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black diarrhea and rectal bleeding.Bloody stool, Diarrhea, severe Lower abdominal pain for 2 wks and chest pain not on any meds it hurts when i walk

2 weeks abdominal pain Hard to pass gas really have to bear down Now nickel size white mucus on stool. No constipation or diarrhea not pregnant no uti?

20 year old, black spots in stools, rest stool brown, mild nausea, mild abdominal discomfort, anxiety, what could it be?

20 year old, black spots in stools, rest stools brown,mild nausea,mild abdominal discomfort,somtimes bloating, anxiety, what could be possible cause?

20 years old, Blacl spots in stools, usually the stool Is brown, uspet stomach, bloating, mild abdominal discomfort, is it cancer?

25/m green stool, no pain with bowel movement, no stomach pain, appetite normal, normal consistency. Why are they green? Should i be concerned?

26 yr old white female, lower abdominal pain & right lower back pain after bowel movement. End of stool was bloody & some green mucus looking pieces.

3 months of nausea, upper stomach mild cramping, off and on yellow stools, off and on back pain, is this pancreatic cancer?

3 years with extreme adominal pain, month or so ago changed to extreme anal pain with thick bloody mucus no stool. Very painful to pass.

6 days of constipation, now black tar foul oder stools and severe right side flank pain?

7 days. Gassy pressure both flank sides lower stomach below belly button. Peed blood for 1dy. Diarrhea maybe from stool softener some mucus. Pls help?

Abdo pain in child mucous diarrhea?

Abdominal pain + dark greenish soft stool+ fever + nausea. What do these indicate?

Abdominal pain accompanied by SPF stools. What does this mean?

Abdominal pain and blood in feces what's wrong?

Abdominal pain and blood in stool for few days I am getting abdominal pain and yesterday i got bright red blood in stool. What could be the cause?How to cure this?

Abdominal pain and bloody stool, could this be serious. What should I do?

Abdominal pain, colostomy, not passing solid stool, watery stools,hernia. When should I be worried and go to the ER?

Abdominal pain, loose pale coloured stools, nausea?

Abdominal pain, nausea, chest pain, leg cramping and mucus in stool that looks orange. Known IBS but never this bad before. What could it be?

After antibiotic i saw blood in stool diarrhea burning pain in the stomach or in the right side of the stomach. What is wrong?

Bad abdominal cramps when passing stool!! Why is that??

Black foamy stool in adult male with stomach pain and fever?

Black stool lower belly pain for about 5 days now will targerment help did have a ucler before years ago actiing the same way

Blood and mucus in stools alongside severe lower abdominal pain?

Blood in stool and occasional abdominal pain. What can I do?

Blood in stool diahrrea constipation abdominal pain and bloating fevers night sweats irregular periods lower back pain severe dry cough?

Blood stool for about a week and now no stool and still pain in my stomach is it time for me to go to the doctors now?

Bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain. How do I treat this quickly?

Bloody stool, painful bowel movements, bad smelly discharge and side pain. What are these symptoms of?

Bloody tarry vomit and stool. No pain experienced. ?

Bright colored blood clots in stool along with lower abdominal stabbing pain.

Burning and pain in chest but stops if i pass a stool. What is wrong?

Can an ovarian cyst or tumor cause you to have dark tarry blood in stools with abdominal distention and gas with pain?

Can bleeding from hemorrhoid present as bloody mucus detached from stools but passed along with bm? Also have lower abdominal pain and bloating. Thx!

Can ibuprofin cause stomach pains and bloody stool?

Can passing stool cause back pain?

Can stomach/abdominal pains be a sign of feces passing through the intestines?

Can you tell me more about abdominal pain and irregularity in stool?

Chest burning bad bloody stools feeling like vomiting lots of gas stomach pains on off more bowel movments thin stools diarrhea itchy painful colon.?

Chest discomfort, severe lower abdominal pain, white things in stool, diarrhea and yellow stringy things in stool also. What could be causing these?

Chronic nausea.stools dark brown/black. abdominal discomfort?

Constant lower pelvic pain/Painful to pass gas and stool/nausea/fatigue/ mucus in stool. colonoscopy/egd/ct scan/ /stool test normal. any ideas?

Constipation and stomach pain. Blood and stool samples are good. What can cause this ?

Constipation followed by diarrhoea with dark coloured blood and mucous.. Is this a sign of crohns? Fatigue & in lots of pain around naval

Constipation, rectal pain when sitting, spots of bright red blood on tissue, diarrhea, stomach cramps on right side. Ibs? Hemorrhoid?

Could IBS cause sticky/mucousy stools and shooting pains up my bottom?

Cramping pains in my lower stomach, blood in the stool. What could it be?

Diarrhea morning and night for 7 days no vomit, fever or pain but cramping a bit before diarrhea. gas and floating stool pieces / large volume ?

Discomfort just below my sternum for a week now, past few days I have been having runny bright orange diarrhea. Don't have my appendix/gall bladder?

Does divercolitis cause abdoman pain , difficulty releasing stool , mucus in stool,back pain and rectal pain that last for 30 min after bathroom?

Endometiosis cause pelvic pain, pain with hard stools, change in stools, constant period-like cramps?

Epigastric pain, alternating not constant, with watery brown stool around 300-400 ml just once. pain continues after bowel movement pain score 2/10?

