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i feel pain when i palpate my lower abdomin?

back rib cage right side below it I have a one and a half inch mass half inch wide and pain with it all around it ?

i am having pains like sharp high above my breast bone on the left side now today it has moved to the right sometimes what could this be?

'i''m having pain on left side of waist?

16 days after my period i felt pain in my left lower abdomen. What could be the cause?

16 yr girl has moderate pain in both sides of lower part of abdomen close to pelvic rt side more not hot and has urinary frequentation ?

16 yrs old with persistent sharp abdominal pain on lower right side (no appendix) and prominent lymph nodes. For minimum of 5 months. What should I do?

16yo girl. mild left side pain on and off, sometimes below belly button on left side too. do i have an underlying condition?

19 weeks pregnant, pubic bone is really painful as well as my lower left side sometimes right side too of lower abdomen. Is it normal?

2 years after my laproscopic myomectomy I am experiencing inner hip pain, my left leg is now weaker than the right. Is this a normal side effect?

20 year old male pressing pain in lower left abdomen, diarrhea ?

20 yr old female pain in abdominal area and in right side of abdomen. Currently have an iud. What can be causing this?

3 days after sex, why does the mid left side of my abdomen hurt now? It couldn't be related could it?

35 weeks with sharp pains in lower abdomen?

37 year old female experiencing sharp pains in my lower back that started on my right side & moves to my left side. Gallbladder removed 2003?

40 year old male several days of severe abdominal pain began in your abdomen then slowly over several days travelled to right side and then lower righ?

6 yr old lower right abdo pain on and off for 2 weeks, pain and tender to touch now just under sternum, what could this be?

8yr. old son has a mass on his right side just below his ribs, no pain or other symptoms, what could this be from?

A friend gets a severe pain on her lower right side of her abdomen and her tongue feels numb. What can this be? Her gallbladder was removed 3years ago

A hard mass in the right side of my abdomen associated with pain?

A lower left abdominal discomfort coupled with occassional left testicle pain. What could be wrong with me?

Abdomen pain..All over! my whole abdomen hurts..Mostly my lower part. I get real sharp pains on the right and left side and sometimes it reaches all the way up into my left side of my ribs. I feel like im bloated, and when the sharp pain goes away its mos

Abdominal lower left side above pubic bone I have lump and is painfully ?

Abdominal pain in the lower left side and I had a total hysterectormy 10 yrs ago ?

About once every three months, for the last year, I've gotten sharp pains in my lower right abdomen, it only lasts one or two days, what is this?

After ejaculation I have pain in my right testicle that goes down my right leg and up into my right lower abdomen, that can last for several weeks?

After sex i've been experiencing pain in the left side of my pubic bone. Can it just be bruising? What could be the cause ?

All of a sudden pain in the middle of abdomen?

Am having sharp pain in my lower obdomen, even while bending down! what could be the cause?

Anything to worry about regarding right side abdominal heaviness?

Appendicitis or something else? I've had a tender lower abdomen since last night. While i'm worried that it's appendicitis, but it's tender in the lower left rather than the lower right. Could this be appendicitis, or something else? .

Back pain above waist on left side. Kindney infection?

Bad pain in lower right abdomen but appendix out. Female, 30?

Been having a little pain on my right side by the ovary, what could it be?

Been having pAin for 3 days straight right under left rib . It's not appendix to high up for that . What can this be ? Should I worry ?

Been having sharp constant lower right abdominal pain down to pelvis and around through lower back for about 6 hours. It woke me up it was so intense?

Been having sharp pain in lower testicle. What should I do?

Been in pain down the left and top of abdomen for 5 days what could this be?

Best way to treat this pain in my lower stomach near the right hipbone?

Bruise on my hope sharp pain in my lower right hand side swelling abit think its my appendix?

Can a growth in the right kidney (6cm) cause pain in the right leg?

Can a herina in rt side groin cause pain in lower rt abdomen? Twinges of pain and constant dull ache?

Can a small right sided goiter cause right sided ear pain?

Can a UTI cause pressure in both sides with just a stinging in the penis? History of stones. Pressure in both sides into front middle abdominal area.

Can a vaginal pessary cause right hand side flank pain.

Can an enlarged spleen cause pain on the right side as well as the left?

