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A tooth has moved even though i wear my retainer every night! what can I do?

After 9 years of not wearing my orthodontic retainer, my teeth are beginning to shift. What are my options?

After an allergic reaction at the dentist i can't wear my retainer anymore, help?

After braces are removed, how long is the retainer worn? I know that i'll have to wear a retainer for some time after my braces are removed. How long do most people have to wear a retainer? .

After braces ddi (didanosine) you wear a retainer?

Are acrylic orthodontic retainers safe to use?

Are there any negative effects of acrylic dental retainers?

Braces taken off in 1999 and I still wear my retainers. What is causing my lower midline shift?

Can a boil and bite mouthguard act as a retainer?

Can a clear type of retainer cause craze lines on teeth, if you are grinding on it too hard?I place dental wax on the spots wear I am grinding the most

Can a patient with denture wear a braces?

Can alcohol damage an orthodontic retainer?

Can dentures be worn for life? How long in one's life in years can dentures be worn?

Can i buy custom frames and have my doctor place the lenses in afterwards?

Can I fix retainer that won't fit properly?

Can I get a gingivectomy while wearing braces?

Can I make my retainer fit again? I had braces for 2 years and I haven't worn them in a couple monte now they barely fit and are loose in the back

Can i put braces even if i wear dentures?

Can I put wax on Hawley retainer on the acrylic part? I got a new retainer which took the shape of my moved teeth. Can I 'modify' it with wax?

Can i wear braces while already have a bridge?

Can I wear my custom made bruxism night guard for basketball or do I have to get a sports mouth guard?

Can i wear retainers to straighten my teeth?

Can i wear teeth-whitening-strips under Invisialign Aligners? Thanks.

Can inserting and removing my Invisalign retainers cause trauma to teeth with a slight mobility? When is a permanent retainer recommended?

Can my dentist readjust my bite splint that I used before using braces or I need to have a new one made?

Can my retainer re-straighten my teeth after i stopped wearing it for a while?

Can not wearing a retainer undo all the good done by braces? Our daughter simply refuses to wear her retainer most of the time. How much damage can be done by her not wearing it? The teeth can't go all the way back to how they were, can they? .

Can people with dentures put braces?

Can retainers cause a headache? I wore my retainer for first time in a month, my teeth are now straight again & hurt & now have headache

Can wearing a mouth guard mess up your tooth alignment?

Can wearing braces for too long without orthodontic supervision damage your teeth?

Can wearing my vivera retainers longer than 3 months cause my teeth to shift back. i changed it at 4 months. do i need to restart invisalign?

Can wobbly teeth stop after wearing a night guard?

Can you eat normally whilst wearing expander braces?

Can you get your tongue pierced if you wear orthodontic retainers?

Can you keep your brace mould after the process ?

Can you smoke with a spring retainer in?

Can you tell me how much time does it take to close a gap by wearing braces?

Can you tell me if i could wear dentures with no missing teeth.?

Can you wear a sports mouthguard if you've got permanent dental crowns?

Could i take out retainer that i only wear for night keep my teeth in place?

Could it be possible to be poisoned by the metal on a permanent retainer after 15 years of wearing it?

Could molds be made of my teeth if I have a permanent retainer?

Could mouthguards work as a retainers?

Could you have orthodontal headgear wet?

Couldn't to wear dental flipper for 2 months, and now it only goes halfway in. Is it safe to wear it half way until it pushes the tooth outwards?

Do i really need to use orthodontic brushes wearing braces?

Do metal retainers wear away enamel?

Do orthodontic retainers usually fit well?

Do people get molded for a night guard for tooth grinding with braces?

Do retainers actually act like a mouthguard when i wear them to sleep?

Do teeth always shift back if you don't wear a retainer?

Do they make invisalign for grinding during the day? I wear a nite guard at night but i feel silly wearing it during the day.

Do you have to wear a retainer if you have dentures?

Does a dental night guard worn by an adult always need to be made in very hard plastic around teeth or can a more pliable softer one sometimes be ok?

Does the molding stuff they use to mold your teeth for braces cause you to vomit?

For my overbite to be corrected, would I have to get braces or just wear a retainer, what to do?

For people who only wear their Invisalign retainers when they are awake and do not clench their teeth, will natural molar extrusion be impeded?

Front tooth is loose after wearing retainer, what can I do for this?

Getting permanent retainers when had normal retainers?

Had braces and wore my retainer for as long as I needed to, still do at night. My overjet is returning - will wearing my retainer more again fix this?

Had braces on for 6 yrs. Wore retainers as instructed for 2 yrs completely forgot to wear retainers. Will my teeth go crooked again? Will it be as bad

Havnt been wearing my invisigln for a yr after treatment, but have started wearing them again. Can this prevent my teeth from shifting back?

Help! haven't worn invisalign in about 3 months! is it safe to wear it again?

Hey docs, just wanted to know if I could wear a non-braces mouthguard if I have braces ?

Hi docs, would my retainer put my teeth back if i haven't worn them for a while?

Hi docs, would my teeth shift within 4-5 days without retainer?

How can I clean my night time bite guard?

How can I file my retainers?

How can my fixed retainer affect me?

How can you wear retainers and a mouthguard at the same time at night?

How do I clean my bruxism nightguard? I have the hardest material because I chew the soft ones flat. Can I soak it? In what? How long?

How do I get wax off of my plastic invisiline retainer?

How do I know if I have to wear orthodontic elastics during school?

How do retainers prevent underbite from relapsing after ortho? I know they prevent movement within the arch but how do they prevent bad bite relapse?

How do you clean a mouthguard?

How do you clean dental retainers with wires?

How do you clean your mouth if you wear dentures?

How do you know when your enamels wearing off?

How long can I go without wearing dental retainer after getting off braces?

How long can I leave an orthodontic retainer out?

How long can you go without wearing my invisalign retainers and still have them work?

How long do I have to wear a retainer after getting my braces off?

How long do I have to wear my retainer?

How long do I wear space maintainers?

How long do people have to wear space maintainers?

How long do you have to wear night guard for bruxism?

How long do you have to wear retainers for after braces?

How long do you have to wear the palate expander for braces?

How long do you wear a soft splint night guard for. My dentist said Its to relax my muscles and I'm only wearing one on my bottom teeth ?

How long does a retainer fixed to my bottom teeth need to stay on? I've had my braces off for almost 5 years?

How long does it take invisalign to make tighter retainers? its been 7 weeks and dental office tells me retainers are in manufacture state

How long should (Damon) braces be worn after final adjustments? I was given 4 weeks, and told not to worry about a loose bracket after only 2 weeks.

How long should i change retainers after invisalign? i have 2 retainers. i was thinking every 3 months? and than buy a new set of retainers?

How long should I wear my retainer after braces?

How long should you brush your teeth if you are using retainers after invisalign treatment? i only wear them at night. 2 minutes or 5 minutes?

How long will I have to wear my retainer after my braces come off? I've made the last appointment with my orthodontist to have my braces taken off, and i would like to know how long i can expect to wear a retainer. .

How long will l have to wear invisalign for 18 trays?

How many hours of the day should I wear my retainer if I have a crossbite and I have to wear it to push some teeth forward?

How much longer do I need braces. Its been 16 months I have no more gaps. I only wear triangle elastics now to movie my jaw.. Any ideas how muchlonger?