Answers By CategoryAbdominal Pain — Severe Rectal Pain

A sharp pain in the buttock maybe the anus or in the rectum what does this means?

Abdominal pain and anal pressure during intercourse, what to do?

After yesterday colonoscopy I have rectal pain. What should I do?

Anal pain and burning what can be.What can I do?

Are anal fissures always accompanied by pain and CONSTANT bleeding after a BM? or one could have them yet no pain and no bleeding?

Are there any anal receptive STDs that may cause intestinal discomfort, pain or cramps, or diarrhea?

Bleeding a lot out of my butt. Pain by gallbladder on and off. What to do? Help!

Bleeding from my bottom and had pain opening bowels but not constipated but my doctor won't do a rectal exam so i don't know what is wrong, ?

Bowel prep causes rectal pain?

Can an anal fissure cause tailbone and hip pain?

Can anal fissure cause a sudden stich rectal pain while sitting?

Can anal sex cause hemroids? If so, how can I still do it without pain and will it hurt me?

Can constipation in children give groin pain?

Can diverticula of the sigmoid colon cause pain when menstrual when pooping and can it cause painful spasms in the rectum?

Can endometioses cause severe rectal pain?

Can endometriosis cause bad rectal pains?

Can hemerroids cause groin pain?

Can hemorrhoids cause abdominal pain and anal pain after sex?

Can hemorrhoids cause inflamation in the groin?

Can hemorroids cause pain down leg?

Can internal hemorrhoids cause pelvic or urinary pain?

Can internal hemorrhoids cause tailbone pain?

Can piles cause abdominal pain?

Can vaginal and rectal pain be related?

Can vague anal/rectal pain be associated with ibs? Can it be psychological?

Diversion colitis: can it cause severe rectal pain and pain with sitting due to inflammation of area and nerves?

Do hemorrhoids cause lumbar pain?

Do internal hemorrhoids to cause tummy pains?

Does colitis always cause rectum pain or does it come and go?

Feeling off with diarrhea and hemorrhoids at 37 weeks anything I can do to ease the pain?

For over 5 years I've been experiencing severe bruising pain in my rectum/anus at night. I've googled it and proctalgia fugax comes up. Please advise.

For those who suffer from vulvodynia, is it normal to have more pain when you are constipated?

Good pain killer for a anal fissure?

Hemerroid cause groin pain?

Hemorrhoid. Is lower abdominal pain normal with hemorrhoids? If so, what can I do to stop the pain?

Hemorrhoids and pain in the groin are symptoms of?

Hi I've been told I've got proctalgia but I have no pain I have a knot feeling in my or around my rectum anal area what could it be ibs?

Hi, can squats be the cause of shooting rectal pains?

Hi, I have a pain in my anus while defecating. I thinks its a fissure but there is no blood and pain only on the toiilet.

How can I relieve spastic colon pain?

How do I deal with hemorroids pain during the night?

How is rectal pain diagnosed?

How much pain can anal fissures cause? I've had them for a while and it's becoming unbearable at times.

How to ease the pain of rectal prolapse?

How to reduce pain around the anus ares during menstruation?

How to releave the pain of a fissure?

I always have pain at night in anus?

I am experiencing anal pain and buttock itch. The following also describe me: Rectal pain and Painful bowel movements. What should I do?

I am experiencing anal pain. The following also describes me: Rectal pain. What should I do?

I am having extreme rectum pain. What could it be?

I experience mild pain in rectum when setting but no pain and no bleeding during bm. What could that be?

I have 15 year ago ano fistulla. now i have more pain . what should to do me?

I have a discomfort not a pain in my anus what can I do ? And what is it?

I have a mild pain in anus all the time from sitting?

I have a pain in the back of my anal region , it started after i had some severe anal fissure but now the pain while defecating is gone. Help me pls?

I have anal pain what to do?

I have IBS and want to know if it can cause sharp pains in the rectum?

I have IBS. I was at Er last night cause of pain in rectum and bloody mucus discharge, now the pain in my rectum is so severe ,help plz.


I have lower colon pain. Colon rectal area. Achy, dull, and uncomfortable, what to do?

I have pain in my rectum I know I have piles just wondering will pain go away it's very painful?

I have verry sever pain in my rectum why?

I suffer from the pain in the rectum. What to do?

I'm having sharp anal pain during pooping?

If I have rectal pain does that mean endometiosis on bowel?

If I have rectal pain does that mean endometriosis is on bowel?

If I have rectal pain what's wrong with me?

Im having anus pain and discomfort after colonic was performed?

Is it common for anal warts to cause severe pain during bowel movements?

Is it normal to have pain after a hemeroid ligasure?

Is it normal to have upper stomach pain after anal abscess surgery?

Is it worth a trip to the doctor for rectal pain?

Is pain from external hemorhoid hemorhoidectomy severe? what can i do to reduce the pain and how long will it last?

Is there any pain involved in a sigmoidoscopy?

Itching in rectum cause, no pain and no bleeding while bowel movement?

My husband is a 26 year old and is experiencing rectal bleeding, stomach pains and constipation. What could be wrong?

No pain, why would i need a colonoscopy?

Pain between scrotum and anus, like a sever cramp...?

Pain in anus when I sit?

Pain in anus why is it so bad?

Pain in my anus. Need donut. What are causes? Please answer sirs?

Pain in rectum and anus -- what could it be?

Pain in rectum six months after anal sex sharp pain when bm?

Pop sound and sever abdominal pain during anal?

Recently I have been having pain in my tailbone / lower back, is it because of my anal fissure?

Rectal pain and pain relief question. Are acetominophen suppositories for treating anus or rectal pain?

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Severe rectal pain for hours after bm?

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Swelling between vagina and rectum but there's no pain. Any ideas?

Treatment for severe pain prolapsed hemorrhoid?

Was constipated now groin taint and rectum pain?

What are common causes for adult anus pain?

What are common sources of pain in the anus?

What are some common causes of rectal pain?

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What can cause the pain in my anus?

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