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13 days ago I had a penis frenulum removed. I am wondering when can I have sex (100%)? I see the wound, is healing well but Will it leave a scar?thank

16th day adult chickenpox.Scabs falling off but red marks underneath.Are they scars? Any cream to make them disappear, safe for breastfeeding mom.

2weeks after stiches removed from the face wound, started to put dermatix gel, and now it looks like the scar is bigger more visible more it ok?

3 year old fell off swing-large cut on forehead. Stitched up-1 year later scar still visible. What can be done to remove scar-now or when older? Tx

4 ds agomy dermatologist ve lanced the milia on my face.Until now there'sa pink color&a mild swelling at the site of lancing..Does this'll leave marks?

4 weeks old scar on lip after scab falls off of blister. Mark is lighter than rest of skin. Will the pigment be restored?

7 yr old bruises easily and they months to completely fade. Scars never fade. Bug bites and small cuts are visible years later. Some scars are keloid?

70% glycolic peel left burn scars on my face. The scars are still visible even after 4 months. What can be done to get rid of them completely?

A old surgical site has red strikes and the scars not looking right the color of the scar is also not like any of the other my foot is?

A painful blister has formed over a 20 year old scar. Any suggestions on cause and treatment ?

A scab just peeled off revealing a pink/red skin. What can I donow to a prevent a scar and help it blend in?

Accidentally rolled over on computer charger while sleeping, caused 3rd degree burn. Now healed but big ugly scar. Anything i can do for the scar?

After laser hair removal on legs, there are numerous tiny white spots. No burns or redness after procedure. Will skin return to normal eventually?

Any reason why I scar (just marks, no keloids) easily? Doesn't even have to be because of a serious wound, even scratches or bug bites end up scarring

Any tips on depressed scars from pimples? Cheek area

Any tips to remove dark wound scars..?

Any way to remove my acne scars in my back? Can i send u the picture of my back?

Are chemical peels effective in getting rid of large pores and small ice pick scars?

Are some acne scars permanent? I have some scarring on my back that has not faded in years. The scars are raised and hard, but they are painless.

Are the scars that molluscum contagious leaves behind after the bumps heal able to infect other people?

Are there any means of getting rid of scars left by eczema?

As of a few months ago, every time it get a cut or scratch, my scars turn very dark brown. My scars used to be normal. What could be the cause?

Best way to prevent a scratch from turning into a scar?

Burned my neck with curling iron, scab rubbed off during sleep. Super painful! Will there definitely be a bad scar? And how can I diminish a scar?

Can a dr remove with some laser some very small old scars on my body? Arms and legs.

Can a scar be brown and heal over a number of months?

Can a subconjunctival hemorrhage leave a permanent mark or stain?

Can a tattoo cover a bad indented brown burn scar?

Can a TB skin test leave a permanent red scar? It's been a weak and the skin is still red. When should she start worrying about the scar permanency?

Can acne scars fully heal back to the perfect skin you had before?

Can facial peels help diminish my childhood scar? I have had a scar just under my left eye since i was twelve years old. Now in my mid-20s, i would like to diminish the look of this scar. I want to have facial peels because they are less invasive than oth

Can I get a scar cream to improve appearance of a ten year old above lip facial scar as shows when light hits it a certain way?

Can i get a tattoo over a port wine cross strawberry birthmark that has been removed by a laser, but still remains below the skin (like a bruise)?

Can i get dermabrasion if I have moles? I have a few large moles on my face. Can i still get dermabrasion? .

Can i get dermabrasion if I have moles? I have a few large moles on my face. Can i still get dermabrasion? . .

Can I use mederma on my scar located on the shaft of my penis . it is truly a scar, I visited a doctor anfor that was the conclusion ?

Can injury on forhead leave a lifetime mark?

Can leftover stains from shin bruises 2 yrs ago ever be removed or at least faded?

Can light acne scarring that's in the form of rolling scars be removed completely if they are not too deep? I'm very sad. Acutane gave me a bad ib.

Can old scars from cdle be treated with laser or othwerwise? Lupus is not active but scars are deep and still flaky and purple.

Can pockmarks left by chickenpox fill in with time?

Can rubbing and prodding scar tissue make it grow larger? I have a bad itch over a healed laceration?

Can scar left by antibiotics rash last for 6 months. My 4 years old still has scar on his chest.

Can toothpaste remove dark scar spots from insect bites that was there from childhood? If toothpaste does work what's your best recommendation?

Can warts grow on top of hypertrophic scars or under?

Can you guys tell me how bad will a shaved mole on my chest leave a scar?

Can you soften a mole by using neosporn on it for a day? My friend says that that is an easy way to identify a scar from a mole since the scar softens

Can you tell me if i scratch my skin with a pencil will it leave a scar?

Chikenpox marks should I leave my boyfriend?

Coban wrappd finger4 reinjury sprain.Used cream&did massage&stretch 1mth.Now skin looks crepy&dermal ridges seem stretched/enlarged.Permanent?What 2do

Could having your nose cauterized leave a scar?

Day 4 after co2 laser for acne scar. The burned area is starting to peel off, and my skin is starting to come, but as pink and reddish... Is it good?

