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kidney pain for past two weeks. I have frequent urination with a heavy amount every time. Last night I started have pain near my ribs & pain in legs?

"kidney" area pain and into flank/groin. Burning intense waves that fade into constant ache. Some nausea. Pressure feeling. Infection or stone?

28 yr. Old female w/ microscopic hematuria. Frequent urination and bladder doesn't feel empty. Slight pain in left side lower back. What could this be?

4 months pregnant, right flank pain, cannot pee much, please help?

42 year old African-American woman experiencing pain in the right pelvic area that radiates to my side and back with frequent urination/lots of thirst?

74 yr old woman. Frequent urination, back pain and abdominal pain. Chills when urinating for 4 days now. What could this be?

Abdominal burning pain just before urinating?

Abdominal pain, nausea, painful urination, fever, vagina is warm internally, what could be wrong?

About a week ago I had the constant urge to pee, but my symptoms went away after two days. Now I have a constant pain in my stomach. Related?

Ache in left testicle. Pain also in leg & groin.frequently urinating too. No pain when urinating & no discharge from penis. Ache in kidney & fever?

Any ideas why is it that I have pain sometimes when urinating?

Apart from a uti, what can cause frequent urination and back pain near kidneys.

Been having pain whilst urinating. What could it be?

Besides UTI what could cause often urination, fishy smell urine and pain before and after urination and sharp pain in the lower abdomen?

Bilateral flank pain after urination? No frequency, urgency,burning or fever. Vomiting the day before with minimal fliud intake pain started after ?

Bladder spasming/tensing up slight pain in back, constant urinating anything i can take to help? not sure if its kidney stones, the pain isnt severe.

Bleeding and slight pain on urination always uit?

Burning when urinating and leg pain no vomiting no stomach or back pain, what should she do suggestions, what could it be?

Burning after urinating and discomfort in bottom left abdomen, urinalysis negative for UTI what could it be? I'm 23 year old male

Burning for a long time after urination, pain in uterus , bloating?

Burning in my down low, appears&reappers suddenly, frequent discharge, extreme burning pain during and for almost a day after urination. ?

Burning pain in penis while passing urine?I have no back pain and abdomen pain.

Can a severe UTI cause symptoms of no burning during urination, at end intense pressure / pain at meatus followed by blood. No fever. Mild back pain?

Can a UTI cause nausea when you first wake up ? And do you have to have pain when urinating? I'm very nauseous and frequently urinating but no pain

Can frequent lower back pain cause frequent urination? If so, why and what's the problem?

Can frequent urinate cause back pain?

Can low back pain cause frequent urination?

Can STDs cause frequent urination and bladder pressure/dull pain?

Can testicular cancer cause frequent pain during urination?

Can utis cause stomach pain and bloating along with pelivic pain I have no pain while urinating?

Can you have a bladder infection without the burning sensation when you urinate? I have mild abdominal cramps and an achey back my urine is dark!

Can you please tell me why I have been feeling flank pain?

Can your back being out of alignment cause frequent urination?

Cause of frequent urination and pain in legs from below the knees?

Cloudy urine, frequent urination, lower back pain, fatigue. What could it be?

Complaints of leg pain and peeing a lot?

Constant burning pain on my left hip after i fell & have been suffering from urinary frequency / double voiding, pain my chiro said it can be myocele?

Constant urge of urination, burning pain in right lower backg?

Coulc constipation cause painful urination?

Could a UTI cause soreness around belly button and 2 inches right of it? I have no pain when urinating but am urinating often. What else could it be?

Could it be something bad if I have painful urination?

Could you explain what's wrong if I have ovary pain and burning when i pee?

Cramping constipation frequent urnation and pain when Pee?

Craving Salt pain in ruq of abdomen radiates down to LRQ when I pee no burning nausea history of hydronephrosis what could be causing this?

Decreased urge to pee and pelvic pain?

Diagnosed with 1.2cm stone have constant pain and worse after peeing no burning just extreme stomach and flank Dr said nothings wrong. ?

Difficulty & decrease urination. Lower abdominal & back pain on right side after urinating. What could be the cause?

Difficulty urinating. Frequent urge and sometimes just a few drops. Feeling like never relieved from urinating. No pain or discomfort. Just annoying?

Dr I have severe pain & burning sensation while urinating..feels to urinate frequently..also have pain in lower abdomen back sides and leg

Dull pain over left kidney area. No blood in urine, no pain when urinating?

During sex, sudden severe abdominal pain. I was not having anal but I had the urge to use the bathroom. It was painful. Discomfort all day. Dull pain ?

Excessive urination and kidney pain. What could this be?

Excessive urination mild groin pain comes and goes could this be because of excessive masturbation? no lump redness or pain during pee and no hernia

Experiencing bloating, lower back pain, no urinary pain but "urge" to urinate?

Extreme pain when i pee and constant peeing feeling, help?

Feel discomfort in clitoris aftr urination. Throbbing/tingling feeling. No pain during/after urination just discomfort. Cause? No bact. in urine.

