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urgentcare doctor said think I have acid reflux, my chest and stomach feel good after dieting better withPrilosec/Zantac, but my throat feels swollen?

10 year old says her throat is hot in the morning when she wakes up and has extremely horrible breath all day ( has good hygiene). Is this acid reflux?

16 year old male. My stomach very acidic which regularly does not hurt but feels somewhat like fire. Could this be asign of ulcers, reflux, or cancer?

19yo, and not a smoker, and sigh and cough at the same time,I have acidity in the stomach, and I dont have the stomach germ plaese help me plaese.

19yo, and not a smoker, and sigh and cough at the same time,ihave acidity in the stomach, and I dont have the stomach germ,difficult breathing help me?

20y old. Nausea after drinking water. dysphagia, globus above sternum produces a stabbing pain. food regurgitation at times. acid in mouth. Gerd?

26, non-smoker, overweight. I have a swollen & sore throat almost daily. I have some post-nasal drip. Could GERD/acid reflux be causing this? I can hear " fizzing" in my throat. My throat hasn't felt " normal" since I started getting bad acid reflux.

4 months post Nissen with bile reflux. When I swallow at night, a gurgle. Sounds like air, but I've been waking up drooling a lot. I can tell it's not drool. Go back on a ppi? Morning or night?

7 weeks post Nissen. Day time reflux cured, but am having nighttime reflux. I swallow and hear a squeak that sounds liquidy, not nearly as bad as pre-op. To verify wrap is good: Barium? motility test? Or two soon to tell if gerd is back?

Acid reflux (felt in neck) is almost always present after not getting much sleep the night before. What's the connection?

Acid reflux bad feels like i'm dying have it every night, what to do?

Acid reflux feels like dagger in my throat, what do I do?

Acid reflux HORRIBLE & PPI isn't working had it 4 a month, even water comes right back up after drinking, raw throat, raspy voice in morning plz help?

Acid reflux won't go away right now, stomach is burning, acid feeling in throat, trying to eat soup and crackers and using every remedy.

Acid reflux, feels like food stick in chest - what is happening?

After eating, my wife has regurgitation every time and sometime burning in the esophagus, what is the remedy?

Aftereating throatfelt real tight andhurt I have untreated GERD and esophagitis i panicked but after relaxing tightness went away? No seriousallergies

Am young. I have acid reflux. I ate and began running. I noticed chest tightness when breathing in. Is this associated with acid reflux?

Back throat been feeling weird. Clearing throat often. Acid reflux or what is it? Of that how to heal or prevent it getting worse

Bad acid in throat for 3 days then thick, swollen feeling in throat, lower part. Related? Just reflux? Acid now passed - can I have a glass of wine?

Bad gerd, i wake up choking on my stomach acid &, burning my throat, the acid gets in my lungs. What can I do when this happens? I take Pepcid (famotidine) at bed

Barium xray neg for reflux so why do i feel like i still have something stuck in my throat like pnd?

Been burping most of the day and sometimes i feel vomit rise up through the back of my throat and it burns when i swallow. Acid reflux?

Been burping, feeling of lump in throat and sensation that their is backflow. Nexium (esomeprazole) not working. Could symptoms be more anxiety than actual reflux?

Been getting acid reflux (felt in throat) daily. 10mg or 20mg of famotidine stops it every time. Is this indicative of something more serious?

Belching always brings up a liquid but it doesn't burn my throat. Is it possible to regurgitate mucus? Can anxiety or other conditions cause this?

Bloating, burping, breathlessness, burning throat from acid reflux, hyperventilating mostly before sleeping(laying) for 2 weeks. What to do?

Breathing trouble and a feeling of hunger!relief comes with eating.Any explanation?Acid reflux or something else?

Brown staining on teeth,frequent burps,2wks bak mid sternal pain,throats pain post nasal drip,can this be acid reflux?wat tests?doc gav antiallergy

Burning in back of throat - worse when I swallow. Also burping. Has been going on for 4 days. Is it normal to have acid reflux this long??

