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i am 3 weeks along. Should i be concerned about the cramping and the lower back pain? Because im having both of those.

IUD in for 4 years, been having severe lower abdominal pain&,&lower back pain for 10 days now&pain during sex what could it be?

19 year old female woke with stabbing pain in lower stomach, radiating through to lower back, has taken paracetamol but no effect?

25 weeks pregnant and having pain in lower back and abdomen it started while laying down as well, what could this be?

25 weeks pregnant. On and off tightness in tummy, lower back pain and diarrhea. Normal? ?

26 weeks pregnant and getting lower right back pain?

29f. Sudden lower back pain/pressure and lower abdominal pressure when walking? Just got over period few days ago .

29f. Sudden pressure/pain in lower back and pressure in lower abdomen when i walk? Just got over period a few days ago.

33 weeks. Mild pain in lower abdomen and back?

4 weekspregnancy having a right back lower pain, what is this? Is this normal?

5 days late mild pain in lower stomach and back?

6 months pregnant cramping lower back pain that comes to the front of my stomach?


8th week preg.feeling light pain in lower abdomen,legs and lower back after intercouse of last that normal?

A lot of pain in lower abdomen, left abdomen, and lower back. Its about a 8-9 on the pain scale! Just got done with period. Please help! No other symp?

A week after my period i started getting lower abdominal pain and some pain in my lower back. It is made worse when coughing?

A week after unprocted sex and I have been having sharp pains in my stomach right lower stomach, did have back pains last night. What is it?

Abdominal pain only when i get my period. The pain is only on the lower right side?

Abdominal pains lower back irregular bleeding and discharge pain in upper right thigh what could cause this ?

Aching lower back and hips, could i be pregnant?

After i had a hysterctomy and sex causing my lower back pain?

After sex I always have blood and lower back pain. Is this normal and if not what would be the cause?

Bleeding twice a month for 6 months with pain in my stomach and lower back ?

Burning lower back pain. Nausea. Lower abdomen pain. Not pregnant?

Can constipation cause lower back pain? My lower back hurts when i need to move my bile. When i press on my lower back i pass gas too.

Can hard stool cause lower back pain?

Can hemorrhoids cause lower back pain?

Can lower back pain be associated with pregnancy?

Can lower back pain cause orgasms?

Can over masturbation cause lower back pain?

Can pain in ab, sides, lower back & nausa be symptoms of a uti?

Can progesterone shots in the butt cause lower back pain?

Can upper and lower back pain occur with uti?

Can you have lower back pain with IBS dr?

Could my boobs be the cause of my back pain?

Could my liver be the cause of middle to lower back pain and nausea?

Could my lower back pains and lower stomach pains be because I am constipated or could i be pregnant?

Could sleeping on my stomach cause lower back pain the next morning and day?

Could the bentover row be the cause of my lower back pain?

Cramping in bikini line and lower back pain ?

Do i have hiv. My lower abdomen hurts and i have lower back pain all the time?

Do miscarriages give you sharp lower back pain?

Doc I am experiencing a pain on my back and lower abdomen, do you have any medication to recommend? Thank you

Doctor told me that my foliciles on day 14 were to small. I have lower abdomen pains and lower back ache for 3 days its day 17 what could this be?

Does hemmriods cause back pain?

Does a lower back ache mean I am in labor?

Does constipation cause side, back and belly pain?

Does having a UTI cause pretty bad cramping and lower back pain?

Does masturbation causes lower back pain ?

Does pregnancy really cause lower back pain?

Does sleeping on your stomach help with your lower back pain?

Every month I get a pain in my lower abdomen. It lasts for about two days what's going on?

Experience lower back ache as well as lower abdomen pain , and belly is growing too, why is this happening. What should be done, have pcod?

Feeling lots of pain in lower abdomen , lower back and in crotch. Please please help me! :-(?

For the past two weeks I have had a constant pain in my lower back and abdomen. This pain has now worked its way to my thigh what could this be?

Getting lots of pelvic pain, lower tummy, lower back sides and bum?

