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14 wks pregnant, fell on my butt on my stairs. Now I have an achy feeling on the left side near my ribs above my belly button?

2 weeks ago i felt on/off pain in the lower right pelvic area. Pain moved to right side under my belly button n now feel it on the left. Wt could it be?

27 year old female. I'm having extreme stomach pain right side near the belly button. No apendex or gallbladder. Help?

28.bloated stomach,lower back and side ache,feeling sick, tender when press down around belly button area.

30y/o m. I have discomfort in lower right side of abdoman and always feel i need to pee, even if I have just been. Any suggestions?

A pain one inch to the left of belly button, persistant and nagging for 6 months, what could it be?

Abdomen tender to touch on right side just above belly button. Have IBS. ?

Abdominal pain in bully button radiating left, what should I do?

About two inches down and four inches over to the left(my left) side of my belly button. Pain is generally on the surface or under skin.

Ache in my lower abdomen an hurts when I push it aswell what is this? It's on an off for quite a while now

After eating, I feel a squeezing feeling somewhere near my left bottom ribs? A bit above and left of belly button. Doesn't hurt. What is this?

All tests good, no female organs, but I have a lot of pain on lower right side of ab & belly button. Hurts to move or bend over. Nauseated & direarha?

Anatomically what lies above your navel? And what would cause it to hurt

Are ligament pains felt primarily under belly button or at bottom of belly? Feeling achy there, 22 weeks. Rubbing the area left to right all day.

At times when i sneeze my lower abdomen hurts, what could this be?

Been having sharp pain in lower (R) side of stomach and belly button. can't keep anything down 99.7 fever. i do not have a gallbladder. ?

Belly button pain from small hernia, what pain medicene will stop the pain?

Belly is swollen and there is alot of pressure on right side. What can cause this and how to fix it?

Belly pain in my 10 year old daughter

Can a hernia above belly button cause pain under right ribs and through to back. Yelling makes pain worse.

Can anal sex without condom can cause pain in lower right side below belly button a pain and inflammation alsoin the right thigh?

Can constipation cause sharp pains in the right side across from the belly button?

Can endometriosis cause shooting pain from the left side of the belly button down to the vagina?

Can you give me advice with itense pain starting behind my belly button and shooting down to my vagina?

Can you tell me what can causes chronic pain near belly buttom?

Causes of my belly hurting right below my navel?

Chronic pain btn sternum and belly button going right through to back?

Constant pain in the middle left side of the abdomen just above the waist that doesnt hurt when pressed on any ideas?

Constant pain, never sharp. It's in my stomach, can't put pressure on it. Its not just one spot. Around my belly button towards left side.

Constipated for three days and left lower belly hurts only little comes out?

Could it be something bad if I have upper belly pain for a few days?

Discomfort an inch from belly button on right side, feels bloated. pressure from the inside pushing out but no real pain. Flutters inside?

Discomfort near left side of belly button mostly noticed when sitting down what is this?

Doctor my son sometimes complain about his lower right abdomen hurting but he can't tell if it's that or his testicales and it only does it very very ?

Dull burning pain around navel, under breastbone and sometimes moves lower right side. Never seems to go away. Could I have an ulcer or appendicitis?

Dull pain to the left of belly button for 3 days straight. Is it just gas or could it be more serious?

Dull/achy pain right under my ribs kind of..upper right stomach area & it goes down to my mid stomach a little bit to the right of my navel. ?

During sex I felt a sharp pain level with my belly button but closer to the area between my hip bone and the bottom of my ribs.still hurts and nausea?

Everytime i bend over the right lower part of my stomach starts to hurt and then i get a tingly sensation that runs from my abdomen right to my belly button. What could that mean or be?

Feel like my belt is digging in on my right side level with belly button. Notice some dwelling on the right side. No pain. What could it be?

Feeling pain when i poke lower right area of abdomen, what could this be?

Feels like something is fluttering in my lower abdomen on my right side right below my bikini line?

Felt something pop in lower right pelvis then had stinging pain from right to belly button then down into my cervix what could be causing this ?

Female, 21, Having moderate abdominal pain on the right side by belly button. Have had problems with constipation before still have appendix. Very nauseated belly is sticking out where pain is and the area is very tender to touch.

For 2 weeks I have had spasmodic, sharp pains near belly button, right flank, above ovaries, and right lower back. No fever. Normal periods.

For a week, every day i have on the left side of the abdomen, between the ovary and belly twitched as like move a baby there. From what can be?

For last two days I have noticed sharp pain behind my belly button for a brief second. Comes and goes isn't constant. Any ideas?

For the last two days I have been experiencing pulling and pinching in my lower left abdomen. It is the left and lower than my belly button.

For the last two weeks, I have had pain about 4 inches above my belly button. This pain Is only when i lay down. Isolated spot, not shooting pain.

Got a slight pain on the right side of my belly button comes on more with pressure, any ideas?

Had a lap appendectomy 2 weeks ago. Felt inconsistent pain from below chest & gradually moved to belly and nausea as well. Lower right abdomen hurts?