Burning in back throat. Sore when swallow. Bloated feeling. Post nasal drip or acid reflux??

Burning in throat & feels like something is there when I swallow & bitter taste in mouth. Has lasted for 4 days. Can acid reflux to last this long? N

Burning sensation over heart and sore throat for long periods of times. Could these be symtoms of acid reflux, it runs in the family?

Burp smells some acidic food I ate. as I burped , on the right side of forehead above brow ached. Idea? Have acid reflux & sinus infection

Can a cough irritate the stomach causing it to feel raw or kick off acid reflux? I had a cough but now thats gone my stomach feels so raw

Can a PPI cause a dry/scratchy throat? 3 weeks ago was prescribed Lansoprazole for acid rflx, and I get an awful dry throat 15-30 minutes after dose.

Can a small hiatal hernia give u a gagging/vomit feeling and acid in throat feeling or not?

Can acid reflux cause a sore throat? I have heartburn mostly at night and have a slight soreness in my throat most of the time.

Can acid reflux cause swelling under the eyes? I feel like there is something stuck at the back of the throat.

Can acid reflux cause throat, neck pain and ear ache? I notice I feel this when my stomach is upset & when i feel sour / bitter taste on tongue. Help!

Can acid reflux cause to feel like u got butterfly's in chest?

Can acid reflux cause your nose to run while eating and after eating sometime?

Can acid reflux cuz dry mouth at night? I get to point where i can't swallow which is scary n have to drink heaps n causes anxiety attacks

Can acid reflux feel like sometimes theres something stuck in my throut no pain bit of burping had a endoscopy 2 yrs ago all clear iam 65 and fit ta?

Can acid reflux irritate my nose ? I randomly get a burning sensation in my nose.

Can acid reflux kill you? Cause with the trouble breathing and throat tensing up... I feel like im dieing.

Can acid reflux make your back hurt?

Can excessive burping cause my throat to damage over time? Have a hard time gargling, can't swallow, choke on air daily. Neck pain, and acid reflux.

Can GERD and esphphogtis make your chest sore? Had a spicy meal and yesterday and today my chest is sore like I worked out?

Can GERD case the back of your throat to look irritated after eating?

Can GERD or acid reflux cause skin rashes or itchy eyes?

Can gerd/reflux irritate the soft palate? I have GERD and recently my soft palate has been burning with an irritation feeling, only when eating.

Can going on a power walk for the first time cause chest burn have acid reflux and chest burning so wondering?

Can h.Pylori cause my throat to hurt?. Like asophogeal reflux or something?. Kinda feel a trapped burp and acid ish in the throat sometimes.

Can klonopin (clonazepam) cause a burn in the throat/esophagus if stuck?

Can little dust cause chest tightness? The weather was cold though & I feel sour taste in my mouth.Acid reflux causes it? How to relieve symptoms?

Can major anxiety cause your tongue to feel swollen along with hypothyroid and also I have awful acid reflux?

Can my oral thrush cause burping ? If so what can I do about it. I non stop burping but silent small burps

Can reflux cause a weird feeling above the sternum? Mild dysphagia. Swallowing sometimes hurts. dr did a indirect laryngoscopy. Wont do anything else

Can reflux cause an ammonia acid smell thru yourn nose along with burning chest?

Can reflux come back? My son had reflux but then it stopped he is starting to spit up again not sure if this is from sucking his hands or his reflux?

Can reflux gastritis cause a ticklish feeling at the back of the throat?

Can stress/anxiety cause sore throat/tightening or could the tightening be acid reflux?

Can swallowing smoke into your stomach cause candida?

Can the effects of reflux/LPR/GERD even be felt in the nasal passage? I feel like nose is narrowed and feels like a mild burning irritated sensation

Can the symptoms of gerd or acid reflux feel like burning sensation in the lungs? I have chest discomfort, hard to tell if acid reflux or asthma type

Can vaping cause burning sensation in stomach and/or heartburn? And is it bad if you swallow the vape when you inhale it?

Can yeast in throat and esophagus cause indigestion such as needing to burp all the time..

