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I've had a chronic cough for 3 months and I have been diagnosed with acid reflux, taste blood when I cough and I get lightheaded. why is this?

persistent clearing of throat and excess mucus in throat Have tried allergy/asthma meds and low dose PPIs. A new allergist or GI doc? Silent re

2 months of fatigue, phlegm in back of throat, gagging, on proton pump inhibitor, nasonex, (mometasone) what else can help till i get my egd ?

27. Gerd/reflux/LPR or damage caused by excess acid cause feel food going through your esophagus? I also have throat clearing, altered vocal range,

3 mos sore throat in 4 countries. Antibiotics 3 times, non-smoker, Nexium (esomeprazole) 40mg for reflux. Uncomfortable swallowing. 2 ents with no insight. ?

4 yr old has had chronic cough for 12wks+.Has been diagnosed & is treated for acid reflux & asthma.Also diagnose w/ lrg tonsils/adenoids.Cause 4cough?

Acid reflux is giving me mucus in throat and nose, what can I do to fix this?

Age 27 I need to make myself swallow.Had altered thyroid levels but went down to almost normal.I had IBS, ENT say throat inflammation. IBS, reflux or?

Any medicine for throat spasm & dryness due to acid reflux?

Are lpr and ms connected in any way constant throat clearing ?

Can a bad flare of GERD cause a raspy voice- been very stressed for 2 weeks now GERD and following thata raspy voice?

Can a nasal endoscopy help to determine if there is food stuck in the throat?

Can a very mild sore throat and post nasal drip throat be caused by gerd?Myegd showed gastritis but nothing else-can i fix GERD thru diet and exercise

Can acid reflux cause a vocal hemorage? Or permanent change in sound quality?

Can acid reflux cause pressure headaches (including back of head) & in the ear but don't have other symptoms sore throat , cough etc PPI's didn't help?

Can acid reflux hurt my vocal chords? Need expert opinions!

Can Barrett's esophagus cause wheezing and a cough?

Can bronchiecstasis cause GERD like symptoms?

Can chronic throat clearing & excessive swallowing (+2 yrs), be caused by PVVN or LSN? Tried all scans, allergy tests, allergy & reflux meds by 3x ENT

Can cobblestone seen in throat be a result of acid reflux?

Can ge reflux cause a feeling of swelling in the throat?

Can GERD be responsible for a mucousy chest/ throat? i have a cough & mucous every now and then, and i notice it more when my heartburn flares.

Can GERD cause voice hoarseness and a tight feeling in my throat when im swallowing food? My family has a history of gerd.

Can GERD or LPR cause sinus and ear problems ?

Can HIV or std's give symptoms of lpr? Dr looked down throat with camera through nose, said "you have lpr". Is throat burn 1 month after sex coinciden

Can I have an upper endoscopy (gastroscopy) even if I'm a bit phlegmy of my throat and with a bit of nose constipation?

Can LPR cause sinus headaches or is ot LPR and the trigeminial nerve. I have LPR but get severe headaches and sometimes feel sick to my stomach.

Can oral allergy syndrome cause voice hoarsenss?

Can pepcid (famotidine) ac cause sore throat and ear ache. I'm not sure if it's the medicine or the reflux? Should I consult my doctor? Any info would be helpful.

Can post-nasal drip cause or be related to stomach acid? And how do I know which one is causing my sore throat?

Can reflux (laryngopharyngeal) give a persistent dirt-like taste in the back of the throat? What's the most common cause of a persistent 'dirt' taste?

Can reflux be a cause of tongue enlargement?

Can you have allergies and Gerd , silent reflux combined to cause slight raspynss even with medication regiment? Endoscopy &Larynsvopy ok.

Can you tell me about globus hystericus?

Can you tell me reasons why I have clear mucus with wheezing after i had acid reflux?