Extreme abdominal pain black foul smelling stools and everytime I move it hurts. Suggestions?

Extreme stomach pain and black poo. What is wrong with me?

Fever of 99.6 for 7 days, left lower abdomen pain,bloated, occasional bleeding in bowel, diarrhea,food allergies, throwing up clean colonoscopy. Help?

Flat belly to looking 7 months pregnant (not preg) severe abdominal pain and bloating after every meal with clay coloured stools nausea and vomiting?

Floating, yellow loose stools with fatigue and headache, pain before bowel movement?

For 3 weeks, stomach growling, passing a lot of gas, dull pain above belly button. No blood in stool or vomit. What could cause this?

For 4 days i've had a sharp "cramp" in the center of my pelvic area. Followed by very mucousy diarrhea. Today my stool is tar black with pain still?

For a few months I have had lower right abdominal pain when I pass a stool along with really soft pencil thin stools with flat sides? Causes? I'm 21.

For about a month I have had yellow floating poo diarrhoea constipation pencil thin poo need to strain a lot abdominal pain lower back pain ?

For about a year I have had bad colon pains. Stools are almost always loose or diarrhea. No blood. Pain similar to contractions. I get faint.

For one week I have had upper quadrant abdominal pain & diarrhea, should I go to ER? I also have yellow/ cloudy stools

For the last year or so when I am having severe stomach pain and constipation, my bowel movements will have white mucous or tissue.Is this concerning?

Foul smelling gas, lower abdominal pain and cramps during bowel movement, bloating, rectal bleeding. Approx 3 months with symptoms. 27 yr old female?

From several months I am having unformed stool but there is no it normal?

Gas pains, stomach cramps, black specks in stool?

Gas, bloating, bad stomach pains that radiate to back, bright red blood in stool sometimes normal ultrasound. What can it be? Gastitis? Diverticulitis

Greasy, foul smelling floating stools. Discomfort below breastbone. No fever or appetite. Sometimes discomfort under right shoulder blade. Queasy.

Green and bloody discharge with abdominal pain?

Green stool, no pain w/ bm, dull up & down abdominal pain, appetite normal, slightly loose consistency, about 4 bm's a day. Should i be concerned?

Had abdominal cramps and pain and experiencing black stool for 3 days. now for the past 2 my stool is back to looking brown but still abdominal pain?

Had abdominal cramps and pain and experiencing black stool for 3 days. now for the past 2 my stool is back to looking brown but still abdominal pain?

Had burning sensation in lower abdominal area, black sludge stool, constipation, white mucus in stool,blood on toilet paper,lower left abdominal pain?

Had pain in lower abdomen,passed stool,pain gone but there was A LOT of bright blood in the bowl.stool was watery.should I go to ER?

Have had diarrhea for a week. Cramping in my lower abdomen especially in the mornings. Lots of gas, some mucous but no blood and no fever.

Having Pain in the intestines after passing stool and burning pain also but not always? Plz help

He's having pain in his anus for 2 days. Had a bloody stool but it's normal now. Also a pain in lower stomach. What could it be?

Hello , I believe I have Dysentery . I have blood in liquid stools , abdominal pain and a fever that comes and goes . I have had this for 3 months .

Hello do I need to seek medical help if my stool is black and I have abdominal pain with vomiting?

Help docs? Why is it that when i poop there is a lot of pain?

Hi, I've been experiencing mushy, green stool 4 or more times a day with gas for over a week now, no pain. Gas the entire day. I'm not sure why. ?

Hi, I've been experiencing pain in my abdomen and more frequent bowel movements. My stool is soft (and appears slightly undigested) ideas?

How do I get yellow stool and abdominal pain?

How does constipation and passing stools give ache in the testicle? I have no lumps anywhere

How will i know what does abdominal pain and black, grainy stool mean?

Hv had bloody stool with some abdominal pain and intermintant loose stools?

I am 19 wks preg. Had diarrhea for 2 days and cramping in the upper right abdominal quadrant. For the last 2 days, stool has been pale/whitish.

I am a 58 y/o female. For the past four days I have had lower abdominal pain, constipation, and yellowish mucus from the rectum when I try a bm.

I am experiencing abdominal discomfort and frequent stools.

I am experiencing clay colored stool. I got my gallbladder removed five days ago. The following also describes me: Bloating or abdominal fullness. ?

I am experiencing diarrhea (quality: chronic, persistent) , passing gas, stomach cramps (quality: cramping in lower abdomen) , frequent stools, ab...for about 3 months now, theres now pain and stools are firm somtimes.

I am experiencing frequent stools, stomach upset, abdominal pain (low down) severity: moderate) and thin, pencil and green stool ?

I am experiencing lower abdominal pain and bloody stool. The following also describe me: Rectal bleeding and Mucus in stool. What should I do?

I am experiencing chronic abdominal pain all over, bloating, painful bowel movements, tender abdomen, diarrhea, mucus in stool since February 2017?

I am experiencing loose stool and abdominal cramps after I strained (1 week) a lot while defecating since I was having extreme constipation. Why so?

I am finding white foam when I pass stool and also I have pain around the belly button no vomiting, no blood found in stool what could be wrong?

I am having blood with my stools/motion but there is no pain. What can it be?

I am having issues with bloating and mild stomach pain/ cramping and light colored stool?