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I am perimenopausal on 2mg estradiol per day. One dr thinks my periods will eventually stop and one dr says they will not stop on estradiol. help?

20 weeks pregnant, my dr adviced to stop the progestrone supplement (dubagest).Is it ok to stop?

After stop diane35 when will i get menstruation cycle I use for 21days day?

After stopping bcp, will i gain weight? Can i expect to be more edgy? Is there anything that I should expect after i stop taking the pills?

Any women tried progestogen to stop your periods?

Anyone tried progestogen to stop your periods?

Are there tablets that permanently stop menstruation?

Been on Depo-Provera for one month can taking northistorone stop it from working want to delay period for 1 week due on the 9th march?

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Can alcohol stop ovulation?

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Can douching with vinager stop your period if it has started?

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Can I use ocp to stop me menses it has just srarted?

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Can taking ibuprofen stop my period?

Can there be any way to safely stop or delay my period for a week or two?

Can unwanted 72 stop pregnant ?

Can we use BC pills continuosly for long term to stop menses?

Can wine stop my period?

Can you tell me how I could stop myself from wanting to have sex?

Can you tell me if you stopped taking mefenamic acid will your period become heavy again?

Can't stop eating during my period, how to cope with it? What about the pill that gives you only 3 or 4 periods a year?

Could mefenamic acid tablets stop bleeding?

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Could you tell me what are examples of unsafe ways to stop your period?

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Do you know any pill that can stop bedwetting?

Doctor gave me tranexamic acid to stop my never ending period is it safe?

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Drug to stop period in gynacology?

Expert opinion please: could taking estrogen pills make me stop growing?

Good evening, i've been using Diane35 for 1 year and decided to stop using it end of March 2017. After that i had my normal heavy period for April. I'?

Had morning sickness for weeks, i had it all day. At 9 weeks it stopped. Could something be wrong, or is it normal to stop?

Help! can antibiotics stop menstruation entirely?

Hi am taking provera (medroxyprogesterone) to stop bleeding, do u continue bleeding and for how long?

Hi i am on brevinor 50 what would happen if i take 3 to stop spotting?

Hii,,,please advice me a medicine which can completely stop menstrual cycle???

How can gelatin stop your period?

How can I stop pregnancy ? It has been 6 days of intercourse. Please suggest any way or medication to stop pregnancy?

How can I stop using BC? At the end of my pack (combined, 21), I'm thinking of stopping.

How do I help reduce period cramps or even stop them altogether?

How do I stop the belching when pregnant?

How does ibuprofen stop period?

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How to use lemon to stop period?

I am using duphaston my doc prescribed it to use for 20 days but I have spotting without finishing the course should I stop it Iam trying to conceive?

I had 3weeks period now what medicine should I take to stop...

I had irregular periods, and doctor asked me to use norethistherone. He told me that when i stop using it , i will get my periods. Is it normal?

I had prolonged menses for 16 days now and yesterday my ob prescribed me BCP to stop the bleeding. How long till it takes effect and stop my bleeding?

I have been taking amethia for 5 weeks..I have had daily bleeding? Is this normal? How long will it last? Will it stop if i stop taking this

I have been taking norhisterone 5mg to stop my heavy periods, but they are not working . ?

I have had a period for 3 weeks is there some kind of medication they can give me so that it will stop?

I need to stop bleeding this is the second time thid month what can I take to stop it?

I need to stop my periods immediately because its my wedding tomorrow,what medications can I buy over the counter?

I stop taking the Depo-Provera shot a few months ago an i also stop bleeding from it a week ago every since three weeks ago i've nausea, and diarrhea.?

I stopped drinking after 5 years now my period is late could me stopping have a effect on menstruations?

I take thyroxine from 40 days. My TSH was 3.2 at beginning, i want to stop thyroxine, can I slowly decrease and stop ? Is it too late to stop ?

I took Depo-Provera shot and my period wont stop after 3 months. How can I make it stop?

I used the patch to stop my period but i didn't, how do i continue using my patches ? Do ignore the patch i applies to stop my period?

I want a method to stop my periods permanently?

I wish to stop my period permanently. How can I do this without pills or devices?

I'm prescribed to take flutamide for 6 months for excessive hair when I stop using it can it cause a hormonal imbalance and missed periods?

I've been taking necon 0.5 for over a year for an irregular period, and wanted to know if I stop, will something happen to my body?

I've only been taking the pill for two weeks, but i want to stop because of personal reasons. Is it okay to just stop and what will happen when i do?

If i stop my naproxen, what will happen?

If I stop taking jolivette will my bleeding stop?

If my doctor has me taking medroxyprogesterone once a day for 2 months, will this stop my period?

Im on Depo-Provera and have spotting non stop for 2 weeks?

Is having to change my tampon evey 30mins with first trial of birthcontrol too much? Should i stop taking it?

Is it douching that causes my menstruation that does not stop?

Is it normal for a woman to have her period for two month non stop?

Is it possible for estrovin to stop your period?

Is it safe to stop Accutane a week early?

Is there a contraceptive that i can take that will stop my periods completely, until i stop taking it? If so what is it/what are they?