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Severe pain right side under my belly button also in lower back and dull headache maybe 3 weeks pregnant been getting worse over last few days?

14 weeks and 5 days pregnant experiencing constant pulsating pain in upper abdomen. Had several bouts of vomiting before pain. No fever slight headach?

2 days ago i began having stabbing pain in the lower right side of my tummy. It has spread toward my back but that pain is dull. Hurts to cough/move. I've had bms & can pass gas; not bloated. Ideas?

2 months ago I woke in the night with intense pain in abdomen and urge to pee. No infection but pain severe left side when laying down and causes urge?

23 weeks pregnant. Constant lower back pain, constant dull upper abdominal pain under breast. Help?

24 born with kidneys much lower on right side in abdoman woke up with sharp pain where they are now just abdomable cramps constant advice?

28 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Been experiencing some lower right stomach pain and mid to upper sharp pains in my stomach this morning during walking?

3 yr old son complaining of pain from just below sternum through lower abdomen. No obstructions felt. Doesn't talk well so can't explain the pain.

31 weeks pregnant with bad upper abdominal pain that starts on left side below ribs and works its way down entire abdomen. Pain comes and goes.

36wks pregnant and feeling lots of movement but constant back and groin pain, feeling the tightening in my stomach. Sharp side pains and low pressure.

4 days worsening right side lower abdo pain. No fever. Slight onausea. Pain worsening bad but not unbearable. Doesn't really hurt pressing on it. ?

4 severe episodes of upper abdominal pain? The pain was so bad I had to lay on floor until the pain subsided, this has happened 4 times?

46 yr F .Pain under left rib cage and lower left side. Heaviy feeling in lower stomach, crampy feeling, pressure in rectum. What can be causing this?

47 yrs old woman.have achy pain in right ovary area radiated down leg for last 4 days some bloated and nausea feeling what could cause these symptom?

6 months frequent urination, now pain in lower right abdomen and back and right leg, is it kidneys? No fever, no fatigue, no nausea, thank you.

7 weeks pregnant and have severe burning pain in stomach that radiates to back what could this be?

A dull pain in upper right shoulder that feels like gas pain & has been constant for about 2 weeks. No other symptoms & no medicine relieves. ?

A friend experiencing a sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the left hand side, nausea and vomiting. What could be the possible sickness?

ab. pain 24hr Pain upper mid to right side.Slight tenderness when touched.No injury. Crampy achy -severe hunger pain. Pain worse when eat. No relief

Abdomen right side pain , rib pain , back pain , anus pressure , pelvic pain gassy bloated nauses constipation , left abdomen pain , 4 months IBS ?

Abdominal discomfort without pain when sleeping on my side?

Abdominal pain sharp and burning low right side. Rebound pain, bloated. Pain when lifing right leg. No fever. No appetite, nausea. Appendix or gas?

Abdominal pain that is very sharp started mid upper AB and now moving to right upper quad started out intermittent and is now a constant 8/10 pain?

Abdominal pain. Quick waves that radiate down to lower right and turn into sharp throbbing, then stops. Slight nausea. Should I be concerned?

Abdominal point tenderness in upper left quadrant. Sharp pain. Also feel a little bloated, not sure if it's related. Indigestion? Or more serious?

About every 7 minutes I have been getting severe pains in my lower abdomen and I have severe diarehia what is this?

Aches and pain, nausea, fever, upper abdomen and back pain is that normal?Just got over unexplained pancreatitis so im worried!not same pain, same area

Aching pain lower left side of belly button feel bloated and nauseous and major headache should I go in to er?

Achy diffuse lower abdominal pain-comes and goes. Not the same as gas pain. Hurt so bad I have to lay down. Laying on stomach helps. What could it be?

After eating a meal a week ago i got an upset stomach. Now I have lower right abdominal pain with lower right back pain. Usually a ache with cramps?

After eating I keep getting left side abdominal pain. Dull Ache when sitting but worse on movement. I've had this On/off for months. Any idea why?

