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The upper right side of my back hurts, but I don't have a fever or any other symptoms. What could cause this?

Burning sensation in lower left side below rib cage and goes to the lower left back side. It sometimes stingy/itchy and I am burping alot. Cause?

I have pain on the right side on my hip in the back when I breathe in. only when I lean forward. I have had this pain for about a week. ?

I have on going pain on my right back side above my hip and in the middle between right side and spinal cord. The pain is gradually getting worse. ?

pain in my upper right abdomen and back. First time for around six months. Went away for about six months and returned and has hurt for 5 months. ?

Right ear pain/discomfort. Right side back tongue slight numbness ?

19 weeks pregnant and have a sharp constant pain in lower right side of back what could this be?

2 year old girl having stomache side pain right side closer to back.

21 weeks 4 days. Hurts when pee pain on one side of lower back. What can I do for relief?

23 weeks pregnant its ok to feel a lowe right side pain when i walk?

24 year old female with pain in my lower back on the right side. It has been getting worse and I've had it for three days I can hardly move.

24f with sharp right lower side pain along with back pain.?

38weeks+3 pregnant, painful middle to upper back pain on left side. Why is this?

40 weeks pregnant and I can barely walk. Have a sharp pain in my right lower back side. Should this be happening?

6 weeks pregnant, pain in middle right side of back that radiates to the front if I breathe deep...

6yr daughter complains of off & on pain in lower right side & ab?

9 weeks preganthip pain my right side of my lower back towards the side I have pain .pain down my butt onto right leg. But pain now grion pain?

9 yr old daughter having pain in her lower back on the right side closer to the front. Hurts to move. What could this be?

After i eat i get a stabbing pain in my lower right side?

Are lower back pains common after implantation? Lower back, kind of to the side on the right. It almost feels like a pulled muscle.

Back pain an swelling months after epidural that comes an goes what could be the cause lower back left side?

Back pain entire left side except head goes all the way to bottom of left foot have lump left ft side of lower spine?

Back pain on left side in the middle of my back. Pain level is at a 5. I don't workout so i don't think i pulled anything.

Back pain right side in the middle when move or breath?

Back pain throbbing middle back both sides?

Been having right side both front & back pain 4 days. In back it hurts just under the bottom of my ribs to my hip. Hurts on the side the same?

Been having severe pain shooting from lower back down my leg on right side !!! I tramadol did not seem to help!!

Been having severe upper back soreness that travels to my side and into my arm on my right side what is it?

Been having stinging back pain on the lower right side that come and go. Sometimes the pain is mild but other times it is almost unbearable. Any idea?

Both sides of my back hurt. Is this normal?

Burning throbbing in right front and back?

Can a pinched nerve on my left side lower back affect my right side?

Can metformin cause lower back and front side pain. I have only had it since I started it. ?

Cause of sharp pain, right side above belt line?

Causes of deep burning sensation in right side of chest and right upper back/middle back? On and off, don't last long. Don't think it's heartburn

Constant pain behind my lower right rib in the back feels internal, any idea what it could be.

Constant pain in my left side, left lower back, left abdomen, left side of pelvis, and my groin feels smashed. How do I treat this?

Constipated and my left upper back hurts as well. What could be wrong?

Diagnosed with a muscle sprain in lower back 3 weeks ago, lower back still hurts hurts and aches on the right side. Is this normal? Will pain subside?

Diarrhea painful , after a week, i started to have pain in lower left back, now moved up to upper back near shoulder blade both on left side. Help!?

Disabilitating pain that comes and goes that moved from left shoulder to both sides of neck, then right hand side mid back now its in lower right arm?

Discomfort in left top tummy, gurgling. Pain around back & middle lower left back. Doc gave me ranitidine. Constipated at times. Lower left pain worse?

Dull lower back pain just under ribs on left side. Only feels slightly better when laying down on my right side. Muscle spasms in the left leg also.

Dull pain below lower right ribs and right back accompanied with acidity . What it could be ?. Its on and off and been there since a few years

Dull pain in right side starting by ribs in middle of stomach around to the back for three days. Pain moves and isn't debilitating. What is it?

Dull pain when i take a deep breath? Lower-mid right side of my back

Ever since I had my first daughter three years ago, i've had pain on the right, back side of my neck, lessens if shoulders are down?

Everyday when after waking up i got an annoying pain in the right or sometimes left side of my lower back. Right where the kidneys are.

Exercise gives me sharp pain in side and back. What now?

Experiencing pain in my lower back.from my right side to my back .what could it be?

Extremely bad lower back pain on the left side. What can I take for this?

Feeling lots of pain in left hand side of lower back and lower belly and tightness?

Feeling lots of pain in the left side of my lower back when i urinate?