Can't afford to go to 2 specialists.can ent find lpr and does ph probe good test for it? Is that ph probe same as esophagul ph?pnd could be allergies

Chest pain, heat in throat (when breathing, not swallowing), ears popping. EGD/24h pH find no acid/erosion. PPIs,diet change ineffective. Whats wrong?

Chest pain, hoarse cough, acid reflux: what are these possible symptoms of?

Chronic postnasal drip, sour taste in mouth, chest tightness. Lack of response to PPIs, and a pH/manometry test, ruled out GERD. What's next step?

Chronic sore throat since weeks. Have reflux but never had sore throat. Endoscopy reveals mildly lax les. On protonix (pantoprazole) 40 twice a day. What now ?

Chronic sore throet also a cough and hicups with a burp 5+ weeks sore throat reflux if not reflux what could it be not diagnosed?

Clear EGD in April 14 ( I have LPR) had bad reflux episode two month ago, ENT said throat is little irritated, chronic cough, ideas?

Clearing throat all the time gastro doc says nothing is wrong, ENT says its reflux...what do I do now?

Constant (literally constant for 2 months) mucus,larynghitis,pharynghitis,dysphagia,painfull swallowing. have Gerd. Fearing esophageal cancer. ?

Cough and congestion for 3 yrs no specialist or my pcp seems like they cannot find anything but acid reflux or bronchitis. Nothing has helped. ?

Could gastric reflux be causing my throat tightness?

Could i have bacteria? it started with anfood allergy i have clogged ears, sinusitis, acid reflux and polyuria

Diagnosed with Gerds my symptoms dry throat, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, globus. Silent Reflux. How to Naturally heal throat and esophagus ?

Diagnosed with lingual tonsil hypertrophy, have a sore throat. I think silent acid reflux. What holistic treatment can I do to resolve issue? Thanks

Diagnosed with LPR (throat clearing and nasal drip, 9 mths). 40mg protonix 2x per day +gaviscon adv. after every meal for 6 weeks. NO change. Not LPR?

Diagnosed with lpr, went to GI doctor did upper endo and found throat ulcers not related to acid reflux. Feels like lump in throat. What could this be?

Does aciphex (rabeprazole) heartburn meds cause coughing and a constant tickle in the throat?

Does anyone do a pepsin lateral flow device test, also, do you have to have a cough with lpr?

Does Lpr (silent reflux) cause lung cancer and how likely is it ? If I take quick deep breathes after eating I hear a little wheeze no allergies too

Does Lpr silent reflux cause sleep apnea eventually ? I have lpr and I'm scared of devolving it in the future

Does silent reflux/acidity cause intranasal swelling or turbinate swelling?

Don't know if it's post nasal drip that thin mucus or gerd not had burning for months in chest or throat doc has me on protonix (pantoprazole) 40mg for 2 weeks. ?

Dr doing 24hr pH impedance test for LPR detection. Said only esophageal is fine without laryngeal probe. Do I need both? Have throat mucus for 2 years

Dr says probably LPR. I have shortness of breath at times. How can I tell if LPR has caused acid in my lungs? Is this life threatening ? I'm worried

Dr suspects acid reflux. if acid reflux can go to the sinus lining, could it cause a sinus headache. I have an apt aug 5th to see a gastro dr.

Ent put scope through nose into throat, said vocal box irritated, prescribed 40mg omeprazole 2x daily - is that an excessive dose?

Excessive mucus in throat feels like choking. Worsen when lying down. No heartburn. GERD/LPR/something else?

Food is coming back up my throat. Is this gerd? What medication would be advised. Ppi's or h2 inhibitors?

For over one month have had nausea, sore throat(mild) and headache. Per ent, not sinus but gerd? Should i see GI doc?

For years have globus sensation in throat and can cough up mucus but it's still there, reflux no heartburn and sometimes can't fill lungs. Causes?

Frequently i got pharyngitis and throat infection is it due to LPR reflux can LPR cause fever?

