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i am experiencing pain in my shoulders and upper back. and i have difficulty breathing. What can be the cause?

1 yr chronic upper back pain. Now 5 sec. pinching pains in left breast and chest and straight back to shoulderblade. What causes this?

1 yr upper back pain.Now pain in left chest at the breastline.Pain only lasts seconds, usually when bending forward or lying on side.What causes this?

23 year old with sharp upper left back pain after eating....?

23 yr old female severe lower right abdominal pain also lower back right ride and right leg pain. What could it be?

25yo chest pain and upper back pain doctor thinks it's muscleoskeletal. 3ekgs and blood work all normal. How long can muscleoskeletal pain last?

A muscle on the right side of my chest/back spasms and causes a lot of discomfort, pains and tightness. On and off for weeks. How can I relieve this?

A pinching or piercing pain on lower left abdomen accompanied by lower back pain, what could it be?

A sharp pain in my back while breathing. What can this be?

After hemicolectomy, I feel a sharp pain from my lower back then travels down to my left leg?

After hemicolectomy, i feel a sharp pain from my lower back then travels down to my left leg. What could be wrong?

Age 14. Flush bp147/78 complains of sharp chest pain..Back pain?

Am 18 years old in the past few days i get heartburn and pain in the chest and pain in the left side of my neck and back?

Am 4.5 weeks pregnant. Having hip pain, lower back pain, and upper and lower abdominal pain all on the right side. Leg sometimes too. Is this normal?

As I lay here I'm awoken but excruciating pain. My back is killing me and its radiating into my stomach. I'm in constant pain and don't know why?

Back knots in lower back and sharp shooting pains middle upper backand lower neck?

Back pain chest area and often heartburn?

Back pain in the middle of my back on the right side worsens when im laying on my back and shortness of breath?

Back pain in upper back next. To my shoulder?

Back pain on spine, chest tightness, abdomen pain, headaches.Any new ideas of what the cause might be?

Back pain on the lower right side. Pain radiating down right buttock and leg. What could it be?

Back pain shoulder pain neck pain pain I'm my right arm can not breath good and tight chest pain under my right are and and leg pain all together ?

Back pain when i breathe in only in the morning?

Back pain. Right Lower shoulder blade area. Lay flat on floor more than once everyday to help pain. Right shoulder is lower than my left when I stand.

Back pains & tightness under rib cage also nasuea?

Bad pain in lower left side of back.With left leg pain.Could this be kidney related?

Bad pain In upper back. It's pinching/stabbing pain and it hurts most when sitting down?

Been having epigastric pain for 5 mo. Last week or so been noticing sharp pain in my mid back and also sharp pain under left shoulder blade. Related?

Been having lower back pain that is worse at night.. Also some pain in my rib just between my breast, both pain worse at night.

Began having severe back pain on the lower right side 4 weeks ago. Sciatica diagnosed. Constant pain now in lower abdomen. Something else possibly?

Both hip pain goes up into back and chest?

Burning and pain in middle of chest witj back ache . any ideas ?

Burning dull pain right lower ribs and back what could it be?

Burning pain in the upper right back area?

Can a back strain cause chest discomfort??

Can a cold give you chest pains/back pains on the left side?

Can a fractured rib cause back pain & abdominal pain ? Or any other symptoms ?

Can a tight bra with underwires cause chest pain/upper back pain?

Can an old rib injury cause pain that comes back after 5 years?

Can back misalignment cause chest discomfort... Pain across ribs and such?

Can back pain cause sore feeling in chest !?

Can back pain radiate and cause pain in the chest as well?

Can back pain sometimes go to cause chest pain?

Can bad posture cause upper back pain which then causes upper abdominal pain?

Can constipation cause a sensation down the side of your legs and lower back pain (right above buttocks) ?

Can constipation cause upper right back pain?

Can costochondritis cause pain where esophugus is located ? Where besides the back does it cause pain !?

Can costochondritis cause upper back pain along with the chest pain?

Can costochondrtitis cause back pain ?

Can costrochondritis cause upper back as well as chest pain?

Can GERD cause jaw and back pain?

Can gerd cause pain in upper left back?

Can GERD cause upper back pain, like dull aching pain?

Can improper breathing cause upper back pain?

Can inflammation of the esophagus cause pain to radiate the upper back?

Can liver trouble cause lower left back pain?

Can lower back pain cause tingling in arms?

Can mid back pain specially under right shoulder blade pain (dull ache) cause chest discomfort? Right lung cancer ?

Can muscle tightness cause shooting pain? Non cardiac shooting chest pain sometimes goes downwards into my stomach. Some in upper back as well.

Can neck pain causes back and chest pain? Thank you

Can nerve pain radiate spiratically from upper back to edges of your breast? What are kinds of upper nerve pain or causes That effects your upper

Can ovulation cause pain in right ovary and right side of lower back that radiates down leg?

Can pain in the back, cause chest pain?

Can pain in the lungs, throat or esophagus cause referred pain to the muscles in the back of the neck?

Can pms cause upper back and shoulder pain?

Can pregnancy cause back and chest pain?

Can shingles cause extreme upper back pain.

Can someone at ashram in asia help me with my upper back pain?

Can strep cause pain in your chest and back?

Can stress cause chest, back, neck pain....And can it cause heartburn?

Can the pain from broken ribs in upper back radiate?

Can the upper back spasms cause tightness in the chest?

Can upper back pain result from esophageal pain?

Can upper back/shoulder pain be relieved? If so, how?

Can you have back pain and side-rib pain with costochondritis? I have it; pain mostly in my left chest. Worried about the back pain.

Can you pull a muscle in your lower left abdomen? To the immediate right if the left hip?

Can you tell me about lower back pain just right above the butt crack?

Can you tell me about what to do for lower back pain just right above the butt crack?

Can you tell me how I could alleviate back and chest pains?

Can your gallbladder cause you to have pain in the rt side of your back near your shoulder blade and severe indigestion but no abdomen pain?

Cause of left lower back pain radiating to hip?

Causes of right lower back pain? Sudden onset. 17 year old girl. Extending to hip.

Chest and back pain for the past week what is the cause?

Chest and back pain in the morning could that be serious?

Chest and back pain, what could it be?

Chest discomfort feeling of stock in the throat what is the problem there pain radiates in the back?

Chest heaviness and pain in my spine and upper back. What could this be? Can your back cause chest heaviness?

Chest heaviness and upper back pain for 24 hours. What could this be?

Chest pain every night and upper back pain what causes it? Thanks

Chest pain goes thru to the back. Very right side, only with movement. Stabbing pain. Advil (ibuprofen) didn't help.

Chest pains that move down in the middle of my stomach and heartburn and back pain?

Collar bone pain when I get up from laying down. Along with excruciating chest, stomach and back pain. What could it be.

Compressed a sneeze now have chest and back pain why?

Constant dull pain in mid back between shoulder blades. Pain can be sharp or burning at times. The pain is worse if I stretch neck down towards chest?

Corner of left lower back pain ?

Coughing up some mucus.Chest pain radiates into breasts. Shoulder pain Upper back pain. X 1 wk. Headache?

Could a chiropractor help with chest, stomach, arm, and back pain that's been consistent?

Could a cough lead to upper back pain?

Could a toothache cause pain in the neck and upper chest?

Could IBS be the cause of back and side pain? (pain mainly on the left)