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Hi I have been treating for acid reflux and gastritis since dec. now my hair is itchy all the time and this week Ive had headache,earaches. help?

I was prescribed Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) 60 mg for 8 weeks to heal my gastritis. Should I be concerned about anything? Electrolyte abnormalities?

Ranitidine(Zantac)300mg for short time use ok for reflux, 2yr after Heart Op for Mitral Valve Repair?Top H2 have recently been withdrawn in the UK

>10 yrs ago had Endoscopy for dysphagia.Everything looked normal.Put on Nexium (esomeprazole) "hoping" it would work which it did. Is this "NERD" that I have?

10yr old girl with tummy pain. 3 mo on prescription antacid helped, now 6 mo later pain is back. Has been tested for allergies. Could it be an ulcer?

18 months bb having 6 episodes of tonsilitis during 3 mnths.ENT suggests GERD & prescribes nexium (esomeprazole) and nasonex for 6 months,refused tonsilectomy,logic?

2 years gastric sleeve post-op i need help! I am having problems with constipation almost for the past 2 years. What can I take daily?

20 yr old- Recently diagnosed with LPR (symptoms for 3 years.) PPI twice daily had no effect on symptoms. What is the next step?

22 yrs old. I started having difficulty swallowing & for years couldn't figure out why then found out it was acid reflux&took nexium (esomeprazole). Cancer worrisom?

24 hr Esoph. pH monitoring came normal.still having acidity symptoms. Dexilant+prilosec helps.How's it possible?can anything else simulate acidity?

25ys Stomach heartburn throat burn regular heart rate and blood pressure and poop. Loss appetite and doc gave omeprazole& smz/tmp ds is this deadly?

26/f. Ulcer type hunger pains. Tested for h. Pylori 9 months ago. Negative. I don't use NSAIDs regularly. Chances of ZES? Scared. Ulcer pain x2 month

30 days on 40 mg pantaprazole, still mild heartburn from diagnosed 3 'mild' stomach ulcers. Decided w/doc to try 40 mg panta a.M. 150mg ranitidine p.M?

30y/o, history of GERD + esophagus tender, take Zantac (ranitidine). Now have dysphagia lump in throat feeling 4 a week+. If I go to ER will they test for cancer?

30yo female with chronic heartburn 4yrs on protonix (pantoprazole). Still have occasional break thru symptoms. Could I have esopageal cancer?

38, male. Hi there, I've been having burning pain and bloating mid abdomen for 3 weeks. Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) for 2 weeks, no h pylori. What next? No alcohol 2 wks

55 yo F with Barrett's. Take Omeprazole, sleep with CPAP. Wake up with blood in mouth weekly. Should I consider surgery for Barrett's?

7 week old with reflux. She chokes on her thick mucus 1-3x a day. On Zantac, probiotics, neocate with oatmeal, nasal spray. See GI spec/chiro.Ideas Tx?

7yrs ago i was told I have ibs. Recently i was told gastritis not ibs. Ab pain is better now then back then. Is takin 40mg/day of zegerid enough?

86 year old. Hiatal hernia. Top of bed elevated 18 inches. Taking Nexium (esomeprazole) and ombrez. How to prevent slipping to the bottom of bed?

Acid reflux and pain in the naval region for the past few month. Prescribed omeprazole for a month. During this month symptom disappeared and recurred intermittently. Doctor advised to treat this as a possible peptic ulcer with a course of 14 days prevpac

Acid reflux for months no relief. Barruim swallow, endoscopy, byopsy and MRI all normal taking pantoprazole and amtriptyline little change what's next?

After 6 months on Nexium (esomeprazole) and many tests i still get pain in epigastric area after eating and drinkingwater, they still can not find out what it is. ?

After egd I have really bad heartburn. I was perfectly fine before. I have moderate duodenitis but before procedure no discomfort at all. Even on PPI.