Had 3 c sections and been having sharp pains and abdominal pains and lower back pain here and there. Period ended about 2 weeks ago, help?

Had any of you had back and uterus pain?

Had cramps and lower back pain for two days on and off. Been nauseous. Gas pains. Twinges in lower abdomen. What can this be?

Had IUD for 4yrs Lower abdominal pain under naval and lower back pain dihydrocodeine isn't touching it what could it be?

Have lower back flank pain.. And sides and lower abdomen feels really sharp and I have pain when i urinate what couls dis be?

Have lower right/mid back & lower abdominal pain for a week. My period at this same exact time, but I barely bled, & constipation. No relief with med

Having lower back pain and lower stomach pain and tender breast?

Having lower pelvic pain and lower back pain. I had a complete hysterectomy almost 2 years ago. Now for about 2 weeks I have on going cramping and pain mostly on the right side and in my lower back. I also had my appendix removed years ago, so i know it i

Heavy periods,lower back pain,lower abdomen pain pain in my legs and arms WHAT could be the cause of all this pain?

Hello, i'm 20 and I have had a period going on 2 weeks and now I am experiencing lower back pain and lower adominal pain also. What could it be?

Help please! is bad lower back pain associated with pregnancy?

Hi I have been spotting for 14 days and now I have a lot of pain in my lower back and lower abodmen ?

Hi I have lower back n front pain what cud this be?

Hi ive been having lower back pressure and ive been having cramps on the lower adominal area and also im having numiness pain in my leg???

Hi, I just want to know what causes lower side back pain with uti?

Hi.. I have a backache in my lower back. Im sure i feel it in my lower spinal, its been a month now. I don't kmw what is it.

How can I know if I have endometriosis or not? I had surgery for endo before, but having pain in lower abdomen and lower back. Am on pill.

How come i get lower abdominal pains after i run?

How common is it to have lower pains days after sex?

How do u relieve lower back pain during pregnancy?

How to help ease lower back pain during period?

I always have severe lower back pain when I am on my periods, why is that?

I am 22 weeks pregnant and have been having lower back pain for about a week and now I have lower pain in the left side of my stomach when i pee ?

I am 25 weeks pregnant and I am getting a tightning cramping pain in my lower abdominal and also right side of my lower back has pressure..?

I am 35 weeks and 2 days and having lower back pains am i having contractions?

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am having dull cramps in my lower back and butt area..Normal?

I am 6 weeks 3 days and I am having cramps in my stomach and lower back pains is this normal?

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I'm having these server pains in my lower stomach and it's causing pain to my legs. What do I have have to do?

I am experiencing lower back pain and now pain in my lower pelvic region. Could this be pregnancy?

I am experiencing lower back pain near the butt since 3 months. Can u suggest something.. Could it be a possible cause of the back pain?

I am have tearing lower abdomen pain, lower back pain and my breasts are itchy. Whats going on?

I am having lower abdominal pain that feels like it is being squeezed almost. It has been going on for 2 days with lower back pain. What could it be?

I am having lower stomach pain and back pain with a fever that is going up and down what could it mean?

I am having pain near right ovary and in my lower back when pooping and peeing.

I am having severe pain and burning in my lower back and also in my abdomen today?

I am having terrible pains during my period back pain lower abdominal pain cramps ect what can I do to help with the pain?

I been having headaches toothaches mood swings pain in my lower back and pelvic and lower abdomen?

I can't walk without having a sharp lower back pain? Is it because I am pregnant?

I feel pain my lower abdominal lower back and legs pain my periods finished today after 6 days why now i feel this pain what's the reason ?

I get cramps in my upper abdomen and back when I have my period now and not in my lower abdomen or back, it is very uncomfortable. Is this normal?

I had a sharp pain in my lower stomach while i peed. What does that mean?

I had a surgical abortion a week ago. Can this cause not just a lower back pain but an upper- mid right back/shoulder pain also ?

I have been having these cramping pains in my lower abdomen and lower back and I'm constipated. The pain is getting worse day by day. ?

I have lower right side abdominal and back pain i haven't seen my period for 2 months what can cause it ?