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I have too much gas problem and I cant empty my stool and I have abdomen pain at night ?

15 weeks pregnant. Im having sharp pains in my stomach. Could it be gas or something else?

1st x this yr happened previously 3 times I fill up with so much gas that my stomach is distended , back pain due 2 gas belching severe gas pains A LOT of over-the-counter gas meds 4 24 hr to fl bt?

Abdominal and back pain.Passing out gas.Heart palpitations?

Abdominal pain and passing gas. What to do?

Abdominal pain- comes and goes all day along with gas. Ibs?

After breast surgery, bloating is high. During abdominal & anterior rib palpation there's a gaseous/fluid feeling akin to gas bubbles.

After my appendectomy, i'm experiencing co2 gas pressure pains in my stomach, how do I get rid of the gas so i don't have pains ?

All of a sudden pain i stomach with smelly gas. What is this?

Always have gas pains , gas , bloted , abdomen pain , back pain , rib pain , stools change constipated / mushy , 5 months already is it IBS ?

Been having abdominal pain all over as well as chest pain as well. It also hurts all around my back and I have bad gas and burping more often.Helpim25?

Can a ulcer cause chest pain and gas pain?

Can back injury cause gas and constipation?

Can banana help with gas pain?

Can being squeezed around your ribs cause a lot of gas issues? I've been having gas problems since I was squeezed there.

Can gas and constipation cause pain near kidneys or hip area?

Can gas be trapped in lower abdomen?

Can gas buildup cause stinging pains in chest and back?

Can gas cause chest pains? I've had them since yesterday but I've also been burping and passing gas more frequently then usual after I get the pains.

Can gas cause movements under the ribcage?

Can gas cause pain with urination?

Can gas in the anal area cause a stinging feeling? It feels like that when I'm gassy, (IBS), but when no gas there, it's no problem.

Can gas pain cause bloating feel under rib cage?

Can gas pains and indegestion last for 4 days? If so what to take for the discomfort?

Can gas pains last more than a day?

Can hemorroids cause pain in passing gas?

Can I have an abdominal ultra sound with a lot of gas? Or does the gas affect the imaging?

Can IBS come on strong out of no where for the first time? I have distention, pain

Can irritable bowl syndrome and gas cause chest and back pain?

Can passing gas after gallbladder surgery make belly area ache?

Can simethicone help for nighttime abdominal pain?

Can the spleenic. Flexure. Be removed to releave severe pain by trapped gas?

Can too much fizzy pop cause pain if you have IBS?

Can trapped gas cause right sided abdominal pain and dark urine?

Can trapped wind cause back pain?

Can u get gas pain in your breast?

Can you get gas or constipation pain where appendix is located ? Not severe pain just stabbing but I have trapped gas & constipated due to stress

Can you get gas pain anywhere in your abdomen ?

Can you get gas pains in the same place every time?

Can you get pain in your appendix area with trapped gas ?

Can you give me suggestions if I have prolonged gas/ stomach pain?

Can you have gas pains in your back?

Chest pain due to gas, what are natural remedies?

Chest pain on exertion, is it gas buildup?

Chest pain on left side burning pain belching and passing gas allot ?

Chest pains, wondering if its gas? No other symptoms. Relieved a little with gas chewables. But still pain slightly. What can I do?

Constant gas with abdomen pain & nausa?

Constant two days of gas when it comes it goes in my pelvis right side then when i fart pain leaves.. My gas is very strong how can I stop it?

Constipation does gas move into the chest area?

Could opiates cause severe stomach gas pain?

CXray was normal, Pulm Doc said there was some gas under diaphragm. I do get what seems to be gas pains which I'm treating. Can u see gas on CXray?

Do antibiotics cause gas/constipation? Can the pain be so bad it makes you nauseous ?

Do you know if acidity and gas can be causing my chest discomfort or something else?

Does abdominal gases mean gases in digestive track only or there can be gases in other areas as well resulting in discomfort?

Does clindamycin cause horrible gas and stomach pain ?

