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If i used morning after pill twice a month (levonorgestrel 1.5mg) is it really bad for my body? any side effect other than irregular period?

If she bleeds after taking Plan B by 3 days , she had most of the sides effects thats mean she is not pregnant?

If your period is coming up when do you start to feel the side effects of it and if you are pregnant when do you start feeling those side effects?

Im getting off pill, been on it for over 13 years. What can II expect as far as side effects?

Im a female....Im doing masturbation since years....Does it effect my pregnancy? Im too worried..... If effects what are the symptoms and preventions

Im female....Im doing masturbation since years..Does it effect my pregnancy..If so what are the symptoms and medications?

Implantation bleeding or side effect of morning after pill, how do I know?

Is 12 too young to begin taking the Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) shot? It has been doctor prescribed, but some of the long term side effects seem worrisome.

Is abdominal cramping and pink and brow spotting 2 weeks after taking plan be and 5 days before a usual period a normal side effect or pregnancy ?

Is cotton mouth a side effect of early pregnancy?

Is diarrhea a side effect for plan b?

Is fatigue a normal or common side effect of nexplanon? Since I gotten my insert I've been tired . I've had nexplanon for almost 2 weeks now

Is frequent urination a side effect of taking ecp?

Is having sex once a day bad? What are the effects?

Is it normal after being on birth control after 3 years that the side effects are becoming worse? It's making me feel like I'm pregnant but I'm not.

Is it normal for BCPs to cause spotting after 9 months of taking them? I thought side effects happened earlier on.

Is it safe for a 15 year old to take emergency contraception? How long do the side effects usually last? How effective are these pills?

Is it safe to use birth control pills like celest for over a year ? does it caus breast cancer or any serious side effects ?

Is it weird to have Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) birth control with crazy side effect like depression and random crying?

Is moodswings and depreddions side effects of inplabon cos I've been so emotional since I had my implanon inserted, I wasnt lke this before?

Is severe cramping in the abdomen and vagina normal 34hours after taking the morning after pill? i have experineced no side effect up unitl now?

Is swollen uvula a Plan B side effect?

Is there a bad effect when having sex daily?

Is there any effect of fever on periods?

Is there any medicine or injection that lets a late period to come. If yes, does it has any side effect if used once.

Is there any side affects due to long term use of bc pills. Was on the shot for maybe two years then switched to the pill . So far everything is ok?

Is there any side effect of shower during period?

Is there any side effects, when woman don't have a sex long time? Any hormonal change or something else?

Is there any substitute for primolute for delay in periods, which would be more effective and having less side effects on harmon balance?

Is there side effects in delaying my period with vinegar?

Is theres any side effect if i swallow my boyfriend cum?

Is using contraseptive implat have any side effect on my uterus?? How it regenerate?? because my menstural cycle stoped since then ?

Is vaginal dryness a side effect of depo? And will it ever go away, this is only my first shot.

It's the second day i took the b control. I vomit two days in the morning. I know it is the side effect. But what should i do? will it be better?

Ive been on enskype birth control for 2months, discontinued it about ah month ago because of the side effects, is it possible that it affects my cycle?

Late for my period, could this be a side effect or something else?

Loosing blood and discharge when on Depo-Provera prova. Normal side effect?

May i know the side effect of pontein mefenamic acid to a pregnant women? Thanks

Medical side effects related to use of ipill on menstrual periods?

Menstrual cycle started and stopped suddenly with expired iud? I had mirena placed 6 years ago and still have it in place. My doctor said it wasn't a big health concern, that it shouldn't cause any adverse side effects. I finally began my menstrual cycl

Might there be any negative side effects to the baby when taking black cohosh to induce labor?

Missed my pill (on alesse) so took 2 last night. Are there side effects of taking 2? How long does it last? Cause my stomach hurts.

My boobs have doubled in size in 3 days. I stopped birth control after being on it for years. Is this a normal side effect or should I be concerned?

My doctor prescribe tri sprintec but I am scared if the side effects. Is there anything safer? He recommended for my cysts and possible endometriosis.

My friend age is 21.She got pregnant.Its 1 month over.Suggest any best pills for abortion without side effects.It should be 100% safe and effective.

My gf takes contraceptive pills every month.Is there any possible side effects?

My girlfriend already have irregular periods and pcod too what r d side effect or serious effects she will go through if she take an contraceptive pill

My girlfriend just had her period a week ago. We had sex last night, no protection. Can I give her the day after pill? Any side effects or damage?