Flank pain, frequent urge to urinate and sometimes cloudy urine. What could this be? No fever or nausea. Pain in flank is constant dull ache.

Flank pains that elevate during urination (right side more sensitive than left) with frequent urination, nausea and abdominal pains. Negative for UTI.

Frequent urinating with no back pains or signs of uti?

Frequent urination and cramping in bladder +back pain right after ovulation?

Frequent urination with a slight pain in lower abdomen and poor or no erection?

Frequent urination, bladder pressure and loin pain?

Frequent urination, chest pain. What could this be?

Frequent urination, pain on lower left side, sore while urinating.

Frequent urination(no pain/burning) frm 3 to 4, now 4 to 8 times. low back pain sometimes, pelvic pain which has stoped. took UTI drug. still persists

Frequent UTI due to periods. have a UTI along with having leg pain along with chest and lower abdominal pain?

From past few days im having frequent urination&while urinating my left abdomen hurts.I've no burning sensation or irritation while urinating.whats it?

Had protective sex last night, now burning when I urinate, lower abdominal discomfort, nausea, lack of appetite, and frequent urination.

Had sex few weeks ago, cramp still after menstruation, feeling sick, pain later stage of urination, constant urination sometimes back pains aswell?

Hallo i wanted to know if urinary tract infection can cause pelvic pain lower back pain frequent urinating, but it does not burn when urinating?

Have burning sensation on the right side below the rib cage..Burning feeling. No fever, or pain urinatin. Blood and urine tests ok. Cause?

Have kidney pain, right side it is now radiating down leg, urgency with urination, any suggestions?

Having frequent urination for last 6 months. Now having pain in abdomen when it needs to urinate. What is it?

Having frequent urination, headaches, dull/somtimes sharp stinging pain around my ovaries and slight vaginal itch at times. what could be the cause?

Having left flank pain and left abdominal pain. Frequent urination and feeling overall just unwell. Stones? Infection? Should I head to er? Pains bad.

Having lower left abdomen and back pains with vaginal bleeding and burning sensation when urinating. Been over a week since my first symptoms.

Having severe groin pains ranging from lower belly down to tailbone. Frequent urge urination and usually doesn't empty. No bacterial infection?

Hello if you have pain when urinating What could be the reason?

Hello, I have just recently, this past week, noticed blood/pain, after I urinate, dribble out, frequent urinating, and a pain in my lower left back?

Hello, Ive been having pain in my lower belly after I urinate. I don't have any pain during urination but a few seconds after I urinate. Help pls.

Hello., I am experiencing frequent urination gads bloating tingling in breast a tooth ache out of no where and filling faing with pelvic discomfort.

Help! i just have sudden groin pain after gardening, then pain when peeing, what is this?

Hi, 29 male i have been having lower back pain somewhat frequent urination ( not a lot released ) and slight sensations in the pelvic area for the last 9 days. these symptoms began to occur a day after i restrained from urinating.. could this be IC?

Hi, I am 25 yrs, Indian. From few days I have pain in urination and nightly more urination.Get a sudden pain in right kidney along with heavy scrotum.

How can I stop pain at the end and after urination?

How common is it to sometimes experience pain while urinating?

I am a 30 yr old male and I have bloody stools severe back pain and burning while urinating could this all be related if so is it an std?

I am a female and am getting a sharp pain in my urethra after I urinate and sometimes just have the pain when I am walking ?

I am experiencing breast pain (quality: tenderness) , pain with urination (quality: stinging or burning sensation) , vaginal itching and pain during sex.

I am experiencing frequent urination (worsened by: in the evening, at night) , pain with urination (quality: stinging or burning sensation) and sudden urges to urinate. been on antibiotics for 5 days will these symptoms get better?

I am experiencing pain with urination (quality: stinging or burning sensation) and bladder pain.

I am experiencing pain with urination (quality: stinging or burning sensation) , bladder pain and vaginal pain.

I am experiencing pain with urination (quality: stinging or burning sensation) , pelvic pain and constipation. Severe left ovary pain. Dizziness ?

I am experiencing pain with urination (quality: stinging or burning sensation) . The following also describe me: Frequent urination, Fever, and Cl...

I am experiencing side pain, pain shooting down the leg, ankle pain and frequent urination. The following also describes me: Sudden urge to urinat...

I am experiencing stomach cramps, severe back pain, pain with urination, sudden urge to urinate, spotting and bladder pain. The following also des...

I am experiencing frequent urination, but with no pain, and bloating or abdominal fullness that is there all day, even upon waking. There is a definite pressure in abdomen which is really uncomfortable.

I am experiencing pain, burning and severe discomfort due to a UTI. I have these before, am traveling so am not near my doctor. Can you please prescribe something for me ?

I am experiencing some form of bladder infection. Symptoms: Pain during urination, brown spotting, abdomen pain, occasional back pain. No acess to doc?

I am feeling abdominal pain and vaginal burning, what could it be?