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,Why. is it that when I have a bowel movements sometimes I get back pain?

1 week ago, I had change in bowel movement(looser stools, still continuing) and pain in left abdomen(not severe, improves). Is it colon cancer?19years

20/f. I am having severe pain in ovaries after bowel movement is this normal?

27 female-abdominal pain lower quadrant both sides loose stools/diarrhea/anal fissures. Pulsing rectal pain. +midcycle pelvic pain too.- just ibs?

3weeks after i had caesarian delivery and I have bad abdominal pain, lower back pain, gas, and loose bowel movement.... Is this normal after?

3wk I have lower left abdominal pain along with lower pelvic pain and painful bowel movements although stil loose with occasional blood when wiping.

5weeks pp csection extreme pain when trying to have a bowel movement in my abdomen, rectum and vagina.. What could be causing this?

5yrs ago my colon had been stapled & repaired as best they could. I have extreme back pain after all bowel movements. Could this be cause of my pain?

6 mos. Ago i had a prolonged period of constipation. Since that time my lower back aches frequently, even after a bowel movement. Colons. Was good?

6w pp csection bad abdominal/rectal pain..& blood when having a bowel movement.

Abdominal pain after bowel movement, pain last for whole day. Could this be mild gastritis?

Abdominal pain after bowel movement, pain last for whole day. Have mild gastritis?

Abdominal pain chest pain that comes and goes and having a hard time passing a bowel movement also on my period. Gi suspects adhesions?

Abdominal pain the next day after a large bowel movement? Happens frequently over past three years? What would cause this?

After being constipated for about a month, I have being having a constant feeling of having to have a bowel movement. What can this be?

After bowel movement my lower back is tight and achy?

After bowel movements, i experience discomfort in my stomach, nausea, which sometimes results in vomiting, and swelling around the anus, what do I do?

After eating mcdonalds, I have severe lower abdominal pain. I figured it was gas and I have had a bowel movement, but it hurts to stand/move. Help!

After I have a bowel movement in the morning my lower left back has pain. what could cause it.

Any suggestions on how to ease the pain from bowel spasms?

Are painful abdominal movements connected with periods?

Are there any relations between gall bladder pain and bowel movements?

Back pain until I pee or have a solid movement. Every morning. Please. Respond?

Back pain, loose bowels and having insomnia. What is wrong with me?

Been having stomach pain for 6 days now and unable to have a bowel movement. What could be wrong?

Blood in stool today and yesterday and have cramping lower and middle abdominal pain and painful pressure in the pelvic area before bowel movement?

Buring sensation of rectum and annus after bowel movement?

Can a knot in your back effect bowel movement?

Can a left lateral wall fibroid cause cramp-like pelvic pain after urination and/or bowel movement? Or just in general?

Can constipation and trapped wind cause hip, side and back pain? Have ibs & suffer with constipation, have these pains which ease with bowel movement.

Can constipation cause alternating pain in testicles as if someone is squeezing?

Can gas cause testical pain I haven't had a good bowl movement in a week?

Can intense abdominal pain be caused by bowel movement?

Can proctalgia fugax be the reason for painful bowel movements? Pain is not severe and doesn't last long.

Can severe fecal impaction cause abdominal pain? I sometimes experience pain while moving, bending or sitting in my upper abdominal area. Is it normal

Can straining during bowel movements cause ongoing lower back pain?

Can straining to have a bowel movement cause back pain?

Can Uti cause aching RLQ pain and tenderness and pain in RLQ and flank when urinating or bowel movement? As well as pain with certain movement?

Causes of localized right abdominal pain that is sharp during bowel movements?

Change in bowel habits and lower butt pain. Could that be old endometriosis?

Chest pain after bowel movement? Have been slightly constipated lately. Is this the cause or is it something else?

Chest pains that take my breath away, and when I have a bowel movement it's blood?

Colonoscopy clear, just small internal hemorrhoids. Still have bowel movements and a small pain in left and right side of abdominals.What could it be?

Constant pain in luq worst after bowel movement?

Cramping-like lower abdominal pain before and after bowel movement, and before passing gas?

Does having sharp pain while pushing during bowel movement normal? it only happens during period. the pain is different from my cramp.

Does having sharp painful bowel movement and strong pelvic cramp upon pushing ONLY during period a sign of endometriosis?

Does having sharp painful bowel movement and strong pelvic cramp upon pushing ONLY during period normal?

Does IBS cause abdominial pain and having bowel movements 16 times a day?

Does IBS pain generally move and change?

During bowel movements, I feel severe pain on one side of my anus. The pain became more severe over the past few months. What could this be?

Each evening, I experience strong abdominal and lower back cramping, followed by a bowel movement. Is this normal to cramp so much before pooping?

Endometriosis- sharp lower left pelvic pain after bowel movement, will also have bright red bleeding from vagina after pushing-lots of pressure?

