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tell me about the Contraceptive implanon ive been using it since i was 14, recently had it replaced as it expired and having negative Side effects?

26, irregular periods, never had sex, doctor suggested Regestrone 5 mg with active element Norethindrone, can it cause side effects also..?

35yrs old. What are the side effects of primolut n depot when used to stop periods? Will it make my breasts bigger?how long will menstrual be delayed

About how long does the plan b one step pills side effects last? If my body is not used to these pills could the symptoms last longer?

After mixogen injection, i felt menstrual cramps. But my period came 18 days after having those cramps. Side effect of medicine?

After mixogen injection, i felt menstrual cramps. But my period came 18 days after having those cramps. Side effect of medicine?

After my period i put nuvaring in 4 the 1st time & took it out 3 days later because of side effects. Now, 3 days later I am bleeding very dark.Serious?

After taking megestrol i bled daily for wks. Is this a normal side effect?

After taking the Plan B pills is a normal side effect sleeping longer than usual?

Am i possibly pregnant or is this a side-effect after the depo-shot being expired?

Any advice? I have taken garcinia cambogia for 2 days now and I have started bleeding from my rectom. Is this one of the side effects?

Any negative effects of having long fingers?

Are there any negative effects from getting too much fiber?

Are there any negative side effects to taking black cohosh to induce labor?

Are there any side effects for using pregnancy pills? Like getting fat and having mood swings, is that true?

Are there negative effects to coming off the pill?

Are there risks to having sex after 6 weeks & 4 days after birth, like infections, impregnation? If I take planB, will there be any side effects, infections, health risks? What kind of risks/side effects are there if I take planB at an early stage?

Are these side effects of plan b: low BBT and mid-cycle bleeding?

Are these side effects of the Plan B pill? I took the Plan B pill 2 weeks ago. I have been having the symptoms of early pregnancy. Are these just side effects of the pill? Or does this sound more like pregnancy and I should be tested? My symptoms are: tir

Because I am on my first Depo-Provera injection, will my second dosage make breakthrough bleeding disappear ? And is feeling more eating a normal side affect?

Been on junel 1/20 for over a year, I'm getting pregnancy symptoms. Or can I just now be getting side effects?

Been on seasonale 6months&since starting have had sporadic intense mood swings and anger. Never had b4. Is there another pill with less side effects? 

Been prescribed with tranexamic acid tablets for heavy, painful periods. Is this normal? What are the side effects?

Been prescribed with tranexamic acid tablets for heavy, painful periods. What are the side effects?

Breastfeeding n using arm implant as brith control I haven been cramping for the past days could I be pregnant or is it a side effect from the implant?

Can a morning pill (i pill) taken once in lifetime produce any permanent negative effects in a girl's menstrual cycle? Plz ans. Asap. Thanks in adv.

Can a polgraph test cause any problems to a pregnancy or the baby? Side effects?

Can being anemic effect your period?

Can break through bleeding mean pregnancy? On nexplanon? Or is It a normal side effect?

Can Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) cause me to have a big appetite even though I've taken it for 3 years prior without having this side effect?

Can Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) have a side effect of fuller beeasts?Or did i just gain weight? I am also scared i'm pregnant because of this

Can emergency contraception pill disturb my period &stop me from working out? For how long does its side effects last.Wiped semen on vagina accidently

Can fentanyl patches cause galactorrhea, even though I've been on it with no other side effects at all for 5 years before the milk started?

Can hormonal changes (stopped Depo-Provera on 04/2012) cause daily nausea and sleeping a lot?

Can I still get pregnant while on a contraceptive implant ? I've missed my period for this month. Is that a normal side effect ?

Can i take microlite pill while on implanon to stop bleeding and is there side effects? I am worried i will have bad side effects as I am goin on hols

Can my thyroid medication effect my period by making longer and heavier?

Can omega XL (the pill) any negative and/or positive side effects and would you recommended it?

Can side effects getting off Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) cause extreme bloating to belly and breasts?

Can taking depo-provera injection and microgynon together to treat side effects of a fibroid and dub be harmful?.

Can taking Plan B two months in a row cause long term side effects like a late period? Or anything else?

Can the morning after pill have a sustained effect on one's period?

Can we have sex during periods? will this have any effect on health?

Can we take Centchroman pills to stop menses...Is it true that these are non-hormonal and have less side effects also?

Can we take Centchroman pills to stop menses...Is it true that these are non-hormonal and have less side effects also??