Almost 4 weeks post Nissen, at night, I can swallow and hear it gurgle back up. I had this issue much worse and 24/7 refractory reflux prior to Nissen. I'm hoping this resolves as I heal, but how can they verify the full wrap worked?

An endoscopy result indicated an inflamed colon but was prescribed lansoprazole. I continue wt gain, bloating n constipation. Can I be helped?

Any procedures for someone to stop reflux if they have weak les valve with some weak motility in esophagus. Regurdigation bad and i'm on dexilant (dexlansoprazole). Any suggestions since reg. Surgery not an option.?

Any reason why 40 mg omeprazole daily wouldn't heal nsaid caused nonerosive gastritis? Endo Test - for h-py. 5 months later still having problems.

Are PPI induced Fundic gland polyps dangerous? If I stop taking PPI's I have heard it can regress. Does this mean it goes away completely?

B12 deficiency, hypothyroidism, and gastrointestinal problems. Doc put me on tecta. Should i take it? I feel he should send me for endoscopy.He'snot

Bad acid reflux 18months, self medicating with 75mg of ?Ranitidine? Every 12hrs. Celiac test negative. Family history of IBS and crohnes.

Barium Swallow test /Upper GI at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. Took Nexium (esomeprazole) at 9pm tonight. Will that impact the test?

Barrets esophagus.Doc said he thinks pathologist over read b/c he sees no signs of it... Can it be reversed with nexium (esomeprazole)? He gave me 40mg 2xday

Been diagnosed with gastritis 7/8 months ago omeprazole not working now on oesmaprole nexium (esomeprazole) past 6wks slight improvement but is this the best one .

Been on Nexium (esomeprazole) 40mg daily for 2 weeks!I still have acid reflux all day. had recent weight gain 15lbs in 4 months in abdominal area, is that the cause?

Been scoped by ENT twice. Inconclusive. Tried reflux meds and nothing. My upper range is gone. Got a referral to MUSC. What could be wrong?

Bile reflux, 7 months post nissen, still think I may be refluxing at night and possibly during day. If I am, what medications In a.m. and p.m. should I discuss with my physician. A little upset as I had this surgery to alleviate reflux. ?

Bloating.had h.pylori. Took anti b. Now h.p -ve. Developed social anxiety. Lost weight. Vit def. severe bloating. Tinutus too wen anxious. LIFE TERRIB?

Brother at 52 diag. Colon cancer. I'm 47 and have Type 1&2 Bristol chart feces for a very long time. Acid reflux, choking at night on acid chestpain?

Burning stomach sensation with no other symptoms - ultrasound normal, blood work normal, and negative h pylori? No alcohol or NSAIDs. Just anxiety.

Can 1mos use of Prevacid (lansoprazole) cause iron/b12 deficiency? Or is it more likely caused by atrophic gastritis for which PPI was prescribed?

Can acid reflux or LPR cause a very red raw throat? Has a mild burn sensation. I take Pepcid (famotidine) AC once daily. Had endoscopy done; nothing abnormal. ?

Can burping all day almost every 1 hr to 2 hrs for a day will it damage my esophagus?Can I have cancer bec.Of that?

Can CPAP therapy for apnea cause gastritis? I wake up bloated and belching; recently ended up in the ER with gastritis.

Can gastric reflux cause chest infections n probs like sob. Doc says unlikely is lungs as xray clear. Have gastric history so he say try gastric med?

Can h2 blockers heal your esophagus I take 20mg 2x a day. So well that help heal me and stop the chest pains.

Can i continue Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) 60mg daily for GERD like symptoms 10 days post op laparoscopic cholecystectomy? Still have nausea, burping, heartburn at times

Can i take clopidogrel and pantoprazole+domperidone? Ct angio results show mixd plaque no stenosis but i also have acid reflux. Was prescribed both.

Can i take pantoprazole-nexium) a year beyond expiration date. I've tried Zantac (ranitidine) for gers and am getting lot of gas pains. Endoscopy in 2 1/2 weeks?