Can you have acid regurgitate without heart burn with GERD flare up. No signs of a cold, just bringing up white sour phlegm. Diagnosed with GERD 4 years ago, tried Nexium but never helped. Reflux left on its own. Now had anxiety, got pantazol?

Can you please describe good/bad things to eat if you have been getting acid reflux?

Chest is itchy inside, burping all the time, I have a hiatal hernia woulf acid cause itchy skin or chest, and what can I do to prevent acid?

Chest pain when laughing/swallowing. Went to a cardiologist appointment and they said I have a perfect heart but I have bad acid reflux. Is it common for acid reflux to cause these symptoms?

Constant mucus in throat for 2 months. Esophagus and stomach hurt at times when i drink lots of water at once. Have laryn-pharynghitis. ?

Could reflux/LPR/GERD etc. cause water to feel cold running down the esophagus? I have had reflux symptoms. I have now noticed this with the water.

Could you tell me what's the best way to heal the burning in your throat from gerd?

Difference between neasua, sour stomach, and acid i guess that comes up to your throat?

Discomfort in throat causing sneezing especially after eating chocolate, bitter taste in mouth, and frequent need to clear throat /acid reflux or not?

Do I have acid reflex if when i get heartburn it stays for 3 or 4 days and Tums (calcium carbonate) don't even help and it kills my chest and feels like acid in my throat?

Do I have acid reflux? After eating i get loud gurgling sounds in my throat which lasts from 1 to 2 hours.

Do I have gastritis or do I have silent reflux and IBS from all my anxiety stress? I burp, taste acid, feel bloated, constipated, lump in throat

Do I have h pylori if I have these symptoms:acid reflux-light heartburn and sore throat, constant bad breath, weight loss and constipation?

Doctor thinks I have acid reflux, but I have a lot of mucus when I wake up, then goes away throughout day. Should I clear throat,ignore or swallow it?

Doctor, I have blood in saliva in morning from throat. I don't have cough or any pain in lungs. But I have stomach ulcers. Please help me....

Doctors think ive got acid reflux.what are the alternatives for upper endoscopy?somethings going off with my stomach but no one nos what

Doe's this sound like acid reflux, gerd, or something more serious? The other day i was standing in my kitchen and suddenly felt acid come up my esophagus. It than traveled to my throat and i began to choke. Doe's acid reflux or GERD do this or was it som

Does acid reflux cause Cold feeling in the throat? Could it be ulcers????

Does acid reflux cause cold feeling in the throat? Mild pain in the stomach area with gurgling sound coming after having breakfast. Is this ulcer?????

Does acid reflux cause you to vomit, and then feel a lot better afterward?

Does acid reflux make most of the chest, and upper back burn bad?

Does acid reflux make you feel like you have to throw up?

Does gastroesophageal reflux causes pain in throat and tingling of the lips?

Does Pepto (pink liquid) reduce acid reflux? My stomach is fine, I just feel acid in my lower neck. It gets this way when I'm having a bad GERD day.

Every time I start to eat my throats feels full.. I get acid reflux on and off but it's not getting any better. Would Nexium help?

Excessive watery mouth only at night. No acid reflux. Feeling like you have to vomit. Sign of pregnancy or something else? Do not have a cold either.

Feel like food is stuck at esophagus.Difficulty swallowing.Hx of GERD & peptic ulcer.Tried motilium but to no avail.Any other medications that help?

Feel part of food stuk in down throat.straboscop normal.last year gastroscop &barium swalow normal.mild pain sternum.mild cough.

Feeling burning in chest/throat area. Got endoscopy and bravo test shows no acid reflux and slight esophageal inflammation. What can be other causes?

Feels like I have food in my throat. Acid reflux?

Felt like food and liquid were getting stuck in the middle of my ribs. Had endoscopy found gastritis. Now i have been noticing my swallowing is becoming more difficult, specifically saliva. Can gastritis cause this? Taking prilosec 20 for 4 weeks now

Food keeps getting stuck in my tonsil crypts, and I have acid reflux for which I am taking PPI. What should I do?