Can we take Centchroman pills to stop menses...Is it true that these are non-hormonal and have less side effects also??

Can you give me suggestion: need to delay menses for 1 week.Medication any side effect?

Can you let me know how many days before your period should you experience cramps and other period side effects?

Can you ovulate on the same side for multiple months in a row?

Consult Dr? I have been on a full blown period for 2 months straight after forgetting my depo is this a reported side effect?

Could a UTI have an effect on my period?

Could breast enlargement be a side effect of plan b? I took it twice in 2 weeks. Have since gotten a prescription for contraception. Can't take it until my period which is - week away. Am I pregnant? Or side effect from emergency contraception. I'm st

Could mefenamic acid effect the quantity of your period?

Could minocycline effect getting my period? I have never been late before I started this medication a month ago.

Could the side effects of pregnyl fool me into thinking i'm pregnant?

Curious about negative effects of workout pills? What does it really do?

Delay effect does tylonal 3 have on pregnant women?

Delaying of periods effect of dengue fever?

Do BCP's work to protect against pregnancy regardless? for example, even if you are 'allergic', or if you have weird side effects, does it still work?

Doc, my girlfriend took, "ella" a femal contraceptive pill, she said there is a little amount of blood present. Side effect? Or...

Doctor advised me to take fertigyn injection to get ovulation, has it any side effects?

Doctors, what are the side effects of barium sulphate in implanon nxt?

Does a morning after pill have any long-term side effects (for instance, inability to get pregnant)?

Does being fingered effect your period?

Does continued sex have any adverse effect on pregnant woman? What can the effect be?

Does contraplan2 always delays the menstrual cycle? Is it weird that my appetite is more (always hungry)? Will there be any other side effects?

Does copaxone (glatiramer) effect the way tamoxifen works, on tamoxifen since 2010, menstrual cycle stop, started copaxone (glatiramer) in october 13' cycle came 2 weeks after?

Does day light savings can effect my bcp?

Does EC effects your menstruation for several months ?

Does emergency contraception have negative side effects?

Does estrogen have any negative side affects?

Does medicine to postpone period gives side effect? I have 34 day cycle length.

Does melatonin effect ovulation? Is it bad if you take it once every couple months because I read online it effects ovulation. Is it safe?

Does mono effect your period?

Does pineapple effect my period?

Does Plan B give you horrible acne? Is that a normal side effect?

Does Plan B mess up your cycle for a couple of months?? What are the side effects?

Does skipping rope has any serious side effects for women?

Does taking fat burners capsules have any long term side effects for women??? Would it affect conceiving and pregnancy in future??

Does the Plan B pill worsen my period? What are some of the side effects?

Does typhoid have an effect on menstruation?

Dolo-meta b side effects on pregnant women?

Dose it really mean or has side effect if my period is balck or brown?

Ethinyl estradiol in mixogen.Can cause menstrual cramps. I had those cramps after mixogen but period comes 18 dys after that. Side effect of medicine?

Few days back I had taken norethisterone + ipill for 3 days does this effect me for infertility I am worried?

Flexiril at night for hamstring, developed spotting 2 days after starting it, not close to time of month. On seasonique birth control. Side effect?

Flomax (tamsulosin) and pregnancy? Are there any side effect? Took it for kidney stone and found out later on that i was pregnant, i stopped taking it.

For how long the side effects of postinor 1 will last? This is my first day after i took it and im feeling really sick, its my first time..Im 18..

For plan b, when do you start noticing the side effects?

For what length of time do Plan B side effects last?

For what length of time do side effects last for next choice emergency contraceptives.?

For what length of time do the Plan B side effects last?

For what length of time do the side effects of the Plan B pill last?

Fot how long does emergency contraception pill side effects lasts? Will it disturb my periods planning to take during the last day of ovulation time

Getting my mirena taken out and new one put in if I did ok with this one will I do ok with the next or could I have side effects or depression or ?

Got pcos but no period and weight gain were side effects of Depo-Provera i was on for three years. Took my bgl and was 4, 5. Does it mean i don't have diabetes?

Had 4th depo 5/1. Had sex 5/29 and was associated with some bleeding a little after. very light cramping. How likely is pregnancy? Or just side effect

Had a medical abortion 1 year ago! would there be any side effects if i want to be pregnant again?

Had abortion pills 2nd-4th april. Implanon on left hand on 14th april .Planing on taking Accutane next week side effects ?

Had an oophorectomy last week and was raped last night. Is it OK to take plan b? What kind of side effects would be expected?