Can nicotinefrom an electronic cigarette cause or worsenulcers in the upper GI tract or affecth.Pylori?Trying Prilosec 4 ruq pain unknown cause see hx

Can only Plavix be taken after coronary stenting? I have erosive gastritis,take Protonix (pantoprazole) 40mg and a DES in LAD post heart att. Need 3 more DES or BMS.

Can the parathyroid gland have spasms?How can I stop the esophageal spasms?I have tried everything!now on omeprazole dr 40 mg! not working! even vomit

Can u plz suggest me a gud med for G.I prob (acidity, reflux, bloating). Is Rabeloc 20 effective or Facid 40? Thank you.

Can Xanax (alprazolam) XR or Lexapro cause gerd? Was treated for sob & throat tightness w/ppis before due to gerd. Started new meds & symptoms are back + burning.

Can you please tell me if "Rabeloc 20" an effective medecine against gastro prob? or "Gaviscon" is better?

Certain food is sticking in my throat (i.e. nuts). Have had heartburn. PCP thought it was related. On Nexium (esomeprazole). How long for this to go away?

Cleared by Cardio doc. Currently on Prilosec 20mg 2x daily. had endoscop/barium test gallbladder removed still have rt chest pain/heartburn what now?

Colonoscopy showed polyp and ulcers in upper rectum. Doc prescribed flagyl and dicloran,, I've past stomach prob. and still GERD. Can i take PPI ?

Continuos burrning sensation in stomach and chest.Not improving with moxal..., for 4days.H pylori :neg.What the cause?!what to do?!

Could prilosec cause one to get erosive gastritis. I already take 20mg a day & my doctor wants to up me to 40mg due to the erosive gastritis. opinion?

Could Zantac (ranitidine) 150 be causing my 52 yr old husband to have severe dry mouth? He takes almost every day?

Currently taking 40mg omeprazole 4 gerd, recently, have excessive acid (ea) which results in severe heartburn even with ppi. What can causes for ea b?

Currently treating h. Pylori/gastritis--today noted GERD like pain immediately post treadmill run. Had empty stomach-why am i hurting?

Daily heartburn after meals for 2.5 mths. 29yr male. Prilosec works to rid heartburn but once I am off it, comes back. Chances I have stomach cancer?

Dec 12 started ativan .75 mg 4x day for intestinal seizures. Aciphex (rabeprazole) 20 mg 2x day (4 yrs). Gerd/nausea suddenly have become worse (2-3 weeks) ?

Diag w ulcer 3wks ago took prevacid felt better pain came back dr chngd to Nexium (esomeprazole) no relief. Is it ulcer pain not severe but constant hpylori neg nos?

Diagnosed through upper gi gastritis moved from omeprazole to oesmaprole nexium (esomeprazole) 20mg past 6wks any advice after this?

Diagnosed w/mild antral gastritis & mild GERD waiting 4 h pylori results-take Prilosec bid & carafate-still experience burning, tight stomach, reflux?

Diagnosed with acid reflux in early dec., taking omeprazole 20mg once daily; developed UTI on 23-dec, treated; UTI again on 02-jan. Is it the losec?

Diagnosed with Barrett’s Oesophagus a 2 years ago & most was removed by biopsies been feelin sick 4 2 mths checked it's non of meds I take wot cud itb?

Diagnosed with GERD 10 months ago following endoscopy -taking omeprazole now. Fine till recent afib attack. Now also on flecainide and xarelto and bad?

Diagnosed with postinfectious dyspepsia after stomach bug 3 months ago. Still experiencing burning but better with PPI double dose. How long to heal?

Diagnosed with reflux 2 mo ago, no tests or exam. Tried Prilosec & Zantac (ranitidine) & major diet changes, & heartburn started while on them.Why do I feel worse?

Diagnosed with small h hernia. Prescribed PPI. Will it go away? Can I drink alcohol? Will it get worse with time?

Diagnosised w/mild antral gastritis & mild GERD waiting 4 h pylori results-take Prilosec bid & carafate-can not eating enough cause break thru reflux?

