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1 week old with acid reflux on soy and still spits up while sitting up for a while, what to do?

1 week old with acid reflux on soy and still spits up while sitting up for a while. What to do?

22 weeks pregnant have had bad heartburn for many weeks now.My throat burns when I eat spicy or acidic food.Been taking tums/zantac but not working?

35 yr. Old man has acid reflux but when on the Atkins diet has absolutely no acid reflux why is this?

Acid reflux and pregnancy; what not to eat?

Acid reflux; pregnant; should I eat less sugar?

Acidity.After eating I burp & acidic food comes to my food pipe. Only taking PPI, I feel OK. I hv fatty lever with bit high SGPT/SGOT. Is that CA sym?

After eating I constantly regurgitate food but I don't have the taste of stomach acid. Is this serious and can this cause esophagal cancer? Help!

After I eat a meal I have regurgitation. It isn't vomit but like spit up. Happens pretty fast after I eat. I have acid reflux. Is that what this is?

After i eat or drink anything my stomach acid comes up and i produce a lot of saliva. How do I cure this?

Any dairy = reflux/heartburn. Extreme fatty food = no heartburn, no reflux. No lactose milk = acid reflux too. What causes reflux then ? Thank you.

Any specific food to avoid acid reflux?

Are peppers ok for gastroesophageal reflux diet?

Are granola bars bad for acid reflux?

Are green apples good for lpr? Are they low in acid?

Are green apples low in acid and good to eat if you got lpr?

Are oranges leave tea good for acid reflux?

Are pancakes and syrup ok for acid reflux?

Are pancakes bad for acid reflux?

Are protein drinks bad for larynx reflux( lpr)? Eas advantage drinks have vitamin C added. Is that ok?

Are there any foods and/or drinks that neutralize stomach acid when one has high stomach acid levels?

Are there any natural herbs / foods that can help with a duodenal ulcer or to reduce acid?

Are there changes in my diet that would help acid reflux?

Ate fast food and have acid reflux, how can I prevent the flare up?

Best and worst foods for too much stomach acid?

Can acid reflux make you feel hungry all the time? Even after eating? If so, what will help?

Can acid reflux make you sick to your stomach while eating?

Can anti-biotics stir up acid reflux ?

Can benecol give you indigestion?

Can cinnamon mixed with green tea help gerd/acid reflux?

Can drinking citric acid burn fat?

Can drinking coffee affect acid reflux?

Can drinking only water start an acid reflux episode?

Can drinking too much fluids with a meal bring about acid reflux/heartburn?

Can eating candy canes help or hurt a person with acid reflux?

Can eating to much fast food block up your intestines and cause acid reflux ?

Can i drink beer in acid reflux?

Can I drink chocolate ensure with Gastris?

Can i drink pineapple juice to help acid reflux?

Can I drink vitamin d injection and will it be effective or killed in the stomach acidity?

Can i eat eggs and chicken if i have Gastric esophagitis(GERD) and hemorrhoids?

Can I still eat high fiber foods if I am suffering from acid reflux ?

Can limes aggravate acid reflux because they are citrus based?

Can olives and chocolate mint cookies cause acid reflux symptoms ?

Can white chocolate cause acid reflux ?

Can white chocolate cause acid reflux?

Can white sauced sauce better then red when referring to heartburn or acid reflux?

Can you eat honey if you have Gerd , kronic gastritis , Gerd, heartburn,?

Can you eat one burger with acid reflux?

Can you eat pickles with acid reflux?

Can you take Tums (calcium carbonate) before eating spicy food and avoid gastritis?

Can you tell me is there anything in the kitchen cupboard i can take for acid indigestion ?

Can you tell me which foods are safe to eat when you have acid reflux?

Chewing gum (Orbit Brand Containing speramint , aspartame), taken after meals can be good to avoid acid reflux?

Citric acid or bromelain cause pineapple to burn tongue?

Citrus fruits make me phlemgy and coughy. Do I have a citrus allergy and would it apply to other foods and lotions with citric acid?

Could acid reflux symptoms be caused by drinking wine with wedges of lemon?

Could consuming more vegetables and fruits make my acid reflux feel better?

Could tomato sauce give me an acid reflux episode?

Could too much green tea cause acid reflux?

Could you tell me what are food/beverages to stay away from with acid reflux?

Could you tell me what are good foods / drinks to have when you have acid reflux / heartburn?

Could you tell me what fruits should be avoided when having acid reflux?

Could you tell me what happens when you eat too much and you have acid reflux?

Do red grapes cause acid reflux?

Do red grapes cause stomach acid?

Do salt and vinegar chips cause acid reflux?

Does 60 mg of ascorbic acid or cocoa powder cause acid reflux? I have been told citrus and chocolate are not good.

Does a child have much stomach acid, or only after a certain age?

Does alkaline water help with gerd?

Does an overly alkaline diet contribute to GERD or lpr?

Does baked lay chips n cookies cause lots of acid reflux?

Does drinking apple juice help acid reflux?

Does drinking lotsa water help or worsen gastric reflux? Is chocolate bad for gastric reflux? And ketchup?

Does drinking water improve indigestion and reflux?

Does drinking wine increase acid reflux?

Does eating popcorn bad if you have acid reflux?

Does fermented food leads to acid reflux and sore throat?

Does lentils give you heartburn?

Does mango cause heartburn?

Does milk make acid reflux worse? Can a allergy to milk cause reflux and eczema?

Does pickles has acid in it?

Dr said I have GERD can't swallow I'm treating it but how can I eat without choking he said it could be the anxiety but I need to eat just how ?

Every time during and after i eat i get really gassy in the attic and basement is this acid reflux or what can it be?

Excessive hiccup/burps that regurgitate food/acid + acid reflux for several weeks. Scared it's stomach cancer. 21 year old male, not the best diet.

Foods you can eat with acid reflux and a fatty liver?

For a 3 month old with silent reflux, when is best time of the day to give cereal? Before each feed of around supper time?

Had pretty bad acid reflux. Burning my esophagus. Experimented with 1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar in 8 ou of water. It worked! How? It's acidic!!

Have an upset stomach, took malta and gargled w salt water for acid, does this help. I have acid reflux?

Have had heartburn after every meal I eat. Have tried to eliminate certain foods with no luck Zantac (ranitidine) helps but I have been taking it every day?

Having acid indigestion and heartburn while eating since 5 days. How to treat acid indigestion? What type of food to eat and what to avoid?

Hi, I have had gastritis and daily acid reflux since september 2013. I would be grateful for any advice. I already eat healthily and don't smoke.

How can I cure food regurgitation ? If I am already taking ppi for acid reflux and I am only getting food washing up my throat without acid.

How could ginger helps to cure gastritis because its spicy?

How do i stop a acid reflux why is it not good to lay down after eating or while eating?

How does aspiration occur when eating,drinking,? I'm worried cause I cough sometimes after I eat. 23 yrs and I do have acid reflux

How high is the risk of choking (on food) while under anesthetics if you have gastroparesis and frequent acid reflux?

How much and how often does a 6 week old with reflux eat?

How much should my 6 week old eat? She is eating 2 oz every 3 hours with rice added or acid reflux.. 14-18 oz a day?

How much time for folic acid to come back to normal. Am 70 yrs, i had depression so ate little food. Now eating again, so when folic acid normal again?