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Hello, i have a skintag (i think) on my hip and i tied a rubber band around it and it was hurting and uncomfortable so i removed the rubber band and n?

Help plz! Can rubber bands on my braces close gaps?

Hi docs! what could I do with unused orthodontic rubber bands?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is having a rubber dental dam like?

Hi i have four teeth extracted for braces and it have not closed i am wearing rubber bands i am worried now and i doing something wrong or what help

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I accidentally swallowed my rubber bands for the braces. The elastics contains natural rubber latex. It dosen't say warning, so should i be worried?

I am a runner and my it band bothers me any suggestions?

I have a hemorrhoid and I heard the only way to get rid of it is to tie it with a rubber band so it'll fall off. Does a doctor need to do it or can I?

I have a low allergy to latex, can I still wear the orthodontic bands used to fix overbite?

I have braces, and I was wondering if it helps move teeth faster if you eat meals with the elastic rubber bands on?

I haven't been wearing my bands (braces). What could happen?

I just had my first generation braces today but my doctor didn't placed rubber bands around the brackets and he told me that it is not time yet. Why?

I'm running out of rubber bands for my braces, and I'm going to the orthodontist for about 5 days. Can my bite change by this?

I'm wondering what does twisting orthodontic elastics do?

I'm wondering what is the purpose of rubber bands for braces?

I've had damon braces for 6 months and in a few weeks I will be getting rubber bands. how much treatment time do I have left (barely an overbite)?

I've seen many people close their gaps by just wrapping small rubber bands around their teeth. Is that safe to do?

If I have a class 3 malocclusion and am getting braces will I need rubber bands?

If I wear two rubber bands at the same time will it make the process faster?

Is it ok if doctors office use the same rubber band to tie gourarm up while they draw blood or should it be new ?

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Is there a specific way elastics should be put on? Braces

My dentist told me to put an elastic band on one side of my braces during daytime and to put the elastic bands on both sides at night. Is this normal?

Please help docs! where can I buy orthodontic elastic bands ?

Please tell me if i need to put wax on my molar band hooks?

Rubber band ligation for hemorrhoids. Is it a good option (with good success on first try)?

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