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food and exercise to correct my irregular periods.Trying to conceive, its been 50days i missed my period, PT -ve. Taking multivitamin capsule a day ?

i am 4 weeks pregnant but having period like cramps. my doctor has given me cyclogest (progesterone) 400mg for the cramps. is it safe to take?

I was on progesterone after my ovulation nw doc has asked me to stop it bt after stoping m getting heartburn and no symptoms pf periods am I preg?

1 folvite (folic acid) daily,duphaston frm day 15th for 10 days, trying to conceive, irregular periods. this month i got my periods approx. 5 days early, normal?

13 day after IUI have cramps especial in the morning. Can i get my period even though i am taking 1 ml of progestorone in oil?

27f diagnosed with PCOS some years ago.3 weeks ago i started to bleed heavily again and started takng marvelon and metformin.when do i stop takng thm?

6 february period. 12 march started to take Clomid (clomiphene) tablets. 15 march had sex. Is it possible i got pregnant then ?

After 7 days of using duphaston, when will my period arrive?

After being off Depo-Provera for a year +months and getting a regular period n not taking bc. Can Depo-Provera still mess ur hormones and give u real pregnancy sympt.

After stopping the pill after 7 years i got period after 2 months and this time also i m late with a month .. I want to conceive soon and i hav pcod.

After taking duphaston, when will the mensus come?

After taking prometrium (micronized progesterone) i'm suppose to get my period again... But is it only for 1 week and then go back to normal? Or what?

AGE 26, Diagnose with PCOS since 5 years. No natural periods, since been taking primolut N. Thyroid normal.Enlarged ovaries, vitex help? Dosage?

Am 12 weeks pregnant now.Using Duphaston 10mg since last 1month twice aday.How long i continue this?Any side efects? I had a miscarge at 6 th month before.

Am on my 67day cycle. Should I get a hormone profile test or take primolut?

Am taking Duphaston day 11 to day 25 when do expect my period?

Am taking duphaston10mg twce aday+sustan 400mg+prolutone injectn.I miscrd b4.Now 21wks preg.Some cramps in lower abdomen.Am i needthis much of medcnes?

Amenorrhea dueto pcos.started progesterone pills 7 days ago to start cycle. Today is 8th day and no period. How long should I wait b4 calling doc?

Been on depo-provera 7months now and 3weeks ago I started taking Biotin (5000mcg) I had vaginal bleeding. what should I do?

Been on pill for 15 yrs. Stopped in dec and 5 months later still no period. Trying to get prego. Doc recommended agestyn and clomid (clomiphene). Want 2nd opinion?

Been prescribed to use metronidazole and doxycycline after stopping using depo for 4mnts nowand no periods , will i be able to conceive after menstrua?

Been taking spironolactone 100 for a year 10days been taking lower doses (25mg), and late on my period will it pass or should i consult a gynecologist

C-section on 31.03.2014.period on 09.05 heavy and more than 10days.Took ergotyl.No breastfeed.This month i still dont have the period?Is it normal

C-section on 31.03.Got period on 09.05 heavy and more than 10days.Took ergotyl.This month i still dont have the period?Is it normal?

Can fertisure f to be taken for irregular periods?

Can I get periods while taking duphaston? Ttc, 3days past expected periods, taking Duphaston for 14 days, from cd 23 - cd 36.

Can I get pregnant if I take provera (medroxyprogesterone) 10 days also on 1500mg met I have pcos was on bc three months got af each month then after no af. Pcos what meds work

Can i start taking diane 35 any day, my gynae prescribed it and asked me to start on the 1st day of my cycle.But it's been a month and no sign of them?

Can i stil ovulate without getting a period? We are trying to conceive but took a break so i can take the prevpack antibiotic for h pylori. No period

Can it take more than a week to get periods after cessation of meprate 10mg for 10 days .I have pcos ?

Can levemir (insulin detemir) cause missed period? I just started taking it and haven't missed a period in 5 years since I started Metformin. I'm not pregnant.

Can prenatal help regulate a period i been taking it for almost a month and finally got my period yesterday before i can take provera (medroxyprogesterone) so should I take?

Can Primolut N be used for the treatment of delayed menstruation?

Can taking 3 pills of 200mg progesterone stop me from ovul.?Just realized i may not have ovul. & now stopping prog. Immed.Still a chance to conceive?

Can taking Vicoden mess up mensural cycle ? Or taking lactalose ? I noticed after I was takin them my cycle length got longer

Can there be any safe medicine to take when your mestruation period laps/delayed?