Every time right before bowel movement i feel strong, sharp pain in lower stomach, rectum and anus. Harder the stool greater the pain. Stool is normal?

Excruciating rectal pain, cannot make bowels move, surgery?

Extreme, constant lower stomach pain, and tenderness. Unable to have a solid bowel movement in 4 days, only diarrhea. Constipation? Please advise.

For a month now have had diarrhea, no painful bowel movements but feels the pressure of them. Loud constant noises from bowels. No bleeding.

For about a week middle lower abdominal pain when I have bowel movements 10 or more times a day, also very little bowel movements one was white?

For the past few days I have been having pain in the right side of my ab during bowel movements, what can I do?

Had an emergency c section 3 weeks ago,now right before a bowel movement it's really painful then ok right after?

Had colonostapy few month ago ..was good now he gets pain in side and bleeds sometimes when he moves his bowels what could it be?

Had gall bladder out 6 months ago now I have pain and can't have a bowel movement. My bodydoesnt let me know . Also have blood and mucus . ?

Had lower colon resection and still have pain when "going" after 8 months. Fiber has helped to "soften" stool and the pain. Pain ok after 8 months?!

Have chronic pain in my rectum and i bleed whenever I have a bowel movement. What is causing this?

Have this pain often across pelvic area like stool in the intestine even if I have bowelmovment, my back pain is worse, an bladder pressure, poss causes?

Have you ever experienced excruciating pain from constipation that didn't pass?

Having lower right abdominal pain after constipation. It comes and goes and returned after a bowel movement. What could this be?

Having pain in bladder area. More pain when needing to have bowel movement?

Having pain in my left upper abdominal area. Always need laxative to have a bowel movement. Is it okay to take a laxative regularly?

Having pain in pelvic area when trying to pass a bowel movement. diarrhea and pain for 2 days. any ideas?

Having persistent stomach pain for 3 days. Need for bowel movement yet can't produce one. Prescribed calflac to relax bowels yet still consistent pain?

Having sharp abdominal pain brought on by bowel movement. has passed, though I am.still in pain. Reglular bowel movements. ?

Having sudden abdominal pain after straining during a bowel movement; what could it be?

He has severe back pain. Last week, he had a lot of blood in his bowel movement.

Hello, can bowel movement issues effects lower back pain?

Hello! i've been dealing with lots of lower right abdominal pains, nausea and frequent bowel movements. I've had 5 c-sections & a partial hysterectomy?

Help for burning and pain after bowel movements?

Hemorridectomy 9 weeks ago. Cannot have a normal bowel movement. Extreme pain and bleeding. Is this still normal recovery?

Hemroidectomy how long will I have pain with a bowel movement after a hemroidechtomy. Its been 3 weeks and bowl movements still hurt.

Hi i'm 35 & week ago my abdomen has become swollen & hard & I have dull almost cramping pains off & on, I have regular bowel movements, ?

Hi, i get right sided swelling before bowel movement, lower quadrant, which goes down after evacuation. All bloods normal. Any ideas please?

Hi, today after having a bowel movement I am having a sharpish pain around my anus no pain during but only after? An idea what it could be..

Hi; I have barely any bowl movement and always with a stomach pain and headache; what could i do?

Hi.... Does excess gas, frequent urination, lower back pain, constipation, pain during bowel movements common during menstruation. ?

How can I bring my bowel movements back to normal?

How can you have a bowel movement after having a back and neck injury?

How come I have pelvic pain before/during a bowel movement?

How is it possible to reduce pain when having a bowel movement?

Hurts when passing bowel movements. I feel pain in one area like ripping.

I am 35 i had a hysterectomy 10yr ago, I have fybromayalgia, and ibs, for the past few months, I have abdominel and back pain after bowel movements, ?

I am 35 i had a hysterectomy 10yr ago, I have fybromayalgia, and ibs, for the past few months, I have abdominel and back pain after bowel movements, ?

I am experiencing diarrhea, painful bowel movements and constipation. The following also describes me: Lower abdominal pain. What should I do?

I am experiencing genital pain and painful bowel movements.

I am experiencing hemorrhoids, generalized abdominal pain (severity: mild) (quality: sensation of tearing pain) , constipation, painful bowel move..

I am experiencing painful bowel movements. Which doctor I mean which specialist should I meet?

I am having Bladder and bowl movement pain. As soon as I sit down, I have a pain in my pelvic area.

I am having extreme sciatic pain along with lower abdominal pain. frequent bowel movements with little output. diarrhea/waterlike stool. ?

I am having frequent bowel movement(8-9 times in a day) and last motion with blood. And having right side abdominal pain. I have internal hemorrhoids?

I am having severe cramping before and during bowel movements. Almost labor like pains what is it?

I am on my period and am having lower abdominal pain (not like cramps) and pressure on my anus. I have had normal bowl movements today. ?