Does dicyclomine relieve gas in abdomen?

Does pain pills cause you to have gas?

Experiencing bloating due to trapped gas. Is the trapped gas a symptom of the hiatus hernia?

Food feels stuck in upper abdomen and bloating in middle abdomen. Unable to burp and pass gas.

For the last 7 days, I have had very painful abdominal gas. This is not normal for me. What could be causing it?

Gas bubble is causing me severe pain and discomfort.....whatdo I do?

Gas Pains After My Workouts Why Is That ?

Gas pains around my bellybutton & constipated what can I do about this ?

Gas trapped in lower abdomen though passing lots of gas.Spasms in lower back.Dr said its Spastic colon,but still same after a week.Had a UTI 3 wks ago?

Gas trapped in lower back area. How do I get it to stop. What can I do to pass gas to make the pain go away?

Gas, pain just after chest , pain in tummy, burping continuously ?

Gassy uncomfortable feeling lower right abdomen , every day and gas trapping in my rectum . What is causing this ? Can't cope with this everyday

Had appendictomy 7 weeks ago and now I have pain in the same area that comes as if I still have my appendix inside and gases with constipation ?

Had hiatal hernia surgery. Can't pass gas or go to bathroom. I have so much bloating, pain, nausea and pressure. How can I relieve it?

Have a mild pain in my abdomen a bubbling gas feeling. Could it be quickening at 12 weeks?

Have had trapped gas for going on 2 weeks. Serious bloating. Constant belches and flatulance that relieves momentarily. What's the cause & treatment?

Have really bad gas it causes me chest pain sometimes. I can tell its gas cause I'll pass it but why does it cause me all the pain.

Have stinging pain in upper chest, feels similar to a trapped gas bubble, but it's been here for 3 weeks, about every half hour.

Having bloat, gas pain around belly button and heavy feeling. Gas feels trapped in stomach. Had these symptoms 6 mos ago. Had scans and b/work all ok.

Having what is called traveling gas moving all over body causing excruciating pain and cannot expel it. Please help. ?

Hello docs. I was wondering can trapped gas cause severe low back pain?

Hello, I have had what I thought to be gas problems in my lower left side for a little over 3 days now. I have been passing gas. Doesn't seem to help?

Hello, i m having pain in breast and backache from two days. What problem I am having? Is it gas or anything else? Can u suggest me any medicine.

Hi I am 61 years of age i am having belly pain for 5 days it goes and comes not all the time when it hurt I pass gas or burp?

How can I tell if pain is gas or pancreatitis?

How can make gas move that is trapped in your sides and stomach

How can you get trapped gas off your chest and sides?

How can you tell the difference btwn gas pain & something is wrong pain?

How do I alleviate stomache pain from gass? Ate a lot of fiber and some beans i think it's caused me gass pain.

How do I deal with flatulence pain?

How do I know that it is gas that is in my back ?

How do I know when my baby has gas and how do I help soothe the gas pains?

How do I stop gas traveling up.My back.Its painful?

How do you get rid of trapped gas in your back behind left shoulder blade i can here in my intestine i can here the gas.

How many days post colonoscopy does gas pain still happen?

How to relieve extreme gas pain. pain is causing nausea. I had a c-section one month ago and an ultra sound 2 days ago which revealed large gas bubbes?

How to relieve gas in chest and back ?

How to relieve gas out of shoulderr I have gas in my right shoulder

How to relieve pain from abdomen, gas bubble.

How to rid gas pains after appendectomy?

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I still have gas pain symptoms at how long will these gas pain last?

I am 25 years old n 3 weeks postpartum. During my meals I have sharp pains in my upper stomach. Could this just be trapped gas or more serious?

I am having excessive gas..also I have piles problem and due to stuck gas it pains a lot. in the past three months before I was having a lot of gas and loose motion?

I am having gas and indigisan. And also some time pain near lungs?

I am having loose stool just every morning with gas and pain but its all bearable what causes it and i feel ok after that ?