Can you help me about regular my period because I have pcos. I was took many tables dose not help. Thanks ?

Can you please let me know if there is any tablets i can to bring on a late period.My last period was on 9-8.013- 24.8.013.I hope you can help me .

Can't understand my progesterone was 15 on day 21 last mnth and this mnth down to 5 with 4 wk pregnancy n hCG 7.Taking prometrium (micronized progesterone) frm next cycle safe?

Classical adrenal hyperplasia, estrogen pill at age 18 and got 1st period, now stopped pill so no period for 4 yrs .I am 26 yrs want to conceive.Help.

Consulting gynae suggested medz for 3 days to restart already late periods due to pcos. Guarantee of having a period thru medz?

Currently taking metformin for pcos. Since i started the medication my periods have been normal. I am now 3 days late on menstrual, ?

D/c'd wellbutrin (bupropion) 4 weeks ago while tapering off 40mg celexa (trying to get pregnant) period is 1 wk late and all pregnant tests neg. Cycle always 28 days. Could my late period be r/t stopping those meds?

Day 36of cycl is it safe to take progesterona 200 every cycle for delayed period i have pcos always long cycl &is it safe if there is pregnancy?

Delayed for 5 days, negative results, percibed medroxyprogesterone 10mg tablet 2x a dayfor 7 days, it's been 6 days since i take my last pill still no bl?

Diagnosed w/PCOS and dr. put me on provera (medroxyprogesterone) 10mg/14 days for 3 months. 1st month was good but this time I've started spotting on day 12 of 14. Normal?

Doc, ob said i need to take dophaston to ovulate until the 20th day.But im having my period yesterday.Do i need to continue taking it?

Doctor gave me ponstan when I told her my period is two weeks late. Why? Related much?

Doctor my periods are stops i think i am got pragnet anf i am unmeried tell me what tablet i used to stop pragnecy and back ma period on normal way?

Doctor. Im 26 year last period 30 nov 2014,dec 17 onwards start using folic acid tablets every night.why spotting?

Does accutane cause menstruation delays or other related abnormalities?Taking 30 mg daily for past 3months.age 29.nt pregnant n not taking birth pills

Does megestrol cause my BBT to rise and stay risen? (took for 7 days and rose the day after starting taking it and is still up 6 days after stopping)

Does Primolut nor 10mg twice daily from 5th day of period and for 3weeks duration prevent pregnancy ?

Does Primolut work to bring the period forward?

Does risperidone cost no periods i been on birthcontrol for bout 3 years and then i stop takeing it. And i been takeing risperidone for bout all my life. And every since i stop takeing the birthcontrol i ant had my period and i took pregnant tests and eve

Dont have my period since i gave birth 7 mths.Ago, planning to take minipill, when can I start taking if i haven't got my period back?Pure breastfeeding

Dose mastubation help with period pain ?

Dr presc 10mgx10days Provera (medroxyprogesterone) to induce period. 4 weeks late. Are the side effects bad? I am 42yo and done having kids.

Dr gave me 10- 200mg progestrone pill 1x day to bring back period after lupron (leuprolide) treatment. How will the pill work? How soon till my period? Ttc w/hubby

Dr honore I am on my period today day 3 and my doctor wants me to take birth control for 5 days then take Clomid (clomiphene) after that. How does this work?

Dr I am getting regular periods and it will last 3 days, have little pcos in ttc from last 4 months, dr gave me fertab 50mg, uses, effects?

Dr. My gync ask me to take Duphaston from 15th day of period, iam having 29 day cycle. Dupaston helps to conceive? Taking metformin for cyst also.

Dr.Prescibe 50mg Clomid (clomiphene) to take on the 3rd day of period lastnight it came but today is a bit heavier should I consider takin it tomorrow as the 3rd d?

During endometriosis treatment first month i had normal periods but now i hav no periods n didn't taken danazole for 2 months am i prangnant?

Endo, adeno, PCOS. Took clomid (clomiphene) 100, then 9 days late, heavy flow 1 day, med flow 1.5 days then stopped, no severe pains too. Is it posible to be preg?

Ever since I've been taking sam-e my period cycles have been going out of wack is this normal?

Finished 80tabs (5mg/tab) of norethisterone, 3days after period but very light.Shld it be a bit heavy?Seems the pill not effective.

Fm49, I am on treatment of tranexamic acid for heavy periods, yesterday periods started and just stopped after few hours, should I still take medicine?

Folic acid 5mg cause spotting 2dpo untill next period. Happens everytime i take it but hv to take now bcos ttc. Can reduce dose to 400ug?