Diagnozed with depression anxiety endoscopy before 2 years shoves to much acid in my stomach taking pantoprozole 40 but still have gas burnig chronic?

Diagnozet hearburn taking 40mg pantoprozole and 150 ranitidine still have kronik burning i feel esophagus and throat irritation like inflamation why?

Did 3 treatments for h. Pylori waiting a moth for results. Lot stomach pain. Is there a diet that helps with gastritis pain? I'm taking 40 mg PPI.

Did 60 day treatment of omeprazole for reflux and burning went away. Now 3 weeks later have pain again. Should I do an upper endoscopy or restart meds?

Did bari swallow,sm hiat hernia. Have GERD &gastritis. Can hernia give persistent chest pain, daily, cleared cardio,gallb, made dietary changes, meds?

Discomfort, mild pain and bloating stomach after taking food, severitydepending on type of food. for last 1 year. OGDscopy: LAX LES. Pls advc trtmnt?

Doc suspects an ulcer.Which is better 20.6mg of OTC Prilosec or 60mg of dextilant?Constant hunger pains although suspect that's the acid in my stomach

Doc treating me 4 ulcer I've done 30 days on Zantac (ranitidine) 150 2x daily now prescribed pariet ec 20mg he did test for pylori it is neg he won't do scope why?

Doctor diagnosed mild gastritis in antrum and prescribed me PPI it helped me to reduce gas in chest and burping but its getting back what should I do?

Doctor just started me on pantatoprazole 40 mg for 3 months .will just one a day cure lpr ? I did read 2 a day but is 1 a day enough ?

Dr wrote 3 mo scrip for nexium (esomeprazole). Is that considered "chronic" use that could lead to gastric lymphoma?

During endoscopy (8yrs back) my doctor told me that my les got ruptured in 3 places. Now I am facing problems like- food & acids reflux. Pain near les?

Dx with h. hernia and erosive esophagitis. Told to F/U in 4 wks, take omeprazole. Which type of pill, DR or regular? Btw I am not overweight.

EGD today showed severe gastritis & slow motility. Zero food x13 days. severe N/V. down 22lbs in 3 months no constipation. Can gastritis cause this?

Either 20mg Pepcid (famotidine) AC or 2 Tums (600mg Ca total) work well for my acid reflux. Which is less harmful in long run? Afraid of Ca clogging my arteries.

Endo showed many sessile polyps 3-6mm in size, been taking Prilosec yrs, should I stop ,how can I stop without bad flare? Please scared of this all!

Endoscopy done h.pyroi found eradication drug given with ppi (lifetime).2weeks after i get suffocation feeling enflamed burning throat da help plz?

Endoscopy w biopsy 2yrs ago diagnosed w gastritis no hpilory when I stop taking omaprazole I get heartburn & recently nausea can this be sign hpilory?

ER doctor checked no fishers or hemorrhoids, but burning when I go #2. No spicy food either. Could this be apart of my GERD or esophagitis or bulimia?

Experienceing burning in my chest from last 2 days. Ranitidine and omep. Are not working. Esophaegal cancer? (Never drunk or smoked)

Expering severe esophageal spasms, with vomit - parent was diag w/ hiatal hernia w/ identical symptoms, prescript. Antacids 2+ mo w/ no help- nxt?

Female 53, constant productive grey phelgm w/ gastric irritation, 2 weeks. Was put on Prilosec 20 mg, and no relieve.?

For 3mo. I've had acid reflux&0 hunger. I've been on PPIs, & Ba Swallow shows chronic esophagitis & poor esoph clearance. Neg h.pylori. Whats going on?

Full cardio and gi work up no issues except reflux. Have had chest pain and reflux since changing to losartan from CCB and ace. What r other options?

Gastric bypass 2008, peptic ulcer since 2009, quit smoking seven weeks ago, pain is much worse and more often than before. Protonix (pantoprazole) and carafate?