Am 8 weeks pregnant and am having serious upper abdominal pain.I hurts so bad?

Appendicitis or constipation? Slight cramping in lower right stomach, didn't start near naval. Not painful just slight discomfort. No pain to touch

As soon as I woke up, my lower abdomen started rumbling like crazy. there is a discomfort/pain in my lower abdomen now. what is this?

Bad pain in lower right side comes and goes in waves. but its a horrible cramping/stabbing pain. makes me crouch over. no fever or nausea, or other si?

Been 3 weeks that I've been having these lower abdominal pain. These last 2 days got worse and now I am feeling as if my stomach is being tearing.Help?

Been experiencing pain in my right side lower back an abdomen for the past 4 days. Made me very nauseas an throw up the first day, not sure what could be causing this ?

Been having abdominal pain just to the right of my naval, slightly above and below. The pain is a moderate throbbing and hurts worse if I push on it?

Been having upper GI problems. Bloating, burning, nausea and vomiting. Pain that shooting through to the back and up to the right shoulder.

Been on my period for about 2 months and dull lower abdominal pains hurts when I push or cough?

Been really tired & have lower back pain to where i didn't want 2 get out of bed, i also felt some tenderness on my right side of abdominal what is it?

Been suffering pain on the right lower side with stomach, chest and back pain for nearly 2 weeks now. No loss of appetite but constipated. What is it?

Been vommitting past few days. Now there's pain on left and right side of abdomen(above the navel). Pain comes before and after vommitting. ?

Blood in stool, abdominal pain and pain in left side of chest, what to do?

Both sides of lower abdomen are having sharp pains/aching. It's been happening for about a month now, but it seems to be worsening. *sex=discomfort?

Burning sensation in mid back on the left side, cramping in abdomen, pain coming and going in waves over the last week or so. No fever. Thoughts?

Can having a "blocked or full" bowel cause frequent nausea and feverish syptoms? Been goin on a while now, sharp pains to lower left of abdomen?

Can these symptoms be part of ovulation: bad nausea, left lower ab pain, lower back pain, tender breast, headaches, faintness & bloating?

Can you tell me what to do if I feel extreme pain in my abdomen. any ideas?

Cause for concern? Severe stomach pain, pains when eating tenderness under right rib cage, diarrhea, and headache mostly over right eye.Go to dr?

Central and right side lower abdominal pain... period 3 times this month.. nauseous and very full feeling..

Chest pain, nasal congestion, distorted vision, headache, waves of nausea, sharp pain lower right abdomen, dull pain lee right back, thoughts?

Child with left sided stomach pain, what do you suggest?

Constant dull pain in right lower abdomen, accompanied by slight nausea, started as crampy.feeling, what could cause this?

Constant lower left abdominal pain...What could it be? I have had dull lower left abdominal pain for the past few weeks, and haven't thought anything of it. Lately, it's becoming more painful and happening more frequently (i have had the pain nonstop for

Constant stabbing pain in lower left back. No fever nausea or vomiting or fatigue. Would get stabbing pain off and on the past few months.what is wron?

Constant throbbing and tenderness under right rib also belching and ache in right shoilder?

Constipated/ I do have a mild achiness on my right abdominal side. Related?

Constipation two days lower right pain by my hip and lower right pain in back. Should i be worried? No fever small nausea no vomit.

Constipation? Slight pain in lower left abdomen and hard time pooping feeling like I have to go then can't slight stiffness as well

Could I have appendicitis? I've been feeling pain every now & then in my lower right abdomen with slight nausea but it's also right before my period.

Could it be period or something else to cause stomache ache, right hip pain, breast pain, and headache?

Cramp in stomach, extends to back of left chest and left arm. More painful if i lie down, nausea standing up. Had diarrhea day before.

Cramping,stabbing,sharpdull or aching pain every day in abdo.Never consistent,mainly occur in a few Main spots. Today had almost constant ache. Dying?