Had sharp pain across belly button. Now have dull pain on left side thru back down to groin. Very painful. Can't see dr until Mon. What to do?

Had surgery pain is now above my belly button down to my vigina. What's up with that.

Hard area about inch or 2 to the right of my belly button, burning from just under my rib cage to my lower throat, and bubbling when i bend midsection?

Hard lump on the left side of my stomach below my belly button and i can only feel it when i lay down or stand up. When i press on it, it hurts.?

Have a sore area in my abdomen. It's between my belly button and ribs. Very sore when pressed. Occasional pain on movemen or dull ache. Cause? Action?

Have pain in my belly button area and I have. Pain in my lower left and right hand side what could this be?

Have tenderness when press on right side of abdomen between hip bone and belly button and low back pain on right side. What could this be?

Having intermittent sharp pain located to the left and slightly above belly button. Seems to only hurt when moving, but I didn't strain or pull anythi?

Having pain on left and right side of belly button, nausea, and diarrhea. What could this be? Hurt on opposite side with gallbladder before removal.

Having pain on my left side right under the rib down to the side but still staying above belly button level for 2 weeks..headache 2 weeks nonstop. ?

Having right side sharp pain that comes and goes. Had kidney stones before. what can cause sharp pain around back to front belly button?

Having sharp piercing pain just below belly button just above pubic line kinda to the left side?

Hello doctor, i am having pain in the right bottom quarter of my abdomen, it has stayed for almost a month now. What could this be?

Hello doctor, I am feeling pain in middle of stomach and under rib cage, when i dont feel pain here I feel pain in left side just beside belly button?

Hello my naval has been hurting me all day and I'm still having pain... what could it be.

Hello, I'm a female & have irritating pain off & on, not sharp pain, in my left side, in line with belly button. Feels like pinching. Have IBS-C. thnx?

Hi everytime i stand or stretch i have a sharp stabbing pain in my belly button, what could be the cause of this?

Hi I am 36 years old and a female. I had pain around my belly button for two days they were sharp.Now it is still there but moved to my righside.

Hi i have been having lower back pain and pain around my belly button tiday noticed some pus in my belly button and its painful what could be the prob?

Hi im 18 years old and i have pain on both sides of my upper abdomen and it hurts a little when i pee what could it be?

Hi Sri how are you? My laft side pain in belly

Hi, Have folding sensation on right lateral side 2in up from top of hip and 2in towards center in same plane as belly button when I sit down. No pain.

Hi, I have a folding sensation in my lower abdomen all the way on my right side. It's not painful but I notice it every time I sit down. Thank you! ?

Hi, im having pain in my lower abdomen when i press on it,its about 2 inches below my belly button and slightly to my right.I also am slightly bloated?

Hi. I'm a female. 55 yrs old. I have a small hernia on right dude if belly button could that cause pain going up towards ribs on both sides? Thanks

How can one treat belly pain?

How come I have been having belly pain and headaches?

How much can it hurt if you have appendicitis?

I am expierencing discomfort on my lower left side This is to the left of belly button and some more further up on left side At times I feel some d?

I am 33 weeks pregnant & I have pain on my whole right side of my belly just when I push on it or rub it. Is this normal?

I am 40 year , I have pan in the middle of my belly i feel something heavy but when I press it no pain. And I feel pain on right side down on mybell?

I am 5 weeks pregnant and i feel some sharp pain in my right side of my belly button. Does that affect the baby or this is normal?

I am a female and i felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen left side.3 inches away from the belly really hurts especially when i apply press?

I am experiencing pains in my belly button when I move what can I do?

I am haveing a bad burning pain about a inch from my belly buttom..It's swelling what could it be?

I am having a sharp pain behind my belly button it is a constant pain but seems to worsen when I sit or poke my belly button or around the area ?

I am having a sharp pain on the right side of my belly button. I had my appendix takin out back in august and this pain is about as bad as that was. W?

I am having a sharp pain that feels like a string from the right side of my belly button to my clitoris, is t because im ovulating?

I am having a throbbing, pulsating pain 7mm to the left of my belly button. Is it cancer? 

I am having aching and stabbing pain in my right side directly across from my belly button. It is radiating through my back. Hurts to breath and move.

I am having pain on my right side . When i press on my ribs the pain is more severe. I feel bloated and my lower abdomen seems a little swollen?

I am having pain right above my belly button, and inside it on the left side. It's tender to touch. It's red on the side of the bellybutton on left s?

I am having severe stabbing pain in my belly button area. I am also experiencing diarrhea. What could this be?

I am having sharp pain in my abdomen to the right of my belly button. The pain has been consistent for the last hour and I can hardly move. What can cause this and should I be concerned?

I am having sharp pain right under belly button and lower back pain just wondering what it could b?

I am having sharp, stabbing pains inside my belly button. It comes and goes. What could it be?

I be been having a tender feeling near my belly button on the right side and when i press there it's tender do u know what it could be ?

I been having nauseating sharp shooting pains in the area behind my belly button for over 3wks now, coming & going all and everyday, can you help me?

I been having pain in my lower left side of my abdomen then the pain goes under my belly button?