My girlfriend took two ella in one month. Im afraid that her period can be late for 2 months or so. Is it possible and what would be the side effects?

My husband takes stelara (ustekinumab) and i just had the mirena for over 3 years. We want to get pregnant is there any problems or side effects with steleralara?

My husband wants me to use "the pill", but it gives me terrible side-effects. What can we do?

My implanon contraceptive expired august 012, 1yr ago, are there any negative side effects to watch for? No insurance $ or pcp, help please.

My period date was on 13 I have a party on 21 of this month so I want to have my periods preponed!! Any medicine without side effects??

My self 28 years old i had a contact on i took i pill n my period r prolonged for 8 days any medicine to stop?Any side effects?

Nuvaring side effects or early signs of pregnancy? How to tell the difference?

Off birth control and my period is delayed. Possible side effect or pregnant?

On cerazette mini-pill for month, previously micgynon. taken it perfectly. have early pregnancy symptoms but could these be pill side effect?

Over-treated with cyproterone acetate, 5 ys after quitting still don't ovulate & have menstrual irregularities. A drug for reversing the side effects?

Overdosed w/glyburide(190pills) dec2011, now i'm experiencing a lot of nausea (not pregnant).Could it be a long term affect from the overdose?

Past few months I've been bleeding on the 2nd week of BCPs as well as my regular period. Could this be a side effect or could it be more serious?

Period lasting longer than usual on birth control. Is this one of the normal side effects?

Pinky-orange spotting. 16 days from period. Taking amoxicillin for strep throat. Is this a side effect or something else?

Please tell me if there are any negative heath side effects from delaying vaccinations..?

Post IUI side affects of pregnancy?

Prednisone: how much should you be concerned about its negative effects?

Pregnant or Plan B side effect?

Prescribed mefenamic acid fr heavy periods. So worried about side effects ?

Recently switched from aviane to falmina. Having side effects. Is this just my body readjusting or am i pregnant? Last period was 11/15

Side effects of not getting timely menses?

Sir abortion within 15 weeks is safe or it have any side effects.

So I'm getting Skyla placed tomorrow. I had implanon and had weight gain and an unending cycle. What are the chances of the same side effects?

Soon start my third cycle of ifosfamide and etoposide. How much more?

Started new birth control, didn't use protection first week. having a lot of pregnancy symptoms. is it just side effects or could I be pregnant?

Starting 4 cycles of ep for pure seminoma stage 2, what should I expect as side effects?

Tenderness in the uterus, been to the doctor infections or stds. im on Depo-Provera could this cause those side effects?

Thanks to broken condom on atripla pep 28 day treatment, should I be worried about the long term side effects for that short period of time?

Took an ipill after fully protected sex? Is it harmful? Is delaying and irregularity of periods harmful? Any other side effects? Please help

Took anoxicillin twice in 3 month span for bad tooth first time saw no effects this time it cancelled the effect of my bc and my period is very heavy ?

Took plan b a little before 36 hours after unprotected sex. The only side effects she's had are mood swings and headaches for 3 days. Are we okay?

Took Plan B twice in one week... When will my period come? And is it dangerous ? Side effects ?

Ttc; timing adds so much pressure - what if we are intimate every day following menstruation? Any adverse effects on ttc from over"doing" it?

Until when will I have side effects of the bc pill? Been taking it for 5 months and still have nausea the first week. Not preggo, had period all mths.

Very bloated sore belly and breasts ..4 weeks off Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) ..Not pregnant ..Side effects still in my system? When do they wear off? Thanks

Wanted to know if diet pills with hoodia in them have any negative side effects?

What r the side effects of an contraceptive pill if the girl already have irregular periods?

What are common negative side effects of too much sex?

What are hydrocodone side effects on womens period?

What are negative side effects of getting an abortion? (At any age)

What are side effects of a missed period?

What are side effects of nuvaring and early signs of pregnancy?

What are some atypical side effects from plan b?

What are some implanon side effects after removal? I got my period 3 days later.

What are some negative effects of having one leg shorter then the other long-term?

What are some of the negative effects of lack of sex?

What are some possible negative side effects of getting a vasectomy?

What are some side effects of registrone to postpone my periods?

What are th side effect of tramadol on a baby in the womb?

What are the common side effects for methotrexate when used for ectopic pregnancies?

What are the effects of using heroin on the female cycle including periods and getting pregnant?

What are the health risks/side effects of taking a morning after emergency contraceptive in November when you had a surgical abortion in early July?