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Is it possible to get rid of scrotal Angiokeratomas forever after cryotherapy or laser treatment. Best regards, Fadhel ?

1 week after do laser co2. Now i get some acne..why??..whats should i do... Acne still on-off .on-off.. So stress!

26 yr female. My fractional shortening is 29%. Is this normal?

2nd degree burn on foot. Some blisters not intact, semi-open. Keep the rest of the skin on or peel it off?

After applying scar cream my skin is bumpy and irritated, how did this happen?

After dermabond is peel off from wound will there b scar of wound or after how many days skin become normal?

After do co2 laser + prp + subcion. .when I can take Accutane back?

After laser co2 for 1sr session , got pimple at dr give me gel retin -a to apply at pimple..can i continue laser co2 for next session?

After my cataract surgery i had 2 streaks when i look at any lights at night, my doctor did a yag laser to get rid of the strea none

After open abdominal surgery do any precautions at home or over-the-counter products help reduce visible scars?

After removal of anal skin tags will olive oil on cotton wool on the area promote healing and soothe soreness..

After successful treatment for tinea v can I go in the sun and tan moderately to accelerate the pigment for the color to return ?

Also, how much does it normally cost for laser face rejuvenation treatments?

Am considering laser treatment to get rid of my psoriasis, but haven't heard much about it. Any information/suggestions would be appreciated.

Any advice for personal vaginal care? (Texture,scent,color,hair removal) prefer natural methods of care&treatment. Not concerned about an infection.

Any suggestions on the best course of treatment for pyro derma gang?

Anyone ever have synergie cellulite treatments done and actually look good afterwards?

Anyone have laser acne removal done and get really consistent results?

Anyone know about skin grafts?

Anyone know anything about skin grafting?

Are acne scar removal products (bio oil, selevax, etc.)as effective as fractional co2 laser? Can you share some sources?

Are dermatologists essentially non surgical plastic surgeons (of the face/skin)? Just wondering, thanks.

Are fraxel laser treatments good for african american skin or does it mess up the color?

Are glycolic acid facial peels worth it? How often do you have to go back to do another?

Are skin care products from fancy nyc doctor worth it?

Are the skin cells still able to be damaged by the sun even if they are dead from a previous sunburn?

Are their any laser treatments that can give the similar results as a facelift for saggy skin around the face? And how much would it cost?

Are there any magic cures for under the skin bleeding in "thin-skinned" elderly patients?

Are there any natural ways to break down internal scarring.

Are there any new hypertrophic scar treatments or products available?Or are there going to be this/next year?For example microcyn(oculus hydrogel) is.

Are there any really good products out there to grt rid of under eye bags or is surgery the only option?

Artefill is a relatively new wrinkle therapy. Is it safe?

Bad permenant lip liner is there a cream to remove or atleast lighten it? Its been 15 months since done. No laser!

Band-aid adhesive ok after skin biopsy?

Besides chemical peels and a traditional facelift, what else is out there that effectively reduces fine lines on one's face? How long do effects last?

Besides excimer laser; what other therapies are effective for vitiligo? If its natural, even better. Thanks

Besides using laser surgery is there another way to remove the scars on my neck from razor bumps?

Best treatment to heal scars on mucous membrane in mouth?

Best treatments for rubbed raw skin?

Best way to remove a fibrous papule on nose? I have read CO2 laser removal produces better results than shave or freezing method & less reoccurrence.

Blackheads and freckles quick treatment please i tried deferrin but of no use..

Blue light acne treatmenthas anyone had success?

Burned my wrist, skin is intact, no blistering but the area is red, will it leave a scar?

Can a dermatologist or doctor find evidence of burns (particularly those from cigarettes) from skin that has healed without scarring?

Can a non ablative laser help improve a deep scar due to some sort of old injury ?

Can a small keloid scar be caused by the repeated rubbing of leather boot on the skin of the calf ?

Can acupuncture help skin conditions?

Can adding a short term steroid prescription following fractional co2 laser treatment for syringoma help prevent regrowth of these sweat duct tumors?

Can aloevera helps to improven skin irritated from balanoposthitis?

Can anyone get laser tonssil resurfacing or are their special circumstances? I suffer from tonssil stones but don't want surgery.

Can anyone heal from solar maculopathy ?

Can anyone please give me an insight or opinion about skin grafting?

Can anyone recommend the best place for laser acne scar removal in or near the bay area in california? I did research but found nothing promising.

