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45F . What kind of cosmetic procedure would be most effective in removing post inflammatory pigment left on my face from cystic acne breakouts?

Acne makes me depressed. What can I do to help deal with red acne scars?

Acne marks all over my body. What are some good ways to treat this?

Acne pits, scars/redness on my right cheek. No acne after switching to a clarisonic. What's the best way to heal these? No change in 5 yrs..

Acne scarring after comedonal spots. Just red marks, not pitted type scars. One session of IPL, only about half gone. go for another treatment or what?

Acne scars had become little pockmarks? What treatments can remove them?

Acne scars on face deep can fractional laser improve how much percent ?

Acne scars stressing me out. How do I cure them?

After taking acutane what treatments are available to remove acne scars. I have over 20 on my face and around 100 on my back and chest.?

Any good remedies to prevent facial scarring from injury?

Approximately how much would it cost for a laser treatment on the face to remove acne/acne scars? And where can u contact these doctors?

Are facial pimple scars permanent or is there a way to reduce their appearance?

Are there any creams on treating very very very small icepick scars ? Maybe microdermabrasion at home ? I don't have insurance for a dermatologist

Are there any creams/gels.For treatment of acne scars? Are surgical methods the only way? I have severe acne scars so will I spend d all my life ugly

Are there any good ayurvaedic medicine that is good for facial scars?

Are there any herbs i can use to treat acne and get rid of acne scars and large pores?

Are there any minor skin treatments i can do for my acne scars after taking Accutane ? I have a wedding to go to and its in 4 months, please anything?

Are there any natural remedies to fade acne scars on back?

Are there any types of face scars that dermabrasion is bad for?

Can a female have facial dermabrasion for rosacea?

Can a glycolic acid peel help with scarring left behind from acne? I have a lot of scars from acne when i was younger. Can a glycolic acid peel help diminish these? .

Can a tomato mask treat acne scars?

Can a woman have facial dermabrasion when suffering from rosacea?

Can acnes scars fully recover 100% back to the perfect skin you had before if you?

Can all light scaring from acne be removed with any method/treatment?

Can anything be done about scarring caused by acne?

Can benzoyl peroxide be used to shed facial injury scars? Help please?

Can god heal acne?

Can I do lasers to get rid of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation while on isotretinion? Also laser scar removal?

Can I get laser acne removal during pregnancy ?

Can i get some tips on how to deal with acne scars and nodular acne please?

Can I have a laser surgery treatment for acne and scars on my face without any side effect ?

Can I have some tips on my acne scar skincare routine?

Can laser hair removal on face leave scars? My skin is very sensitive. How can you ensure no scarring?

Can maderma treat bad acne scars ? Like the ones that sink in your skin?

Can mustard oil treat acne and pimple scars?

Can photodynamic therapy (pdt) reduce the looks of acne scars and pigmentation?

Can teenagers get facial treatments in which the dermas prick their pimples or acnes?

Can there be some other treatment to clear acne scarring and pot holes in the skin apart from laser?

Can vitamin E help remove acne scars?

Can you get laser treatment for acne scars on your face?

Can you give me suggestions, my acne medicine is making my face peel?

Can you please describe the best ways for getting rid of post acne scarring?

Can you please talk about of the natural yet effective ways to remove acne scars ?

Can you recommend a good treatment for ridding acne scars on your back?

Can you tell me if there are effective home remedies that can clear away both acne and acne scars and improve the complexion?

Could a acne scar treatment cause discoloration to my facial skin?

Could a acne scar treatment cause discoloration to my facial skin? I am considering having dermabrasion done to help diminish my acne scars. A friend of mine told me that this type of acne scar treatment can cause the skin to become discolored. Is this tr

Could a acne scar treatment cause discoloration to my facial skin? I am considering having dermabrasion done to help diminish my acne scars. A friend of mine told me that this type of acne scar treatment can cause the skin to become discolored. Is this tr

Could I get some information regarding Accutane and acne scars?

Could laser resurfacing completely remove acne scars. Any side effects ?

Could you tell me what are good things to use to cure acne and acne scars?

Do mild soap help to remove acne scar? Pls help

Does Accutane cure past acne scars?

Does even better by clinique really reduce the appearance of acne scars?

Does isotrentinoid reduce pore size, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, or acne scars (even in the slightest)?

Does isotretinoin works for acne scars (at least visually reduce them)?

Does lemon juice help in vanishing acne scars and blackheads completely? I heard, it's effective. How much time will it take?

Does lime juice eliminate pitted acne scars?

Does plastic surgery or facial reconstruction get rid the scarring from acne breakouts?

Does scar treatment oil really work?

Does your face have to be 100% clear of zits before treatment from a co2 laser?

Does your face have to be clear of zits before a co2 laser treatment?

Done 3 tca peels at 20% but still I have acne scars how many will I need to do before the scars go?

During isotretinion therapy to prevent scarring of face what should I do?

During isotretinoin therapy for acne, what should I take to prevent scarring of face?

Eds and facial acne, what are treatment to clear and prevent and help with my scars, i am very insecure these days.

From popping acne when i was younger, i sadly have scarring over my cheeks. What can remedy this? Will it fix the discoloration completely?

Has anyone had success with dermal fillers for acne scaring?

Have to be on Accutane for one month maybe 2 months depending on my dermatologist , does it cure acne scars?

He doc ! I am of 16 and from the past two years I have acne.! I have used many medicines but they don't work ! what should I do to remove acne & scars?

Hello docs, is acne surgery the solution to end acne?

Hello dr., i would like to ask you a question. can you please tell me the natural or cosmetic way to remove deep acne scar from my face? thanks a lot

Hello... there is a cystic scar at my face how can i heel it..

Hi Doc ! I am very much depressed with my acne scar ! I have tried scanning and lots of products but it did not improve much ! Can u suggest me solutn?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a method that works for dark acne scarring?

Hi good day Dr., I have a scar problems on my face cause of teen acnes. My question is what is best vitamins for curing acne scar effectively? Thanks.

Hi mam am facing with acne problem and oily skin with lots of blemishes and pores and scars can u help me with a solution for this problem?

Hi There, I have mild-moderate hormonal acne. I have some acne scarring on cheeks, how can you fade scarring fast?

Hi, how can I cure mild scars in my face?

Hi, I had severe acne and therefore have deep scars on my face (all types of scars). please suggest will cicatrix and PRP treatment will work pl.

Home care ways to reduce and diminish acne scars?

How can I diminish keloids at home forever?

How can I eliminate bodily acne scars and blackheads?

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How can I get some insight with laser resurfacing for acne scars (had severe cystic acne when i was younger)?

How can I help a patient with scars from seborhhic dermattis?

How can I reduce post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my back after acne is gone?

How can I remove acne marks from my face? I had severe acne but that has been treated by duac gel. Now i just have the marks.

How can i remove acne scars fast. i have only five days for job interview. Also suggest home remedy because my dermatologist failed to cure these scar?

How can I treat sensitive skin with scars and acne?

How can you treat dark acne scarring?

How can you treat facial scarring?

How do I find out what is good for making acne scars vanish?

How do I make my acne scars on my face disappear?

How do I remove post acne pock marks?

How do I treat acne and the scars they leave behind?

How do you go about treating healed acne scars on your face?

How good is dr sheffield's scar gel for removing my acne scar? I have active acne with lots of scars due to PCOS.

How hard is laser surgery for acne?