Gerd symptoms include something stuck in throat?

Getting gastro endoscopy, but i have trouble breathing well through my nose. is that a problem? should i let my GI know?

Got larynscopy and was diagnosed with acid reflux by ent, but how did he know?

Had a a endoscopy 2YEARS AGO result acid reflux got acid again had ENT up nose down throat all clear will i need a endoscopy or just take medication a?

Had a dry cough for six months and was prescribed lansoprazole but after a few days I developed a huge acid reflux in my throat. Is this common?

Had a laryngscopy monday all clear had a hoarse voice they think acid do i need a endoscopy had one 2year ago all clear easophogus clear then dr?

Had fundoplication 2 weeks ago. Still taking ppi for acid stomach but less than before. Will this improve? Also, my throat swells + voice is hoarse.

Have acid reflux which is burning my throat & cause inflammation of throat & sinuses. Take Prilosec qd. What can I take to protect lining of throat?

Have crackle sound in throat when I swallow salaiva. 3 ENT laryngoscopy & ba swallow test says I have gerd. So shud I worried or is it normal in gerd?

Have gerd. Was on aciphex (rabeprazole) for years but stopped like 6 months ago. Now my spit is like a yellow mucus. Is this post nasal drip caused by gerd?

Have reflux gastrit but not heartburn,start to have white mucus come from my troat, i have postnasal drip,how can i stop it...

Having breathing problem on minimal exertion can it be due to swelling in my throat , vocal cord i hve lpr?

Hi I have a mild inflamed esophagus from endoscopy a month ago. On Nexium (esomeprazole) once a day but my vocal cords and throat r burning. Can I take another dose?

Hi! how will dr know to treat for inflamed thyroid or LPR (gerd)?Simptoms very alike!

Hiteal hernia,reflux grade A an this year,im having nasal drip,voice changes my coughing!Do i need surgery?3 dr say yes 3 no?im confused!Pls Help

How can I tell if my throat clearing (phlegm) is due to reflux or post nasal drip? I have GERD but I take a PPI & I thought it was controlled.

How can reflux affect my throat?

How can you treat globus hystericus?

How common is LPR without coughing at all? Studies often split into GERD with/without cough or they use acid to study cough reflex. No cough = no LPR?

How do I heal my throat erosion from silent gerd?

How do u treat globus and what symptoms does globus show?

How do you pronounce 'Laryngopharyngeal' please? & can Laryngopharyngeal reflux cause Cholesteatoma?

How to soothe the throat and esophagus if you have reflux?

How to treat globus hystericus and when it will go away?

How to treat throat clearing ?ent don't know if it lpr or allergies .i know all instructions to treat lpr .i need home remedies

How we seperate sinus caused by reflux?i have nasal drip n sinus diagnosed,i hv also reflux grade a with no heartburn!i also diet but still!hw we sepe

I am 24 years old and I am suffering from silent reflux and I have recently been having breathy voice and a throbbing pain in throat. Please help?

I am on methylprednisolone just for the week and i'm for my swollen vocal chords. Also chronically on omeprazole for reflux. Are these ok together?

I can't breath easily sometimes because of my neck ...I had check up to ent but doctor said I have larynx disease. And he gave me omeprazole I take this for one month..

I cough & clear my throat all the time.,been scoped&doc can't find anything but a small hiatal hernia, should I see another doc?

I feel I have a "lump in my throat". I've had CT scan of neck, endoscopy, (reflux), take patonase for sinus drip. Had feeling over a year now.

I get wheezy after eating meals from lpr/gerd how much lung damage is this doing? Can this cause pnemonia of cancer?

I had an GastroEndoscopy 3 days ago. Developed sore throat and flu symptoms 8h after, how long after endoscopy can you develop esophagus perforation?

I had endonasal endoscopic surgery to remove pituatary tumor, can this trigger gerd. I have burp a lot and burning feeling in upper chest and throat.