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Had medical abortion 2 years ago! will there be any side effects for the kid if i be pregnant again? Im quite tensed

Have been using Nuvaring for many years, leave mine in for 4 weeks, is it ok to skip the week off for 1 month? Any ill side effects of doing so?

Hello Doctor ,, Can Oral Contraceptive pills be used for regulation of menstruation Cycle in 37 years old lady with no gravida ?whats the side effects

Hello, are immediate Depo. side effects common? serious cramping within the next two hours?

Hello, i want to ask does myteka 10mg tablets has side effects on menstruation cycle, I have used myteka for 1month now has no periods from 25days?

Hello,,,,what can be the possible side effects of taking lybrel to stop periods??

Help please! is cramping a side effect of plan b?

Hi , is it normal to have slight periods like pain while using primolut-n 5mg twice a day or should I increase the dose?

Hi Doc.We're using withdrawal method however, sometimes I'll have to take ECP. Pls prescribe a safe method which cannot cause fatigue & side effects ?

Hi doctor, may I know the side effect of taking sunolut? I'm thinking to consume due to ill be travel to overseas next week. My period come on 11/5

Hi there, Does regular use of sleeping pills have any negative long-term or short-term effects? Thanks, Sean Are Sleeping Pills Okay?

Hormone pills to delay a period that has no side effects ? When should I start taking them ?

How bad can stress effect a period and if so how long can it delay it?

How can I deal with Plan B side effects?

How long after taking Plan B can it cause hormonal imbalance? Got period 9 days ago, (on time, )but having other effects; breasts tender & bloating...

How long can plan b give you side effects. Have a normal period after taking it but still having cramps.

How long do the severel effects last from sudden withdrawal of ALL meds currently taken. She has stopped all due to pregnancy. Been 2 weeks so far!!

How long do the side effects of levonorgestrel (plan b) last?

How long does Clomid (clomiphene) side effects last after finishing the pills?

How long does Plan B "decrease of sexual drive side effect " usually wear off?

How long does Plan B side effects last? I've had cramping, spotting, and breast pain since i've taken it a little over 2 days ago.

How long should you cramp on the one side after ovulation?

How long will the postinor 2 side effects last? i mean breast tenderness.

How long will the postinor 2 side effects last? i mean breast tenderness.

How soon do fluoxetine side effects begin after starting it? And which ones are most likely to occur?

How to stop with contraceptive pills without ugly side effects? Before when I once stopped, I had 10 days menstruation with brown secret. Please help

How to tell if i'm having implantation bleeding or side effect of morning after pill?

How to tell if nuvaring side effects or early signs of pregnancy?

How to tell if this is implantation bleeding or Plan B side effects?

I am 17 in 2 months and have not yet finished breast development, Ifirst had my period 6 yrs ago. What would be the effects of taking soy isoflavones?

I am 45 yo and looking into taking Provera (medroxyprogesterone) on my 18th day of my period. Would this have any negative side effects?

I am already on duphaston treatment for irregular bleeding. Will taking norlevo cause any adverse effect?

I am irregular period.sometime's four months before i have a means.what do i do,doc. what happen to me about that.what that'e is side effect.

I am on the Depo shot, I've noticed that right after sexual intercourse I tend to bleed. I am not sure if it's a side effect of is this something else?

I am peri menopausal but can not take birth control due to severe side effects. Anti depressants did not work either. What else can I do ?

I currently was on birth control for the past 2 months, but stopped taking it yesterday. Is there any side effects that could happen? Or any harm?

I drunk paraffin late at night i took milk later in the morning what are the side effects?And am i going to be infertile?

I finish my period tho almost two weeks ago and I don't have any other side affects?

I had sex 4 days ago.. Had the morning after pill, I am bleeding slightly, am i poo reg, or is this the side effect?

I had started intercourse in 12..Could effect in future....Now im 18.?

I had two pills of mdma (ecstasy) and then a week later i had a migraine that lasted for a couple days. Help?

I have 2 days periods but very few in quantity but on date now I have bad leg pain what I have to do for this am using Clomid (clomiphene) can it b a side effect?

I have a heavy and painful menstrual cycle. I tried taking oc pill but had bad side effects. What else could try? Could I have endometriosis?

I have always had a normal period lasting no longer than 5-6 days, it has lasted 19 days as of today, can it be a side effect of a kenelog shot?

I have been given a couple steroid injections for a medical condition. My period is now 2 days late. On birth control. Side effect or pregnant?

I have been on birth control for a month with no side effects. After a month and a week, I am now experiencing sore breasts. Is this normal?

I have been on the Depo-Provera injection for 2 years and want to come off due to too many side effects, what are any withdrawal symptoms?

I have been taken Eviplera since January and have had no side effects. Today my BP has ranged from 149/106 and 168/99. Could this be caused by the Eviplera? Should I be worried?

I have been taking lithium for over a year. I 'm on tegretol for a couple months. Is it possible to have side effects of a cycle w/o but no cycle?

I have been taking lithium for over a year. I'm also on tegretol. Is it possible to have side effects of a period w/o the period ?

I have black periods is this a side affect from the implannon?. I also have had a C-section 2 years ago and have had thrush a lot this year

I have extremely painful periods every once in awhile & my doc recommended microgestin but I am too afraid to take it b/c of side effects. Is it safe?

I have had pink-ish orange spotting for the last two days, and am 16 days from my next period. I'm also on amoxicillin for strep throat for another 5 days and have had a few side effects. Could this be another side effect, or something else?