Can an inguinal hernia (left) cause pain on the left side of the body from the left hip front and left glute up to the left ribs?

Can an mri-us- or CT scan see if there's something in my kidney or something. I have this constant dull right side pain. Right on the side though.?

Can constipation give you pain at right waistline?

Can Crohn's disease cause appendicitis? I have a sharp stabbing pain on my lower right side.

Can flank pain from kidney stones be mild and move from left to right sides over a 3 week period. ?

Can gallbladder disease cause pain on left side and into the leftside back and the pain shots to the belly button to the right side and cause alotgas?

Can it be that a bladder infection cause lower right side pain?

Can left kidney hydronephrosis cause upper left abdominal pain (right under the breast. Pain feels dull and cramp like. Hurts if pressed on.

Can pregnancy cause a slight swelling on the left side of your abdomen?

Can splenomegaly pain radiate to the center and right side of the body or does that mean, if theres pain in other places, theres more problems? Thx.

Can you please tell me why my lower left abdominal is in pain?

Can you tell me if there are any organs on the mid left side of your back?

Can you tell me more about abdominal pains: right lower quadrant pain?

Causes for aman to have pain start inthe left side of the lower abdominals that go thru to his left testical?

Constant lower right abdomen pain. Is there any medication that can help this?

Continuous pain in right lower quadrant, what to do?

Coughing up blood right now and pain on the left bottom side of my abdomen. Is this appendicitis?

Could an endometrial cause pain in my left lower abdomen?

Could sharp pains in ones right side be from problems other than the ascending colon?

Could the bulge in my lower left back under my ribs be an enlarged kidney?

Could you tell me if the opposite of the appendix or on the left side hurts is it a sign of appendicitis?

Cramped on the lower abdomen, and cramped at left hand side. What might cause this?

Deep pain from right of navel towards right ribcage.Pain radiates from lower back too.Worse in lower back & belly.Hardness right of b-button.Cause?

Discomfort on right side at waist level on and off. How can I treat this?

Do i have colon cancer if i have pain on my front right side and back side and change in bowel movement?

Do u think I could have a kidney infection because on the left side of my back hurts sometimes an burn?

Does appendisitis hsppen on the left or right side?

Does a smoldering appendix exist? Had a doctor tell me last week that he did not believe in it. I've had lower right side abdom. Pain for 7 months..

Does fatty liver cause left side back pain?

Does fld cause pains n right side under ribs?

Does kidney stone pain travel from the right side to the left side?

Does tingling on the right side of the lower abdomen mean pregnancy?

Dull ache lower left abdomen?

Dull ache when i breathe in on the right flank more towards the side. Is this caused by kidney? If so, isn't the kidney located higher?

Dull constant pain in lower left abdomen. Unsure what it could be. Gas or something more serious?

Dull minor recurring pain in my upper right abdomen directly below and behind the lower right side ribs. Moreso after food/alch. 1+ year. 28 y/o.?

Dull off and on pain in lower abdomen?

Dull pain for about a year now on the right side of my lower abdomen over my ovary. It's getting worse to the point where i cant sleep, what is it?

Dull pain in lower abdomen radiating to left testicle, what to do?

Dull right sided flank pain?

Dull, recurring left side abdominal pain/cramp that regularly radiates down to the left groin and testicle.

Endometriosis now with severe pain in lower left abdomen?

Escruciating sharp pain lower right abdomen for the past 2 days. What is hurting inside?

Ever since Saturday, I have had intermittent right side abdominal pain. It is right above my hip bone, and does not hurt to press on it.

Every month a week or so after my peroid i get pain in my lower right abdomen and sometimes my left lower abdomem. What could this be?

Experiencing lower abdomen pain, lower back pain, on my right side & missed period. also just discovered a cyst on my right lower neck region. Related?

Experiencing lower left abdominal pain when walking, what could be wrong?

Extreme pain left side lower abdomen constant pain not going away ?

Feeling discomfort in my right testical traveling upwards to my pelvic stomach area on right side. Not sure what it can be. No sexual activities 3 mon?

Feeling lots of pain in lower left side of abdomen and also have ventral hernia?

Feeling pressure in left side of abdomen and pelvic area. What could this be?

Female lower right quadrant abdominal pain, should I be concerned?

Female swelling in chest upper part right side?

Flank pain in left side all the way to middle of back and pee smells?