First I started getting sharp pain on my left side by my uterus and now few days go by and the pain is moving up my back. What should I do?

For 2 wks, pms-like cramps in lower right side with back and leg pain on that side. Off & on, worse throughout day, worse when sitting. What is this?

For a few weeks now I've been experiencing pain in my lower right back when I breathe even normally. What could be the cause?

For a week had pain in my chest then right below then lower abdomen and back all left side. Very gassy not constipated. Also tightness in left leg.

For about 3 days now I've had this sharp stabbing pain in the lower part of my back/hip on the left side. It comes&goes.any idea? Not pregnant.

For almost the past week I've been having lower stomache pain on my left side and it goes down thru my left lower side of my body. What is this pain?

For over 4 months now i've been getting a slight pain in my lower right abdomen, but only when i bend down. What could possibly be causing this?

For the past 2 or 3 days now I have this annoying lower back pain right about my buttocks. Whenever i bend over sometimes it shoots right into my back?

For the past couple of weeks i have had off and on sharp pain in my lower left back, shooting pains through the left side of my face, and now as of today my outer left thigh is numb and tingling?

For the past two years, I have had intense pain down the right side of my back and my lower abdomen. The pain usually only comes out when walking?

For three months now, been having this pain on lower back on the left side when I breathe, it comes and goes, what could it be from??

For years i will get sudden sharp pain under right breast and sometimes it radiates to the side and back. Can it be trapped gas?

From a few days I am experiencing light pain/discomfort in my right testicle and right side of my lower back. Back feels more like it is numb. Advice?

Got lower back pain (right side only) when i step with my right foot.The pain is a bit sharp for a few seconds and then is a bit dull after that. ?

Got sharp pain in lower abdomen a few days ago and now side is sore and hurts to stretch it. What could this be.

Had left and right side pain just under ribs got doc took gallbladder out good for two days left side pain came back but now with rash on both sides?

Had rib pains about a week ago and it passed but last night it came back(left side but not as worse this time it only hurts when I lie on my left side?

Hard lump (not my bone) but on the back side of my hip bone, lower back, not moving, round, only on the right side, back pain has increased in past yr?

Has had abdominal pain on lower right side that comes and goes, is localized on the right then left side. Dull and achy n radiates to lower back?

Have a burning pain in my back on both sides?

Have a right side neck pain come and go pain also in back of bottom ear?

Have a sharp pain right side of chest when leaning back . No pain when not moving . What could it be im a male ?

Have been severe pain, starting on right side at lower ribs, spreading to the middle of my back. What could be causing this?

Have pain and buring in the upper back left Side since15 days.what should to do for relief?

Have pain in lower left side between abs and back . Pain is about a 3 with 10 being worse. No pain when i pee just random when i lay down at night?

Have pain on right side of back, have had congestion for past 5 days?

HAve pain when i cough in the lower right back area. Hurts all the time?

Haveing pain on my left side of my lower back that comes and goes?

Having bad pains in the middle of my stomach and lower left side of the back. What could this be?

Having discomfort in lower right back side, what could be cuasing it. I am a female?

Having pain on left side of cheek bone and under comes and goes are right side also and jaw sometimes is in pain?

Having pain on lower left side of stomach along with dampness and the pain is also on the left side of my back?

Having pain on right side lower above leg. Jabbing pain and real sore even to touch.?

Having pain rt side that starts in front then wraps around to back. Sometimes spreads toward lower rt abd.started couple months ago?

Having sharp pains in on my right side and lower back hurts could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Having sharp stabing pain in lower right side back what could it possibly be that is wrong.

Having terrible pain in the lower right side of my back and hip. But does not hurt to touch. Feels more like a nerve.?

Having very sharp pains in lower right abdomen and back. What does this sound like?

Headache that's lasted more than two weeks and pain in side starting under rib cage extending into back on right side?

Hello Dr. I have pain right lower side of my back. The only way I can explain is like a tightness and sharp pain when I move my leg or neck downwards?

Hello there! I hope you're well! I seem to have: -Swollen upper right side of back -Pain in my right shoulder -Pain in right forefinger Please help?

Hello. I have had lower right sided back/side pain for about a month now. It's worse when I take a deep breath in and when I lay on my back . ?

Hi i've had pain on left side for 4 months between my hip and rib from my front stomach into my back when i lay on that side it's worst

Hi , So Why I'm having really bad sharp pain on the right side in the middle of my back and it's taking my breath away?

Hi doctor! I have pain in my right side front and back. What would be the reason? Also having burning in my stomach.

Hi Dr. I've been having so much pain in my left side middle abdomen radiate to left back middle side around my kidneys, i don't know what going on.

Hi i'm 29 and for the last two weeks its been a terrible pain on my right side near my ribs& lower back it hurts when i cough& laugh now left side to?