Cramps pain left abdomen worse with exercise?

Dear Doctor, I have this abdominal pain where the pain moves mostly in right or left lower abdomen. I feel fullness a lot. My stool has red dots. ?

Do i have appendicitis if i feel lower right back pain when im pooping?

Does pancreatic cause a stabbing pain in back? Almost like a fast cramp or spasm.

Does this sound anything like aspergers? Lower back ache, headache, lower right side ache in tummy?

Dull constant ache, tenderness, and bloating in lower right abdomen. Started about 3 days ago. Sharp pain when too deep during intercourse. Appenix?

Dull intermittent pain in lower left abdomen (very low) started last night and continued today. What might it be. No fever and no vomiting?

Dull pain in lower right side lower back ache right leg ache white vagina with itching frequent nausea.

Dull pain in upper center abdomen a few days ago with nausea. Then sudden sharp stabbing pain that lasted 15 mins upper right abdomen. Serious or gas?

Dull pain on lower rt side of abd. It comes & goes. Should I worry about appendicitis? It isn't horrible pain it's just noticeable.

Dull pain with bouts of sharp stabbing burning in R back side waist area goin on one wk now first few days also nausea & pain down R leg too. Plz help?

Dull pain/pressure in abdominal area, headach, runny nose and lower back hurts. What could it be?

Dull pulsating pain lower right of stomach when sitting. Pain for 2 seconds then goes away. 4 days now. Seem to be bloated as well. ?

Episodes of constipation every now and then. Also feels bloated in my upper left abdomen and upper left back. What could this be?

Episodes of upper back and upper abdominal pain right side. Crying from pain. Go to er? Or is it just my ibs? Nausea also

Evertime time I have yellow stool, I have pain on my lower right side, what's down there that would cause this pain and should I have it checked out?

Every time I have sex my stomach is in pain a nauseas feeling, then i get sharp pains in my lower abdominal area, what is it?

Excruciating lower abs pain along with side pain and urge to vomit and nausea, nothing lands good in my stomach?

Experiencing dull and occasionally sharp pain in my right waist to the right side of abdomen with abdominal bloatedness. What're the possible causes?

Experiencing dull pains in the lower& upper abdomen & sharp pain on right side of abdomen which comes and goes. Bloated, soft stool, no bleeding/fever?

Experiencing random sharp shooting pains in my abdomen/rectum right before passing gas,mostly when sitting.I even feel pressure there when I cough???

Extreme abdominal pain making me double over cramps are making it worse upper left and right sides?

Extreme left shoulder pain followed by diarrhea for 3 days. Should I be worried?

Extreme lower back pain and the left side of my belly hurts. I get painful headaches, dizzy. And nasua what can this be?

Extreme pain in lower right abdomen-1hour + now happening ?

Fatigue upper n lower stomach pain nausea left feet pain pelvic pain frequently pee n leaking something it is normal?

Feel nausea. Consistent dull pain on the left side and just above navel. Headache?

Feeling a sharp pain in my upper abdomen. I've been getting it a few times a day and every night. Ideas?

Feeling lots of pain in lower right side of abdomen while urinating and using the bathroom?

Feeling neauseus. Getting slight twinges in lower abdomen. Gas pains. What can this be?

Feeling pain severe pain when seeing my menses in the lower quadrant of my abdomen?

Feeling slight movement in my stomach and have lower back pain any ideas as to the cause?

Fever. I have been running a fever above a hundred for the past few days and having pain on my lower left side of stomach what could be causing it?

Few sharp pains to lower abdomen with few episodes of bloating but feel okay in some of the episodes. Lower back pain and headaches also. Any ideas?

Flank pain while urinating? I am 16 weeks pregnant, and as of last night i've been having flank pain on the left side. It's a pretty dull ache most of the time and it isn't there constantly, but it definitely intensifies into a sharp pain while i'm in th

Following my last question I now have a fever of over 100 degrees and sharp pain in the upper right side of my stomach should I go to the hospitol?