I have mild Polycystic ovaries, due to which my periods r irregular. Would taking marvelon pills help this situation? Does it have any side effect

I have pcos, and absence of periods for2 years now. Do you recommend me to start metformin because I am scared if i will get any side effects in futur?

I have recently started having sex and i wanted to know.How safe are pills and what are there possible side effects? Which one to take?

I have taken emergency contraception pills but i am going through none of its side effects no nausea no spotting no cramps . Is it fine or not?

I have taken postinor 2 eleven days ago.i am presently having my period. Is it possible to be experiencing side sffects now?

I just have a quick question. I've been on contraceptive pills for over 5 years and never had any side effects. My period is over and I can still feel the effects of my period. What is going on?

I just started metformin. What are effects to expect?

I just started on novynette never took the pills before.. But i notice I have no side effects does that mean they are not working to protect me?

I just started taking vesicare (solifenacin) for over active bladder, I am now a week late on my monthly period. Is this a normal side effect?

I just stopped ocp pills after 6 months due to side effects, im perimenopausal, i began cabergoline 3 weeks ago, how long for cabergoline to help?

I know smoking makes yu prone to breakthrough bleeding and side effects on the pill. Do ecigarettes have the same effects ?

I know sore sensitive nipples are a side effect of birth control but is it normal for it not to start until 3rd week of use?

I missed my Depo-Provera shot and started having tenderness in my breast. Is that a side effect?

I put nuvaring in after my period & had it in for 3 days but had serious side effects & took it out. Now, about 4 days later I am bleeding..Serious?

I quit Ritalin 2 weeks ago. My period is 2 days late. Can it be side-effect ?

I read that plan B could cause breast pain, when should that start ? im having them 2 weaks after the pill is that side effect or preg?

I recently took morning after pills and i'm staining as if i'm just getting off my period or about to be on it. Is that a side effect?

I starded a medium bleeding 3 days after taking a Plan B and I have slight cramping. Are those the side effects?

I started bleeding heavily specifically from jolivette pills, and have had unbearable side effects. When I stop them, how soon will the bleeding and side effects stop?

I started junel 1-20 on the first day of period, 8 days ago. I am now on week 2. I've spotted for 8 days and it increased alot. Is it a side effect?

I started Loestrin Fe 1/20 last week and I have aches all over my body. Is this a side effect? How long will it last?

I started taking celexa 20mg about a week and half ago and i have had no sex drive granted i know that is a side effect but last bight i did last night and me and my significant other were having sex but i couldn't cum for some reason i was wondering if t

I started taking green tea of maximum 3 cups in a day . Does it has any side effects in hormonal system (period problem ) in ladies ?

I think i m pregnant but i don't want this now so can I know some medicine for cancel my pregnancy and no side effect of that medicine reply please ?

I took 3 tablets of postinor 2 in 3 weeks( I had sex once every week ) . 1)What side effects would this have one me. 2)Would this prevent pregnancy?

I took Plan b 5 days ago and I am still having abdominal pain but it only occurs when I pee & I also spot here and there. How long are the side effects supposed to last? Is this normal?

I took Plan B after a week my nipples are erect all the time. Is it a side effect or i might be pregnant.

I took the morning after pill once, is there bad effects in the long term? And is it the same as the contraceptive pill? Which is heavier?

I tried using the Depo-Provera birth control in january but i had all the symptoms and side effects of it. How hard will it be to get pregnant now?

I ve taken regesterone 5mg/day during my pregnancy(march 4to 8th and march 23, 24). Feb 4 was my last period. Will there be any adverse effects?

I wanna know which bearth control is the less side effect .I wanna know to if the ejaculated out side the vagain can maks me pregnant ?

I want to take the nuvaring out, i had intercourse 4 days ago. Is it safe to take it out now? Reason: side effects too much?

I was on Micronor (norethindrone) for 10 months but stopped due to bad side effects. Having my 1st period and it has been 10 days, very heavy w/ pain. Is this normal?

I'm 17, I want to start the combination pill, but I'm too worried about blood clots side effects. What are the real chances of this happening to me?

I'm getting an early period on heprin and vancomyocin. Is this a normal side effect?

I'm having early symptoms of pregnancy but I'm also on nexplanon which has similar side effects also I have irregular cycles when should I take a test?

I'm pregnant but i was taking weight loss shots and pills. Will that have any negative effects?

I'm spotting after next choice pill. Is this a normal side effect?

I've abuse Plan B a lot and on this past 3months I've taking them twice a month and want to know if thatsgoing to effect me?

I've been bleeding for about 4weeks now. Should this be a concern or just a side effect of missing my depo shot??

I've been on alysena 28 and I finished my 3rd month yesterday I want to skip my period this month, how do I do this? What are the side effects

I've had 2 injections of kenalog-60 over the past 3 wks. I know a side effect is period irregularity. Could this happen even if i'm on birth control?

I've had nexplanon for about 3 weeks now and i've had constant spotting. I am also bleeding during intercourse. Is this normal or just a side effect?

I've had severe cramps and medium bleeding(not period) for 2 days. I am on minastrin 24. Is this a side effect of the pill or a sign of pregnancy?

If I had a bleeding week with period symptoms a few days after taking Plan b. Does that mean I am not pregnant? How can I know if it was a side effect

If i take emergency contraception more than once a month.. What happens? Any side effects?

If I took plan B will one of the side effects of my next period be really tender or sore breasts?