpigmentation under eyes or on rest of face?

Can you please suggest treatment for minor facial burns?

Can you please tell me if it's natural for your face to itch and some skin to peel while treating?

Can you suggest where i can get best ablative/non ablative laser skin treatment for acne scars?

Can you tell me about laser resurfacing for scars?

Can you tell me about a treatment that at least works a bit for vitiligo?

Can you tell me about the difference between dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and dermabrasion?

Can you tell me how is derma roller different from other skin rejuvenating techniques?

Can you tell me if the effects of topical skin treatments ever wear off?

Can you tell me of any remedies for skin darkening due to shaving?

Can you tell me what cosmeceuticals are?

Can your skin become immune to acne treatment if you've tried too much?

Cortiosone discoloration shot to skin on my penus?

Cost & results of skin resurfacing, what to do?

Could the chemical peel be useful while the pimples still appear? I think peeling just causes redness and no improvement occurs!

Could the co2 fractional laser resurfacing really work for acne scars?

Dear dr, i had eczema infection one year ago, and it went away. It left my skin with hyperpigmentatic under skin. How can I treat removing it?

Difference between dermaroller and dermabrasain?

Difference between ipl and diode laser?

Do i need a dermatologist for laser resurfacing?

Do the marks still remain on the skin after scabies is cured?

Do we really need any treatment for benign baby skin bumps?

Do you know any type of skin cream that can really remove birthmarks ?

Do you know if there are differnt kinds of dermatologists like that just deal with acne and rashes and moles but not skin cancer?

Docs, what's a good acne treatment system for african american skin?

Doctor said the laser used on me would be a dual laser which uses alexandrite and nd yag. Isn't alexandrite used for caucasian skin?

Does a 20 year old hypertrophic scars can still be treated with fractional laser?

Does hydroquinone cause cancer? What is the best over-the-counter treatment to fade age spots on hands?

Does keratosis pilaris also cause redness of the area effected by it. How do I treat that.

Does laser remove deep wrinkles under the eyes?

Does laser resurfacing remove pigmentation?

Does laser skin resurfacing therapy really do clear and smooth skin ..

Does laser skin resurfacing work?

Does laser treatment really work in brightening your skin?

Does mild hyperpigmentation due to a wound fade away spontaneously over time?And what's the appropriate treatment

Does scratching eczema always leave permanent discoloration? Or can it fade with time/treatment?

Does skin bleaching agents work to get rid of redness on cheeks caused by keratosis Pilaris, finances got rid of bumps but not redness?

Does tanning under the sun worsen or help heal post inflammatory hyperpigmentaion due to acne? Thanks.

Does the size of your pores affect your skin treatment?

Does this skin eruption indicate that my acne treatments are effective?

Dr.,I have pores on my cheek area .Is there any ointment by which it get reduce? Wishing early response from dermatologist.

Eli would like to know best treatment for melasma?

Eumovate cream for PLC treatment has left hypopigmented areas on my face after 6 weeks, is this permanent or will the pigment grow back?

For face rejuvenation, does anyone know what's the difference between fraxel & pixel laser tretments?

For fractional laser how many sessions will be effective for wide pores scarring skin face?

For treating plantar warts with patches, should I be cleaning dead skin away in between treatments?

Fractal laser surgery v fraxel laser surgery I have deep depression scarring and ice pick scarring. What is the difference between fractal laser surgery and fraxel laser surgery? Which one would be best for my type of scarring?

Fraxel laser treatment ..On a small, light scratch-like dented scar, what to do?

Fraxel laser treatment and inno peel procedure?

Fraxel laser treatment for wrinkles under the eye, is this effective?

Had steven johnson syndrome. Dark spots and darkened skin now. Will spots fade away and skin be normal again? Treated in a icu. No burn unit treatmen

Had thermo-lo treatment for spider veins on face. Still have redness/hyper pigmentation 2 months later. It has faded. Will it eventually go away?

Have diffuse Actinic Keratosis & Dr recommends PDT therapy. With barley visible AK , is this best time now to treat for best outcome for face ? 51yr

Hello..... Doctor I am 21 yr old I have normal skin i just want to know that which treatment is best and safe for skin lighting treatment on face?

HELP 2 questions.. I have melasma on my upper lip, what is the cause?& is there a cure apsrt from hydroquinone, is there some medication?

Hi can i know the cause , prevention and tratment of under eye skin swelling at morning ??

Hi doctor, can i know what are the treatments available to cure back melanin spots on skin on legs and hand due to some insects bites few years ago. ?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is laser skin tightening?

Hi doctors. Is subcision or fractional co2 more effective in scars treatment?

Hi I am suffered from eczema over 19yrs. some area of my skin has hypopigmentation over years. Can the pigment return? What should I do?

How can I break up collagen deposits on my skin that has resulted in hard keloid masses? I cannot afford to see a dermatologist for treatment.