Did a 70% glycolic peel 3 weeks back and it left 2 burn scars. Will the scars be permanent? What can I do to get rid of em' as early as possible.

Do allergy tests leave scars?

Do bruises or undeep wounds tend to become scars?

Do chicken pox scar go away? I had them 3 weeks ago, at the age of 16. And scabs fell out. And scars seem to be still visible all over my body.

Do scars from plantar's warts ever go away? I had one a couple of years ago & have a scar, it doesn't bother me but I'm just curious about that

Do whitish scars left from superficial scratches that just healed disappear completely with time?

Does a chest tube leave a big scar?

Does colour marks that are left by scars fade away eventually?

Does contractubex work with depressed small scratch under eye 2 months ago not bleeded to make it with the same level of the skin or it is now a scar ?

Does finacea cause permanent hypopigmentation? I have a white patch that's formed around an area of scaring that I have on my cheek

Does freezing a brown spot leave a scar?

Does fusimar-h leaves black scar ?

Does impetigo leave scars? My daughter is being treated for bullous impetigo on her arms. Will it leave scars? .

Does PIH mark (small, pinkish in color) left by a squeezed pimple is permanent or will always fade away with time? How long does it take to heal 100%?

Does removal of a rather raised mole on the face leave a large scar?

Does rubbing a coin on a hickey or love bite help speed up its removal?

Does scratch on face left depressed wound under eye 2 months ago will be heal or it is scar in 4 year old boy ?

Does small scratch not bleeded at all under child eye still red and little depressed after one month and scab removed very early , will leave scar ?

Does the hypertrophic scar stays permanently red or or it chenges to white color?

Each tym i get a wound on ma body, it leaves a scar, what can it be and what can be done abt it?

Ever since I've been on accutane, every little scratch I get turns into a scar. What can I do for this? Very irritated...

Few years ago i had a cyst on my face that i popped and it has left a scar on my face with a hardened ball like skin. Can it be removed and cleared. ?

For last year or so I have moticed that marks left on my skin by minor scars just dont go away i.e. Skin doesnt clear up. Is it normal at my age?

For the past right years, I have been picking at my skin to the point of scars. What do I do?

Fractional laser test on small acne scar, to see my reaction to it, 2 days after a big brown spot has appeared. I am so nervous, what's wrong?

Getting a tatoo removed, but on fourth session they ended up burning me. They're treating me, but skin is raised and scarred. Will skin recover?

Got love bite scar into yellow ? What does it mean ?why that love bite portion got yellow scar ? What is the cause

Got bit by dog on upper lip, scar is forming and is raised. it has been a week, what can i do to reduce/correct scar so it heals flat?

Had a 2 CM cut nd cosmetic sutures.I have formed a scar.15 days passed nd the scar is very hard nd itchy.Is it abnormal?Can I use Mederma on it.

Had a laparascopy two months ago and scar on my bikini line is still very red?

Had a large mole removed 3 months ago and the area around it still looks quite discoloured/pinkish. Will this heal better? Scarred?

Had a micro pigmentation beauty mark put in my cheek it left a little scab. The scab fell off and I can see the outline of the scab will that disapp?

Had a reaction to black henna on the back of hand, blistering/burning/itching.Pink scars are now apparent as dye has faded.How can I minimise scars?

Had a vulva biopsy, skin tags formed and I have scars... When will the scar soften so sex feels better... Will it ever get better.. How long..

Had laser underarm hair removal early this year & it got burned & blistered & left dark scars on it. How do I bring back my underarm skin to normal?

Had scar revision and before it was closed cortizone (hydrocortisone) was injected into it. The skin around my scar is purple/red. What is this and will this go away?

Had stitches above top lip years ago is there a cream to reduce appearance of the depth of scar as when light hits it wrong it shows too much?

Have a homemade tat on my hand. Tat person went too deep & caused scarring which leaves feeling of the letters.After laser rem., what will reduce scar?

Have nail marks on face from childhood, best way to fill them?

Have precancerous spot on my face that would leave a huge scar if removed. Dr prescribed fluorouracil. Spot is very close to eye. Precautions/advice?

Have rosacea & 2 raised red bumps on cheek. Dr suggest shaving them off & laser. Also have keloids. Will this work? Could it scar badly due to keloid?

Have stitched and scars across my stomach need help to get them removed or invisible ?

Hello doc , i came in contact with blister beetles a week ago and does this skin lesion cause permanent scarring on my face ?

Hello sir. Im rida. 18 years old. experiencing whiteheads problem for years now. how to remove the scars? Looks red and bad even after months.

Hello sir.. I was met with accident last month and had superficial skin injury...Abt 3x1inch on leg how to get rid of the reddish scar completely?

Hello, i would like to know how long it takes for for a scar to reduce in thickness and also become flat. I've had a raised scar for 6months now?

Hello. I am 26 and worried about my back which is covered with pimples and scars. I followed a treatment from a dermatologist as well but in vain.

Helo doctor. Iam suffering from chiken pox. Iam a artist and i don't want any scars on my face. Plz suggest me a ointment for faster removal of scars?