For dr's convenience he gave me shots to delay my ovulation for 2 days.I had iui&he gave progesterone's. Nw periods r delayd for 2 days.Am i pregnant?

For the last 4 months my period has been goin every 6 weeks instead of 4 what can cause this thanks?

For the past 5months I have less bleeding during periods. Periods are regular. Taking regular medicine for hypothyroidism and thyroid levels are fine.

Gave birth 8/24/12. Had period nov 2012-jan2013. Now bleeding again for almost two months. What's going on? How to make it stop without meds or bc?

Given progesterone to start a period. My period started today & I have pills left. Should i keep taking? We are ttc & I am taking Clomid (clomiphene) 100mg d 5 to9

Gud eve. Pls help me. My period start last january 26 & end january 31. It is okey if i start taking oral contraceptive tonight? Pls reply .Ty

Gyn prescribed me Duphaston from 2/4/2014 to 9/4/2014 twice a day for secondary amenhorrhea.Normal ultrasound.Not pregnant.When will i get my period?

Had endometriosis surgery &gave me Inj. Decapeptyl i dont get my periods.last periods on8 jan.So taking aspirin will help to get my periods?

Had iregular periods dr gave me Duphaston for 3 mnths n it worked now I've stpped taking the med again no periods gaining weight also all the tests ok.

Had pcos .periods regular and took siphene &estradiol for 2 cycles.ttc but not preg.can I stop medication and try .bcoz estradiol is not suitable?

Had provera10 for 14 days once a day. Inbtwn strtd spotting but was told to continue the meds. It's been 4 days I've stopped meds and no period yet. Y?

Had regestrone (2/day) for 1 week. Had an ipill also within that wk. Now my periods is not coming even after stopping regestrone 6 days before. Help?

Had taken duphastan from 21st to 30th day.When can I expect my periods?

HELLO i missed my period for three months and i was taking a medicine called Norprolac 75 is that happend because of this medicine?

Hello Dr I have been taking Zolof for the past month and have not started my mestrual cycle as of yet. In 2010 I had my tubes tied after the birth?

Hello Dr, well I have PCOS and recently I stared taking metformin and brameston 2.5 but when I got my period it took 12 plus days(never happened befor?

Hello dr. I have fixed copper t 2yrs ago, this month taken 6-7 regestron tablets to delay my periods and till now no periods. Please guide me.?

Hello mam, I am having irregular periods, so used 21 tablets regularly for three months, that time periods were regular, next month i tried for pregne?

Hello, I have been on metformin for pcos, i.'ve been spotting ever since i started taking it .Can metformin cause spotting?

Hello! I have pcos and have been trying to conceive for a while, this month doctor asked me to take duphston for 5days starting from periods day 17th.

Help w/irregular periods,saw drs, tests negative.Have scripts for provera 20mg &apri. Was lighter, now heavier How to stop it?More or less of scripts?

Hey, I was diagnosed with pcos. I stopped taking my metformin med last year and my period were fine. But now it's irregular again. Any help to stop it?

Hi - i just started taking Duromine and taking duromine for 4 days (30mg) and stopped because I want to wait until i get my next period to make sure I'm not pregnant. So, the days that I took the tablets would have been right after fertilization or prehap

Hi , i had some spooting july 18 , normal period june 18 , i'm taking Clomid nd provera (medroxyprogesterone) , i took a blood test waiting if the nurse calls am is that gd?

Hi am lakshmi 26 yrs.I have pcos and irregular periods. I have taken 10mg meprate table thrice a day for 3 days now it's almost 15 days still no perio?

Hi doc is effective taking Primolut N one tab per day starting one week before my period to postpone my period? Thank you

Hi doc what is the right dossage of taking Primolut N to postpone period if you are regular?Thanks

Hi Doc, Did iui on 5th September and my period date is on 21st that's today. But from 18 September is am getting brown discharge instead of periods. also I stop taking duphaston tablet now what that mean. pls help?

Hi doctor can duphaston delay was taken last 10 days of cycle to get pregnent.iam with regular cycle.and aslo used clomid 5 to 9 days ?

Hi doctor I have pcos, I'm over weight and Not pregnant! No periods since 3 months! Using metformin since Dec 1, took Duphaston10mg stopped 3days back?

Hi doctor my age is 23yrs and i always had regular periods but it got kinda disturbed during last period which lasted for 25days then as prescribed by gynac i took medicine femilon for 21 days n now my period started but I have low bleeding why is this ha