Can anyone tell me how much stinging during laser pulse therapy for skin tightening on face?

Can anything be done to reduce the appearance of scars caused by laser tattoo removal? (i.e. dermabrasion, etc.)

Can Botox reduce acne on face if done near the problem areas? Or is this just wishful thinking of killing 2 birds w 1 stone? Can fillers help?

Can burnt skin kill nerve endings?

Can co2 laser remove syringoma below the eyes permantely, and is it safe to do co2 laser near the lash lines?

Can cold laser therapy really make you quite smoking for good?

Can cutting permanently damage veins in skin?

Can dermabrasion damage the skin under the eyes?

Can fraxel laser be done without numbing cream? I need other options because i had a bad reaction to the cream. And this procedure is for my back.

Can freklss gone for ever ? what can i use beside laser for treatment of frecklss?? Plzz help

Can i exercise with a skin abscess?

Can i get expert reviews and facts on laser dark circle removal?

Can i get laser resurfacing on my face, even though I have vitiligo?

Can i get repeat co2 laser treatments for different problems? For example, if i treat acne scars now, will i still be able to get co2 laser resurfacing for wrinkles later? .

Can I have laser liposuction if I have diabetes and kidney problems? I would like to have it performed on a few areas of body as I have read some positive things about it. First i need to know if having my health conditions precludes me from having laser

Can I treat black hairy tongue using diode laser? if yes which wave length is better? And what is the treatment protocols? Thanks

Can i use hydroquinone for removing of frekless ?? wich one better laser or hydroquinone for treatment of freckles ? If i use laser How much it cost ?

Can I use intense pulsed light (ipl) therapy to remove outdated tattoos? 20 years ago i got a butterfly tattoo on my shoulder. I do still like it, but i feel like it no longer expresses who i am. I am also concerned about my tattoo affecting my profession

Can infection in penis occur if done with dirty hands and halt the process of healing of nerves and skin ..

Can laser remove early signs of aging under eyes ? Fine lines that have just appeared , is it possible to eliminate then with laser?

Can laser resurfacing rid dark elbows problem? How much does it cost and is it a fairly easy procedure for any dermatologist?

Can leaves of comfrey plants heal a skin lesion?

Can medik8 retinol eye tr remove fine lines?

Can mircodermbrasion remove early signs of aging under eyes? And how many sessions are required?

Can or should I continue laser txt for face wrinkles while healing from lumpectomy for breast cancer? One laser txt prior to diag. During radiation?

Can palomar rejuvenation laser treatments cause damage, especially under the eye, in the dark circle region?

Can platelet rich plasma get rid of an old deep surgical scar ?

Can rubbing ground coffee beans on your cellulite make them seem less visible?? What about cold laser treatment for cellulite or ultrasonic cavitation

Can sandalwood heal my tanned and blemished skin and renew it with the one i was born with?

Can scratching skin allergies cause permanent skin damage?

Can sculptra treat deep acne scars? I have some pretty deep scars from acne. Dermabrasion hasn't done much for them. I'd like to try fillers, but i don't want to keep having injections every few months. Since sulptra is long-lasting, it seems like a good

Can skin be nourished externally?

Can skin therapists do serious damage with microdermabrasion?

Can someone recommend treatments for fine lines under the eyes that do not involve any cosmetic procedures? Like over the counter treatments?

Can someone tell me how to know if my skin graft healing properly?

Can the photofacial procedure be performed on any part of the body? I have some patches of hyperpigmentation on the back of my shoulders. Can the photofacial procedure be used to treat them? Can it be used to treat the varicose veins on the backs of my le

Can the strong current from electrolysis cause broken capillaries on the face?

Can ultherapy, when selected by a physician, result with minimal facial improvement even after waiting months for the desired effect?

Can you have non ablative laser resurfacing done in the summer if your job involves being outside?

Can you leave the aloi treatment in overnight?

Can you name me a laser used on my face that will not cause me to bleed (co2 fractional), cause unusual swelling with effects lasting more than 1 mo.

Can you tell me about any reliable long lasting, affordable treatment for wrinkle (face)?

Can you tell me about getting treatment for keloid on chest by laser co2 fractional yet?

Can you tell me anything about skin grafts?

Can you tell me how to remove merthiolate tincture from the skin?

Can you tell me if luma repair really works for skin care?

Can you tell me of any cutting edge, new treatments for ms?