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After the removal of my conjunctival nevus, will my co-workers see anything noticeable in my eye on the next day? Eye patch or anything required?

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Chlorestol skin tags over eye lids?

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Doctor removed too much skin on my eye now it doesn't match other?

During a blepharoplasty if too much skin is removed from eyebrow can this be corrected?

Eyes itching after stye removal?

Have you seen microbead from facial cleanser cause corneal abrasion? Just removed a tiny plastic microbead lodged in upper lid, it caused sm abrasion

Hi, can permanent eyeliner be removed from both top and bottom of eyes?

Hi, I have a discoloration eye lid. How to remove this discoloration.

How can be under eye skin sagging cured?

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How can I remove milia from eyelid?

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How do I clean my eyelids? I've been told I have blepharitis and that cleaning my eye lids will help this. - how does one clean their eyelids? - which part of the eyelids am i trying to clean? - how do you clean your eyelids without getting soap in your e

How do I remove a chalazion surgery scar from my upper eyelid? It's a bit raised and red.

How do I remove a floater from my eye? Think I got it from purging.

How do I remove scratches from my glasses?

How do I remove the scratches on my plastic lenses?

How do you remove a conjunctival eye cyst?

How do you remove eyebags?

How is surgery performed to remove chalazion under upper eyelid? Is the lid cut open, or is it removed from underneath? Worried about ugly scarring.

How much time does it take the eye to heal after removing a conjuctival nevus?

How to get rid of excess skin on upper eyelids? Any eye masks that can help? No surgery please. Natural treatments?

How to i remove and prevent yellow spots in the whites of my eyes with out surgery?

How to remove an eye sty?

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How to remove eyebags?

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I am trying to find out how much it would cost to remove milia from eyelids and under eyes? Also, is it painful?

I found out that's a way that doctors remove styes, but what do they actually do, what do you recommend?

I had cataract surgery two years ago. Why is my eye (surrounding skin) still black?

I have "pinguecula" spot on my eye. Has anyone done an operation to remove this?

I have 2 milia on my eyelids. How do I treat them naturally? Does it grow?

I have a conjuctival nevus on my left eye? Will it be beneficial to remove it? Will it leave any scar?

I have a conjuctival nevus on my left eye. i don't know what to do, to remove it or not? What do you suggest? Iam 21

I have a conjunctival nevus on the white part of my eye. Im going to get surgery in a yeAr to remove it. What are the steps in the entire procedure?

I have a firm hardened chalazion on my upper left lid which has been inducing astigmatism on that eye for over six months now. If the chalazion is excised and removed then will my astigmatism resolve and my vision return to normal?

I have a mole on my eyelid and i want to remove it, but its small so will it be safe?

I have developed a pterygium at one of my eyes. Should I have it removed?

I have large Weiss ring floaters in each eye. Is there a procedure that can safely remove or break them up.

I have mole type thing in my left eye from 4-5 yrs i need help to remove it?

I have skin tag near my eye lid. Can I cut off at home?

I have skin tags on my eye lid can it be removed?

I have some bump on my eyelids and around my eyes is their anything I can do at home before I get them remove by a surgen?

I have stitches mark above mt left eye can it be remove?

I just had my chalazion excised on the upper eyelid. What I should and shouldn't do? And when can I remove the patch?

I lots of have loose skin under my eyes, what is the best treatment? Laser or bleph?

I really have a miserable pinguecula. What can I do to remove it?

In laser eye surgery, does the layer that they cut out grow back?

Is Cryotherapy the safest method to remove Xanthomas on eyelids??

Is eye melanoma the same thing as skin melanoma, just inside the eyeball?

Is it common to remove the eye due to melanoma?

Is it possible to correct a blepharoplasty in which too much skin was removed?

Is it possible to correct a blepharoplasty with too much skin removed?

Is it possible to fix a blepharoplasty where too much skin was removed?

Is microdermbrasion effective at removing under eye lines ? My skin is very thin there therefore is microdermbrasion a good idea?

Is microdermbrasion good for under eye fine lines ? Will it remove them?

Is there a way to permanently remove my bottom eyelashes?

Is there an easy way to remove a foreign body (eye lash) from my eye?

Is there surgery to remove a pterygium from your eye?

Mum has many skin tags on her upper and lower eyelids of both eyes. How to remove them ?

My gp says I have a small cataracts on my two eyes what should I do to remove them?

My left upper eyelid has been discolor, how to remove them?

My optometrist said he thinks I have a skin cancer on my eyelid and wants to remove it for me. Is this ok or should I see a dermatologist instead?

Natural remedies for removing cholesterol pockets on the eyelids?

Please answer! what eye doctor can remove a freckle from the eye?