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Abdominal pain in upper left quadrant below ribs not constant ,associated with gurgling and pressure been goingonforabout three days now?

Any advice on dealing with upper abdominal pain?

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Causes of lower abdominal left stomachache?

Causes of sharp left quad upper abdominal pain. Radiates to the back, but passes. Location is about a handwidth above the belly button and to the left?

Causes of upper middle abdominal burning pain that's there all day everyday just under breasts could be something serious?

Constant burning pain and tenderness in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen, had it for two weeks - no other symptoms?

Constant pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen, what could be causing this?

Constant stabbing pain in upper esophagus , lower throat region. What can I do?

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Does the abdominal pain move around the upper and middle abdomin?

Dull but intense right upper quadrant pain. Gallbladder removed 2 years ago. Been constant for a week now. What could be causing this? ):

Epigastric/upper abdomen pain radiating to same level in back. Should i be worried?

Every time I do zumba my upper right quadrant hurts, what can be the issue...?

Excess bloating in upper abdomen just below ribs mostly on left side from last few months. Kindly suggest.

Feeling inflammation in Abdomen (Right Upper Quadrant). What are the possible causes?

Feeling lots of pain in right center and upper abdomen please help?

Female vomiting bile with upper abdominal pain and back pain on the left side?

Female/73.. Lump in upper left abdomen. pain in upper abdomen, radiating to both shoulders. is it lipoma? which category of specialist should I see?

Fluttering in my upper right abdominal cavity, what's happening?

Gallbladder removed 5 months ago. RUQ abdominal pain with middle right side pain and middle back pain. Nausea also. What could this be?

Gastritis can cause pain in the upper chest.

GERD cause burning in right upper quadrant? No gallbladder. Could an ulcer cause burning in right upper quadrant?

Gnawing pain in left rib and lower abdomen, kidney infection??

Has type 2 diabetes has had chronic lower abdominal pain that radiates from belly button up the upper abdomen to right at the diaphragm has nausea?

Having chest pain (on/off) for three days. Upper left quadrant along with stomach problems and some gas. I'm 21. Could this be serious?

Having weird dull ache on upper left quadrent of stomach and chest. What should I do?

Healthy but I have horrible right upper quadrant pain?

Help I have horrible right upper quadrant pain. What is the best treatment?

Hi for about a week now I have had distention in my upper right abdominal near rib cage.. Pain has been mild to moderate and stomach cramps? What ?

Hi I have been diagnosed with a hemoroid however I have sharp pain in my lower and upper right abdomen what could it be?

How big does a splenic hemangioma have to be before it causes upper left abdominal pain?

How can I manage persistent upper left abdominal pain?

How come I have pains in my upper abdomen?

I am experiencing bloating or abdominal fullness after a meal, upper abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort on right side and into back.

I am experiencing upper right qaudrant abdominal pain and don't know what it could be. What should I do?

I am going to have my galbladder removed because of pain in my right side under ribs but now im having pain in left lower abdominal is this my galblad?

I am having constant pain in my upper abdomen. Should I be worried?

I am having upper abdominal pain from yesterday morning. Why?

I am having upper abdominal pain. Cause? Can u explain.?

I am having upper right quadrant abdominal pain? What should I do?

I had a LAVH a week ago and am now having severe upper abdominal pain on my right side that is radiating to my back.

I had a left upper quadrant pain on stomach, what do I do?

I had laparascopic cholecystectomy 11 days ago. I have a pulling/burning pain in my upper right abdomen. What could this be?

I had ultrasound of gallbladder and it was fine. Had it due to right upper abdomen pain. Now having the same severe pain radiating to back. Cause?

I have a pain in my stomach, right, upper part?

I have a pain in my upper left abdomen. Any thoughts?

I have a pain in my upper right abs. Too many crunches?

I have a pain in the upper right part of my stomach what could that be?

I have a sharp pain in my upper abdomen and i was wondering who could tell me what is wrong?

I have a sharp pain in my upper abdomen when I cough?

I have a slight upper left abdomen discomfort and lot of gas?

I have achy type pain in my left flank middle of my back area and it sometimes radiates around to my upper abdomen.

I have an upper left abdominal pain that increases after eating and it radiates to my left shoulder?

I have bad discomfort in upper abdomen?

I have been experiencing upper right abdominal pain with swelling in my stomach. Not over weight?

I have been having upper middle left stomach pain for the past few days along with upper middle right. Off and on. What could be the cause?

I have bloating, lower left quadrant pain, belching, and off and on stomach pain after eating. What can the cause be? Is it aortic aneurysm?

I have bouts of pain in my upper right side. I had my gallbladder removed 11 years ago. What could the pain be from?

I have chronic paini in the upper left part of my abdomen. What is this?

I have diarrhea and upper pain below chest. Is this okay?

I have gallstones and upper right leg pain. Do i need to see a doctor?

I have had left upper abdominal pain for two days and my tonsils are swollen and I have a fever?

I have had nausea and vomiting and pressure in my upper right abdomen area, what could be wrong?